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World War II Casualties

Name 				Service Number	Rank	Status

Adrian, Samuel D.		38635376	PFC	Died Non-Battle
Barbee, J. C.			18242353	SGT	Killed in Action
Craven, W. I., Jr.		18217116	PFC	Killed in Action
Eggleston, Jon E.		38514757	S SC	Killed in Action
Godbold, William B., Jr.	18148411	AV C	Died Non-Battle
Griffith, Welborn B.		0-016194	COL	Killed in Action
Handy, William T.		38371830	SGT	Killed in Action
Henry, Jack			38147817	PFC	Killed in Action
Huntsman, Dennis D.		38607773	TECS	Died of Wounds
Kerley, Robert L.		38036282	TECS	Killed in Action
King, John L., Jr.		38132420	SGT	Died of Wounds
Lane, Hubert J.			38136121	PVT	Died Non-Battle
Lowe, Frank, Jr.		38304015	CPL	Killed in Action
McAdams, Claud B.		563341		SGT	Died Non-Battle
Moore, Delton L.		38515701	PFC	Killed in Action
Morris, Cecil M.		18065987	T SG	Died Non-Battle
Price, Floyd D.			38147819	PVT	Killed in Action
Scifres, Lawrence E.		38134212	PFC	Killed in Action
Tidwell, Norman D.		18217026	S SC	Finding of Death
Vaughn, Alfred			38228992	PFC	Killed in Action
Voss, Clifford V.		38043650	PFC	Killed in Action
Watt, Richard J.		38347281	T SC	Died Non-Battle