HANKS, Minnie Mae Smith: 1873 – 1942

Born August 12, 1873 near the Wabash river in Indiana, the daughter of John Speed
and Julia Lipps Smith.

While Minnie was a child the family moved to Yell County, Arkansas and settled in
old Neely community about 1880.

After the death of her parents by 1884, she lived for awhile with her brothers Ballard
and Frank. After Ballard’s marriage, she lived part time with her sisters, Jennie
Person and Martha Phillips on White Oak mountain. When she was a young lady
she returned to old Neely to pick cotton each fall. While at old Neely she would visit
the graves of her parents at Bata Mill cemetery and Walter Cooper, a young boy at the
time, would accompany her to the cemetery.

Rev. Matthew and Jane Hanks moved to White Oak mountain near Diamond a few
miles beyond the Phillips farm. By 1890 they had moved from Mississippi where their
son, Elmer Tobe Hanks, was born on January 7, 1867 at Bass Springs.

Ila and Pinknie Hanks were a sister and brother of Tobe’s. Pinknie sold eyeglasses
(spectacles) all around the country while the family lived at Diamond.

While at the home of her sisters, Minnie met and married E. Tobe Hanks. The
marriage license was bought at Russellville, Arkansas and the marriage ceremony was
performed at Diamond on May 1, 1891. They lived near his parent’s home which was
the old Pack Store place. Tobe and Minnie lived on the hill in front of the Lish
Blaney farm in Pope County, Arkansas.

They had four children: Gerald Speed Hanks was born February 22, 1892 and died July 20, 1892. B2 Mamie
Iola Hanks was born June 24, 1893 and died December 4, 1896. These two children are
buried in the New Hope cemetery on White Oak mountain. Uncle Tobe built a rock
wall around the graves and it still stands there in 1968. It is said that one of these
children was sick and Grandmother Hanks got the medicine confused when she
reached for it on the fireplace mantel where all the medicine was kept. A wrong dose
is said to have caused the child’s death.

Aubrey Hanks was born April 14, 1896 and B4 Amy Francis Hanks was born
September 29, 1898.

Around 1900, the Hanks left the mountain to live in Oklahoma. The Phillips followed
the Hanks by 1901. From 1908-1910, the Hanks and Phillips lived at Quanah, Texas and
perhaps Medicine Mound in Hardeman County. In 1911 the Hanks family moved to
Floyd County to farm. Later, they owned and operated the Hanks Hotel on North
Main Street in Floydada, Texas. They lived in Floyd County 30 years. While they were
in the hotel business, Jennie Person visited them and they accompanied her to visit
another sister, Martha Phillips, who had settled with her family in Ada, Oklahoma.

Aubrey E. Hanks of Floydada, Texas married Mattie Meadows on December 13,
1913. They had nine children. Mattie died December 10, 1953 and Aubrey Hanks now
lives in New Mexico in 1968 with his second wife. Two of his sons have died, Earl on
Mag 22, 1953 and Fred on November 17, 1955.

Amy Francis Hanks married John Malcolm Daniel on February 23, 1919. He was
in a car parts business in Floydada. Two children were born to them: C15 Kathryn
Daniel and C16 Malcolm Daniel.

Amy Hanks Daniels died of brain cancer on March 17, 1957. She is buried near her
parents in Floydada cemetery.

Minnie Mae Smith Hanks died at Matador in the Motley County hospital September
15, 1942. E. Tobe Hanks died in the People’s Hospital in Floydada on December 11,
1952. Interment for both was in Floydada cemetery. They were lifelong members of the
Methodist Church.