SLATON, Raymond Lafayette: 1884 – 1924

Name of Deceased: Raymond Lafayette Slaton
Date of Birth: 07 Dec 1884
Place of Birth: DeKalb, Alabama
Date of Death: 20 Nov 1924
Place of Death: Quanah, Hardeman, Texas
Date of Burial: unknown
Place of Burial: Quanah Memorial Park, Quanah, Hardeman, Texas

Name of Funeral Home: unknown
Location of Funeral Home: Quanah, Texas
Date of Funeral: unknown
Time of Funeral: unknown
Officiator: Rev. J. W. Story

Relationship to Hardeman County: lived in Quanah, Texas; married to Sarah Eula (Childress) Slaton

Publication: unknown
Publication Date: unknown
Obituary: Raymond Slaton Passed Away

After an illness of about one week Raymond died at the sanitarium in Quanah, Texas, on Thursday morning, Nov. 20, 1924.

He had undergone two operations during the time, he stood his suffering without a word of complaint, but would murmer to his wife to come on and lets go home. After these few words he passed to the great beyond.

His death brought great sorrow to all who know him. He was a devoted husband, a kind father, and was one of the most beloved citizen in his community. It seemed that his great attribution was to render a kindness to his fellowmen.

He was loved by all that knew him; and his kindly acts and good deeds will live with those who lived in this vicinity. The high esteem in which Raymond was held was evidenced by the closing of business houses and gin in the little town which he lived, for the funeral.

His remains were laid to rest in the Quanah cemetery, services conducted by Rev. J.W. Story and the Masonic Lodge.

A great heap of floral offerings by many sympathetic friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Newson of Eldorado, Okla, were friends among relatives from a distance that attended the funeral.

May God’s blessings rest unto all of those who are left to mourn his loss.

Written by a sister.

Submitted by Jeannette Mastrovich