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City of Quanah Cemetery: Plot-SA

Hardeman County, Texas - City of Quanah Cemetery

These are interment records maintained by the City of Quanah.

Submitted to Hardeman County, TXGenWeb by:
Leslie Griffith 

       Cemetery Plots - Plot-SA
           August 28, 2007
Location       Deceased Name               Owner Name             Birth Date  Death Date
SA-01-104-05   FORSYTHE J M
SA-01-107-03   MARTIN W H
SA-01-101-04   STEPP J A
SA-02-102-02   SMITH W A
SA-02-102-03   SMITH W A
SA-02-102-04   SMITH W A
SA-01-103-01   LOGAN H L
SA-01-103-02   LOGAN H L
SA-01-103-03   LOGAN H L
SA-01-103-04   LOGAN H L
SA-01-103-05   LOGAN H L
SA-02-100-01   HENRY PAT
SA-01-104-01   FORSYTHE J M
SA-01-100-03   CASTLEBERRY D N
SA-02-104-03   BARBEE J C
SA-01-105-03   HORSLEY W H
SA-02-105-01   ADAMS TOM
SA-02-105-02   ADAMS TOM
SA-02-105-03   ADAMS TOM
SA-02-105-04   ADAMS TOM
SA-02-105-05   ADAMS TOM
SA-01-106-05   SWINDELL J W
SA-02-106-05   SWINDELL B R
SA-02-103-03   STEPP J B
SA-01-098-04   HAYNES JIMMY
SA-01-177-05   ATCHISON JOHN
SA-02-097-01   CARTER J E
SA-02-097-02   CARTER J E
SA-02-097-03   CARTER J E
SA-02-097-04   CARTER J E
SA-02-097-05   CARTER J E
SA-02-089-01   WILHELM E M
SA-02-089-05   WILHELM E M
SA-01-098-01   HAYNES JIMMY
SA-02-100-05   HENRY PAT
SA-01-098-03   HAYNES JIMMY
SA-01-107-05   MARTIN W H
SA-01-098-05   HAYNES JIMMY
SA-02-098-01   TRAMMELL W C
SA-02-098-02   TRAMMELL W C
SA-02-098-03   TRAMMELL W C
SA-02-098-05   TRAMMELL W C
SA-02-099-01   PRICE J I
SA-02-099-02   PRICE J I
SA-02-099-03   PRICE J I
SA-02-099-04   PRICE J I
SA-02-099-05   PRICE J I
SA-01-098-02   HAYNES JIMMY
SA-02-115-03   SANDERS J R
SA-01-114-04   WHITED J M
SA-01-114-05   WHITED J M
SA-02-114-04   PALMER W P
SA-02-114-05   PALMER W P
SA-01-115-01   SANDERS J R
SA-01-115-02   SANDERS J R
SA-01-115-03   SANDERS J R
SA-01-115-04   SANDERS J R
SA-01-115-05   SANDERS J R
SA-02-113-05   ADAMS T J
SA-02-115-02   SANDERS J R
SA-02-113-04   ADAMS T J
SA-02-115-04   SANDERS J R
SA-02-115-05   SANDERS J R
SA-01-116-01   PUTMAN LOGAN
SA-01-116-02   PUTMAN LOGAN
SA-01-116-03   PUTMAN LOGAN
SA-01-116-04   PUTMAN LOGAN
SA-02-116-01   ADAMS T J
SA-02-116-02   ADAMS T J
SA-02-116-03   ADAMS T J
SA-02-116-04   ADAMS T J
SA-02-115-01   SANDERS J R
SA-01-109-01   JONES M F
SA-01-109-02   JONES M F
SA-01-109-03   JONES M F
SA-01-109-04   JONES M F
SA-01-109-05   JONES M F
SA-01-114-03   WHITED J M
SA-02-110-04   HORNE J R
SA-02-110-05   HORNE J R
SA-02-111-03   STRAUGHN W J
SA-02-111-04   STRAUGHN W J
SA-01-112-04   COOKER G L
SA-01-112-05   COOKER G L
SA-01-113-01   MCDONALD W J
SA-01-113-03   MCDONALD W J
SA-01-113-05   MCDONALD W J
SA-02-113-03   ADAMS T J
SA-02-087-02   GRAHAM L A
SA-02-088-05   SPARKS H B
SA-02-085-04   THOMPSON
SA-02-085-05   THOMPSON
SA-02-086-01   JONES W J
SA-02-086-02   JONES W J
SA-02-086-03   JONES W J
SA-02-086-04   JONES W J
SA-02-086-05   JONES W J
SA-01-087-01   GRAHAM L A
SA-01-087-02   GRAHAM L A
SA-02-085-02   THOMPSON
SA-02-087-01   GRAHAM L A
SA-02-085-01   THOMPSON
SA-02-087-03   GRAHAM L A
SA-02-087-04   GRAHAM L A
SA-02-087-05   GRAHAM L A
SA-01-088-03   SPARKS H B
SA-01-088-04   SPARKS H B
SA-01-088-05   SPARKS H B
SA-02-088-01   SPARKS H B
SA-02-088-02   SPARKS H B
SA-02-088-03   SPARKS H B
SA-01-087-03   GRAHAM L A
SA-01-084-02   QUANAH LODGE #689
SA-01-081-03   COATS ROBERT
SA-01-081-04   COATS ROBERT
SA-02-081-03   JONES E A
SA-01-082-03   TAYLOR J B
SA-01-082-04   TAYLOR J B
SA-01-082-05   TAYLOR J B
SA-02-082-01   TAYLOR R J
SA-02-082-04   TAYLOR R J
SA-01-083-03   HUNTER W B
SA-02-083-01   REGAN W B
SA-02-085-03   THOMPSON
SA-01-084-01   QUANAH LODGE #689
SA-01-089-04   BRIDGE
SA-01-084-03   QUANAH LODGE #689
SA-01-084-04   QUANAH LODGE #689
SA-01-084-05   QUANAH LODGE #689
SA-02-084-01   MCGUIRE JOHN D
SA-02-084-02   MCGUIRE JOHN D
SA-02-084-03   MCGUIRE JOHN D
SA-02-084-04   MCGUIRE JOHN D
SA-01-085-01   THOMPSON
SA-01-085-02   THOMPSON
SA-01-085-05   THOMPSON
SA-02-083-02   REGAN W B
SA-02-095-04   TRAMMEL R H
SA-02-088-04   SPARKS H B
SA-02-094-01   WHITE J D & LORAINE
SA-02-094-02   WHITE J D & LORAINE
SA-02-094-03   WHITE J D & LORAINE
SA-02-094-04   WHITE J D & LORAINE
SA-02-094-05   WHITE J D & LORAINE
SA-01-095-01   CHAMBLISS J H
SA-01-095-04   CHAMBLISS J H
SA-01-095-05   CHAMBLISS J H
SA-02-095-01   TRAMMEL R H
SA-02-095-03   TRAMMEL R H
SA-02-095-05   TRAMMEL R H
SA-02-096-01   ROGERS
SA-02-096-02   ROGERS
SA-02-096-03   ROGERS
SA-02-096-04   ROGERS
SA-02-096-05   ROGERS
SA-02-095-02   TRAMMEL R H
SA-01-092-03   THOMPSON BERT
SA-01-089-05   BRIDGE
SA-01-090-03   ROGERS MINNIE
SA-01-090-04   ROGERS MINNIE
SA-01-090-05   ROGERS MINNIE
SA-02-090-03   HUGHES R F
SA-02-090-04   HUGHES R F
SA-02-090-05   HUGHES R F
SA-02-091-01   ROBBINS L E
SA-02-091-02   ROBBINS L E
SA-02-091-03   ROBBINS L E
SA-02-091-05   ROBBINS L E
SA-01-117-05   HOOKER R E
SA-02-093-01   TERRELL & BYNUM
SA-02-093-02   TERRELL & BYNUM
SA-02-093-03   TERRELL & BYNUM
SA-02-093-04   TERRELL & BYNUM
SA-02-093-05   TERRELL & BYNUM
SA-02-091-04   ROBBINS L E
SA-01-151-04   SILLS JIM
SA-01-158-05   HODGES J T
SA-01-148-03   STOVALL J L
SA-01-149-03   MORRIS H W
SA-01-149-04   MORRIS H W
SA-01-149-05   MORRIS H W
SA-01-150-01   MOORE JOHN R
SA-01-150-02   MOORE JOHN R
SA-01-150-03   MOORE JOHN R
SA-01-146-04   BUCHANAN L O
SA-01-150-05   MOORE JOHN R
SA-01-146-03   BUCHANAN L O
SA-01-151-05   SILLS JIM
SA-01-152-03   DOOLING PAT
SA-01-152-04   DOOLING PAT
SA-01-152-05   DOOLING PAT
SA-01-155-04   PRIM E N
SA-01-156-04   WATTS J P
SA-01-156-05   WATTS J P
SA-02-116-05   ADAMS T J
SA-01-150-04   MOORE JOHN R
SA-01-141-05   ALTMAN W J
SA-01-138-01   HONEA OSCAR
SA-01-138-05   HONEA OSCAR
SA-01-139-05   WYMAN F A
SA-01-140-02   BANISTER MRS W S
SA-01-140-03   BANISTER MRS W S
SA-02-141-05   ALTMAN W H
SA-02-142-01   IVEY PEARL
SA-02-142-02   IVEY PEARL
SA-01-140-05   BANISTER MRS W S
SA-01-142-01   GAMBLE W E
SA-01-142-02   GAMBLE W E
SA-01-142-04   GAMBLE W E
SA-01-142-05   GAMBLE W E
SA-01-143-05   WHATLEY O B
SA-01-144-05   MCCRARY W A
SA-01-145-02   NEVILL O O
SA-01-145-04   NEVILL O O
SA-01-145-05   NEVILL O O
SA-01-146-01   BUCHANAN L O
SA-01-140-04   BANISTER MRS W S
SA-01-175-03   HENDRIX F D
SA-01-158-04   HODGES J T
SA-01-171-05   EVERSON D C
SA-01-172-03   LINDSEY P T
SA-01-172-04   LINDSEY P T
SA-01-173-01   LISTER E T
SA-01-173-02   LISTER E T
SA-01-173-03   LISTER E T
SA-01-173-04   LISTER E T
SA-01-173-05   LISTER E T
SA-01-174-04   MURPHY JOE
SA-01-171-03   EVERSON D C
SA-01-175-02   HENDRIX F D
SA-01-170-05   COANE W P
SA-01-175-04   HENDRIX F D
SA-01-176-02   COOPER WILLIAM R &
SA-01-176-03   COOPER WILLIAM R &
SA-01-177-01   ATCHISON JOHN
SA-01-177-02   ATCHISON JOHN
SA-01-177-03   ATCHISON JOHN
SA-01-177-04   ATCHISON JOHN
SA-01-174-05   MURPHY JOE
SA-01-165-05   GILLILAND H C
SA-01-160-03   PARKER S F
SA-01-161-03   BAILEY N T
SA-01-163-01   GODFRY E H
SA-01-163-02   GODFRY E H
SA-01-163-04   GODFRY E H
SA-01-163-05   GODFRY E H
SA-01-164-04   LOVELL E W
SA-01-171-04   EVERSON D C
SA-01-165-03   GILLILAND H C
SA-01-135-05   RICHARDSON L W
SA-01-166-05   LEWIS J C
SA-01-167-03   THOMAS MRS W I
SA-01-169-02   BOBO MRS F E
SA-01-169-03   BOBO MRS F E
SA-01-169-04   BOBO MRS F E
SA-01-169-05   BOBO MRS F E
SA-01-170-01   COANE W P
SA-01-170-02   COANE W P
SA-01-170-03   COANE W P
SA-01-170-04   COANE W P
SA-01-164-05   LOVELL E W
SA-01-194-01   FRAGEE J T
SA-01-137-02   LEE N N
SA-02-123-03   HARMON S F
SA-02-123-04   HARMON S F
SA-02-123-05   HARMON S F
SA-02-124-04   ADAMS DAVID &
SA-02-124-05   ADAMS DAVID &
SA-02-149-04   THOMAS JIMMY
SA-02-193-01   MARTON R W
SA-02-193-02   MARTON R W
SA-02-193-03   MARTON R W
SA-02-123-01   HARMON S F
SA-02-193-05   MARTON R W
SA-01-194-02   FRAGEE J T
SA-01-194-03   FRAGEE J T
SA-01-194-04   FRAGEE J T
SA-01-194-05   FRAGEE J T
SA-01-195-01   MATHIS J H
SA-01-195-02   MATHIS J H
SA-01-195-03   MATHIS J H
SA-01-195-04   MATHIS J H
SA-02-186-01   WINBURY C F
SA-02-187-05   BARCLAY J D
SA-02-193-04   MARTON R W
SA-02-080-01   FISCH C F
SA-02-117-03   ADAMS TOM
SA-02-117-05   ADAMS TOM
SA-02-118-03   BUTLER J B
SA-02-118-04   BUTLER J B
SA-02-118-05   BUTLER J B
SA-01-119-03   BUTLAR OSCAR
SA-02-123-02   HARMON S F
SA-02-024-04   GREGG J F
SA-02-188-04   FOGG C R
SA-01-120-03   STEPP MALCOM
SA-01-120-04   MACKOY JAMES T
SA-01-120-05   MACKOY JAMES T
SA-02-120-01   DAVIS J M
SA-02-120-02   DAVIS J M
SA-02-120-03   DAVIS J M
SA-02-120-04   DAVIS J M
SA-02-120-05   DAVIS J M
SA-01-119-05   BUTLAR OSCAR
SA-01-133-03   TURNER E M
SA-01-127-03   RADFORD G W
SA-01-127-04   RADFORD G W
SA-01-127-05   RADFORD G W
SA-01-128-01   JOHNSON BEN
SA-01-128-02   JOHNSON BEN
SA-01-128-03   JOHNSON BEN
SA-01-129-05   ROGERS J L
SA-01-130-05   ATWOOD J C
SA-01-132-01   TRAPP H A
SA-01-132-05   TRAPP H A
SA-02-188-01   FOGG C R
SA-01-133-02   TURNER E M
SA-01-126-05   WYMAN C S
SA-01-133-04   TURNER E M
SA-01-133-05   TURNER E M
SA-01-134-01   JACOBS W A
SA-01-134-02   JACOBS W A
SA-01-134-03   JACOBS W A
SA-01-134-05   JACOBS W A
SA-01-135-02   RICHARDSON L W
SA-01-135-03   RICHARDSON L W
SA-01-135-04   RICHARDSON L W
SA-01-117-04   HOOKER R E
SA-01-133-01   TURNER E M
SA-02-191-02   PLUGH L J
SA-01-136-01   GIBSON W H
SA-02-188-05   FOGG C R
SA-02-190-01   ALCORN MRS
SA-02-190-02   ALCORN MRS
SA-02-190-04   ALCORN MRS
SA-01-127-02   RADFORD G W
SA-02-191-01   PLUGH L J
SA-01-127-01   RADFORD G W
SA-02-191-03   PLUGH L J
SA-02-191-04   PLUGH L J
SA-02-191-05   PLUGH L J
SA-02-192-01   RAINS J H
SA-02-125-05   WILSON R H
SA-01-125-01   BRAZIL D J
SA-01-125-02   BRAZIL D J
SA-01-125-03   BRAZIL D J
SA-01-125-04   BRAZIL D J
SA-01-125-05   BRAZIL D J
SA-02-188-03   FOGG C R
SA-02-190-05   ALCORN MRS
SA-01-016-03   CARNERON J C
SA-01-018-03   GRIFFITH W M
SA-02-014-01   RAINES J L
SA-02-014-02   RAINES J L
SA-02-014-03   RAINES J L
SA-02-014-04   RAINES J L
SA-02-014-05   RAINES J L
SA-01-015-04   AUSTIN W C
SA-01-015-05   AUSTIN W C
SA-02-015-04   COLE THOMAS
SA-02-015-05   COLE THOMAS
SA-01-014-04   WALSH J E
SA-01-016-02   CARNERON J C
SA-01-014-03   WALSH J E
SA-02-016-01   STEPHENSON D K
SA-02-016-02   STEPHENSON D K
SA-02-016-03   STEPHENSON D K
SA-02-016-04   STEPHENSON D K
SA-02-016-05   STEPHENSON D K
SA-01-017-01   SMITH L D
SA-02-017-02   MCCOLLOGH J L
SA-02-017-03   MCCOLLOGH J L
SA-02-017-05   MCCOLLOGH J L
SA-02-041-02   FUSSELL W P
SA-01-016-01   CARNERON J C
SA-02-011-05   CRUMTPON G C
SA-01-010-03   BULLARD J J
SA-01-010-04   BULLARD J J
SA-01-010-05   BULLARD J J
SA-02-010-01   MAULDIN E C
SA-02-010-02   MAULDIN E C
SA-02-010-03   MAULDIN E C
SA-02-010-04   MAULDIN E C
SA-02-010-05   MAULDIN E C
SA-01-014-05   WALSH J E
SA-01-018-05   GRIFFITH W M
SA-01-012-01   DALTON J D
SA-01-012-02   DALTON J D
SA-01-012-04   DALTON J D
SA-01-012-05   DALTON J D
SA-02-012-04   CARTER E J
SA-02-012-05   CARTER E J
SA-01-013-03   PIGFORD J H
SA-02-013-01   NIX J L
SA-02-013-02   NIX J L
SA-01-014-01   WALSH J E
SA-01-037-02   DECKER DAVIS
SA-01-018-02   GRIFFITH W M
SA-02-024-02   GREGG J F
SA-01-035-01   REEVES LEFF
SA-01-035-02   REEVES LEFF
SA-01-035-03   REEVES LEFF
SA-01-035-04   REEVES LEFF
SA-01-035-05   REEVES LEFF
SA-02-035-03   HUNTER D C
SA-01-036-02   HASKET H L
SA-01-036-03   HASKET H L
SA-01-024-05   BUTTS R P
SA-01-037-01   DECKER DAVIS
SA-02-023-05   WEST J B
SA-01-037-03   DECKER DAVIS
SA-02-037-01   MORROW T H
SA-02-038-03   RATCLIFF N E
SA-02-038-04   RATCLIFF N E
SA-02-038-05   RATCLIFF N E
SA-02-039-03   COPE L H
SA-01-040-02   JARRELL C W
SA-01-040-04   JARRELL C W
SA-01-040-05   JARRELL C W
SA-01-081-02   COATS ROBERT
SA-02-036-05   PERRY W H
SA-02-021-03   STEPHENSON J A
SA-02-018-02   STONE J D
SA-02-018-03   STONE J D
SA-01-019-05   HUGHES HH
SA-02-019-04   NEWBERRY H B
SA-02-019-05   NEWBERRY H B
SA-01-020-04   WOMACK R L
SA-01-020-05   WOMACK R L
SA-02-020-01   STONE R M
SA-02-020-02   STONE R M
SA-02-020-03   STONE R M
SA-02-024-01   GREGG J F
SA-02-020-05   STONE R M
SA-02-009-02   CLARK L L
SA-02-021-04   STEPHENSON J A
SA-01-022-01   FRANKLIN B F
SA-01-022-03   FRANKLIN B F
SA-02-022-04   SMITH MRS J W
SA-02-022-05   SMITH MRS J W
SA-01-023-03   COFIELD
SA-01-023-04   COFIELD
SA-01-023-05   COFIELD
SA-02-023-03   WEST J B
SA-02-020-04   STONE R M
SA-02-032-02   ROGERS J A
SA-01-010-02   BULLARD J J
SA-01-031-05   WILLIAMSON A W
SA-02-030-03   MYRES J M
SA-02-032-01   ROGERS J A
SA-01-030-05   MYRES J M
SA-02-032-03   ROGERS J A
SA-01-033-01   GENTRY E P
SA-01-033-02   GENTRY E P
SA-01-033-03   GENTRY E P
SA-01-033-04   GENTRY E P
SA-01-033-05   GENTRY E P
SA-02-033-03   BRANDON M C
SA-02-033-04   BRANDON M C
SA-02-176-01   ATCHISON, JOHN
SA-02-176-02   ATCHISON, JOHN
SA-02-024-05   GREGG J F
SA-02-025-05   MORRIS W M
SA-01-026-02   COLE J D
SA-01-026-05   COLE J D
SA-01-027-01   TICE R R
SA-01-027-02   TICE R R
SA-01-027-03   TICE R R
SA-01-031-03   WILLIAMSON A W
SA-01-027-05   TICE R R
SA-01-001-01   WOODWARD J B
SA-01-028-05   GREEN GEORGE W
SA-02-028-02   GREEN GEORGE W
SA-02-028-05   GREEN GEORGE W
SA-01-029-04   GRUNDY I O
SA-02-029-01   MALONE S R
SA-02-029-02   MALONE MRS E
SA-01-030-02   MYRES J M
SA-01-027-04   TICE R R
SA-01-008-01   GOOD MARY
SA-02-005-02   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-02-005-04   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-01-006-01   WITHERSPOON J G
SA-02-006-01   WITHERSPOON J G
SA-02-006-02   WITHERSPOON J G
SA-02-006-03   WITHERSPOON J G
SA-01-007-03   CLEMENT MRS M W
SA-01-007-05   CLEMENT MRS M W
SA-02-007-02   MUDCETT WILLY
SA-02-007-03   MUDCETT WILLY
SA-02-176-03   ATCHISON, JOHN
SA-02-007-05   MUDCETT WILLY
SA-01-005-04   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-01-008-02   GOOD MARY
SA-01-008-03   GOOD MARY
SA-02-008-03   GOOD MARY
SA-02-008-04   GOOD MARY
SA-02-008-05   GOOD MARY
SA-02-009-01   CLARK L L
SA-02-041-03   FUSSELL W P
SA-02-007-04   MUDCETT WILLY
SA-01-003-05   YANTIS G A
SA-02-009-03   CLARK L L
SA-01-001-02   WOODWARD J B
SA-01-002-02   RODGERS T J
SA-02-002-04   RODGERS T J
SA-02-022-05   RODGERS T J
SA-01-003-01   YANTIS G A
SA-01-003-02   YANTIS G A
SA-02-005-01   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-01-003-04   YANTIS G A
SA-01-005-05   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-02-003-03   TURNER B F
SA-02-003-04   TURNER B F
SA-02-003-05   TURNER B F
SA-01-004-01   MULKEY W G
SA-01-004-04   MULKEY W G
SA-01-004-05   MULKEY W G
SA-02-004-05   MULKEY W G
SA-01-005-01   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-01-005-02   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-01-005-03   TULLIS M A (MRS)
SA-02-176-05   ATCHISON, JOHN
SA-01-003-03   YANTIS G A
SA-01-069-05   MARCHAM E E
SA-01-066-05   EVANS L W
SA-02-066-01   CROWDER W G
SA-02-066-02   CROWDER W G
SA-02-066-03   CROWDER W G
SA-02-066-04   CROWDER W G
SA-02-066-05   CROWDER W G
SA-01-067-01   O'REAR J D
SA-01-067-02   O'REAR J D
SA-01-067-04   O'REAR J D
SA-01-066-03   EVANS L W
SA-01-066-02   EVANS L W
SA-02-068-03   DICKERSON E B
SA-02-068-04   DICKERSON E B
SA-02-068-05   DICKERSON E B
SA-01-069-01   MARCHAM E E
SA-01-069-02   MARCHAM E E
SA-01-069-03   MARCHAM E E
SA-02-041-01   FUSSELL W P
SA-01-067-05   O'REAR J D
SA-01-063-03   WILLIAMS S G
SA-02-060-01   PITT E E
SA-02-060-03   PITT E E
SA-01-061-03   CASS W B
SA-01-061-04   CASS W B
SA-02-061-03   GARLINGTON R A
SA-02-061-04   GARLINGTON R A
SA-01-062-05   MARTIN H W
SA-01-066-04   EVANS L W
SA-02-069-01   GREEN E L
SA-01-063-04   WILLIAMS S G
SA-01-063-05   WILLIAMS S G
SA-02-063-04   BYRUM J W
SA-02-064-01   MOORE W W
SA-02-064-02   MOORE W W
SA-02-064-03   MOORE W W
SA-02-064-04   MOORE W W
SA-02-064-05   MOORE W W
SA-02-065-02   KEETON S C
SA-02-065-04   KEETON S C
SA-02-078-04   PRIDDY D R
SA-01-069-04   MARCHAM E E
SA-01-077-01   GOODWIN R L
SA-01-077-02   GOODWIN R L
SA-01-077-03   GOODWIN R L
SA-01-077-04   GOODWIN R L
SA-01-077-05   GOODWIN R L
SA-02-077-02   WILLIAMS LULA
SA-02-077-03   WILLIAMS LULA
SA-02-077-04   WILLIAMS LULA
SA-01-075-03   JONES N L
SA-02-078-03   PRIDDY D R
SA-02-074-05   BRADDOCK J G
SA-02-078-05   PRIDDY D R
SA-01-079-04   BOWERS H E
SA-01-079-05   BOWERS H E
SA-01-080-01   ROGERS PERRY
SA-01-080-02   ROGERS PERRY
SA-01-080-03   ROGERS PERRY
SA-01-080-04   ROGERS PERRY
SA-01-080-05   ROGERS PERRY
SA-02-078-01   PRIDDY D R
SA-01-072-05   TULLIS J L
SA-02-069-02   GREEN E L
SA-02-069-03   GREEN E L
SA-02-069-04   GREEN E L
SA-02-069-05   GREEN E L
SA-01-070-05   MARSHALL J C
SA-02-070-05   TALBOTT W J
SA-01-071-02   PHILLIPS J E
SA-01-071-04   PHILLIPS J E
SA-01-071-05   PHILLIPS J E
SA-02-071-05   MAHONEY JOHN
SA-02-075-03   JONES N L
SA-01-072-04   TULLIS J L
SA-01-060-03   JOHNSON E J
SA-02-072-01   TULLIS J L
SA-02-072-02   TULLIS J L
SA-02-072-04   TULLIS J L
SA-01-073-03   MATLOCK J R
SA-02-073-03   BROOKS MRS R A
SA-02-073-05   BROOKS MRS R A
SA-02-074-01   BRADDOCK J G
SA-02-074-02   BRADDOCK J G
SA-02-074-03   BRADDOCK J G
SA-02-074-04   BRADDOCK J G
SA-01-072-03   TULLIS J L
SA-02-046-04   PIERCE M E
SA-01-060-05   JOHNSON E J
SA-02-045-01   HICKMAN J C
SA-02-045-02   HICKMAN J C
SA-02-045-03   HICKMAN J C
SA-02-045-04   HICKMAN J C
SA-02-045-05   HICKMAN J C
SA-01-046-01   GREATHOUSE R W
SA-01-046-02   GREATHOUSE R W
SA-01-046-03   GREATHOUSE R W
SA-01-046-04   GREATHOUSE R W
SA-01-045-04   HICKMAN J C
SA-02-046-03   PIERCE M E
SA-01-045-03   HICKMAN J C
SA-02-046-05   PIERCE M E
SA-01-047-01   HOLZMANN F R
SA-01-047-02   HOLZMANN F R
SA-01-047-03   HOLZMANN F R
SA-01-047-04   HOLZMANN F R
SA-01-047-05   HOLZMANN F R
SA-02-047-03   PICKENS J A
SA-02-047-04   PICKENS J A
SA-02-047-05   PICKENS J A
SA-01-048-02   MAYS
SA-01-046-05   GREATHOUSE R W
SA-02-043-03   HART I O
SA-01-042-01   TAYLOR W (MRS)
SA-01-042-02   TAYLOR W (MRS)
SA-01-042-03   TAYLOR W (MRS)
SA-01-042-04   TAYLOR W (MRS)
SA-01-042-05   TAYLOR W (MRS)
SA-02-040-01   JARRELL J F
SA-02-040-02   JARRELL J F
SA-02-040-04   JARRELL J F
SA-02-040-05   JARRELL J F
SA-01-043-03   CARTER J P
SA-01-045-05   HICKMAN J C
SA-01-043-05   CARTER J P
SA-01-048-05   MAYS
SA-02-043-04   HART I O
SA-02-043-05   HART I O
SA-01-044-03   BARCROFT L O
SA-01-044-04   BARCROFT L O
SA-01-044-05   BARCROFT L O
SA-02-044-03   GILES C C
SA-02-044-04   GILES C C
SA-02-044-05   GILES C C
SA-01-045-01   HICKMAN J C
SA-01-045-02   HICKMAN J C
SA-01-043-04   CARTER J P
SA-01-055-02   BLATHERWICK
SA-01-055-03   BLATHERWICK
SA-01-055-04   BLATHERWICK
SA-01-055-05   BLATHERWICK
SA-02-056-05   CARUTH R E
SA-01-048-03   MAYS
SA-02-053-05   BROWN J R P
SA-01-059-01   LINDSEY J E (CHARLES)
SA-01-059-02   LINDSEY J E (CHARLES)
SA-02-059-01   WHITE L G
SA-02-059-03   WHITE L G
SA-02-059-04   WHITE L G
SA-02-059-05   WHITE L G
SA-02-080-02   FISCH C F
SA-01-050-04   PITT M M
SA-01-060-04   JOHNSON E J
SA-02-048-01   PERMITS
SA-02-048-03   PERMITS
SA-02-048-04   PERMITS
SA-02-048-05   PERMITS
SA-01-049-04   WILLIS J L
SA-01-049-05   WILLIS J L
SA-02-049-01   WILLIS J L
SA-02-049-04   WILLIS J L
SA-01-050-01   PITT M M
SA-02-054-03   O'HAIR R F
SA-01-050-03   PITT M M
SA-01-050-05   PITT M M
SA-02-050-04   PICKENS J A
SA-02-050-05   PICKENS J A
SA-02-052-03   WILSON W L
SA-02-052-04   WILSON W L
SA-02-052-05   WILSON W L
SA-02-053-03   BROWN J R P
SA-02-053-04   BROWN J R P
SA-01-048-04   MAYS
SA-01-050-02   PITT M M
SA-02-214-04   PERMIT
SA-02-153-03   HARTED FRED V
SA-01-221-05   PERMIT
SA-02-153-02   HARTED FRED V
SA-02-153-01   HARTED FRED V
SA-02-152-05   JERNIGAN J S
SA-02-216-03   PERMIT
SA-01-218-04   PERMIT
SA-02-214-05   PERMIT
SA-01-221-03   PERMIT
SA-01-222-05   PERMIT
SA-01-223-01   PERMIT
SA-01-223-02   PERMIT
SA-02-214-03   PERMIT
SA-01-223-03   PERMIT
SA-01-223-04   PERMIT
SA-02-215-02   WINGATE J B
SA-02-218-02   PERMIT
SA-01-219-02   PERMIT
SA-01-219-03   PERMIT
SA-02-218-04   PERMIT
SA-02-153-05   HARTED FRED V
SA-02-218-03   PERMIT
SA-01-221-04   PERMIT
SA-01-219-05   PERMIT
SA-02-216-04   PERMIT
SA-02-218-01   PERMIT
SA-02-217-05   PERMIT
SA-02-217-04   PERMIT
SA-02-217-02   PERMIT
SA-02-153-04   HARTED FRED V
SA-01-221-02   PERMIT
SA-01-224-02   PERMIT
SA-01-219-04   PERMIT
SA-01-223-05   PERMIT
SA-01-227-02   PERMIT
SA-02-213-03   PERMIT
SA-01-227-04   PERMIT
SA-02-213-02   PERMIT
SA-02-152-01   JERNIGAN J S
SA-02-213-04   PERMIT
SA-01-228-01   PERMIT
SA-01-226-05   PERMIT
SA-01-228-02   PERMIT
SA-02-151-05   RAUM J W
SA-01-228-04   PERMIT
SA-02-175-03   DEVOLL E M
SA-01-209-01   HUDSBETH I
SA-01-225-05   PERMIT
SA-01-218-03   PERMIT
SA-01-224-03   PERMIT
SA-01-224-04   PERMIT
SA-01-224-05   PERMIT
SA-01-225-01   PERMIT
SA-01-225-02   PERMIT
SA-02-152-03   JERNIGAN J S
SA-01-225-04   PERMIT
SA-01-224-01   PERMIT
SA-01-226-01   PERMIT
SA-01-226-02   PERMIT
SA-01-226-03   PERMIT
SA-02-214-02   PERMIT
SA-02-214-01   PERMIT
SA-02-213-05   PERMIT
SA-01-226-04   PERMIT
SA-01-225-03   PERMIT
SA-02-194-02   CRAIG ALMA
SA-02-156-01   DUNLAP A J
SA-02-170-03   BATES LEONARD
SA-01-214-03   CURLEE ELLA
SA-01-219-01   PERMIT
SA-01-214-05   CURLEE ELLA
SA-01-215-02   PERMIT
SA-02-194-05   CRAIG ALMA
SA-01-215-04   PERMIT
SA-01-214-04   CURLEE ELLA
SA-01-211-02   POOL MRS R J
SA-01-209-03   HUDSBETH I
SA-01-209-04   HUDSBETH I
SA-01-209-05   HUDSBETH I
SA-01-210-03   CARTER DORA
SA-01-210-04   CARTER DORA
SA-02-170-02   BATES LEONARD
SA-01-211-01   POOL MRS R J
SA-02-156-03   DUNLAP A J
SA-01-211-03   POOL MRS R J
SA-01-211-04   POOL MRS R J
SA-01-211-05   POOL MRS R J
SA-02-156-05   DUNLAP A J
SA-02-154-05   GILLIAM BRUCE
SA-01-210-05   CARTER DORA
SA-02-219-04   PERMIT
SA-02-171-02   MASTIN ORVAL
SA-02-171-03   MASTIN ORVAL
SA-02-222-01   PERMIT
SA-02-221-05   PERMIT
SA-01-217-03   PERMIT
SA-02-222-03   PERMIT
SA-01-217-04   PERMIT
SA-02-222-04   PERMIT
SA-02-219-03   PERMIT
SA-02-172-03   ROGERS J J
SA-02-219-02   PERMIT
SA-02-219-01   PERMIT
SA-02-218-05   PERMIT
SA-01-218-01   PERMIT
SA-01-218-02   PERMIT
SA-02-219-05   PERMIT
SA-01-228-05   PERMIT
SA-02-154-04   GILLIAM BRUCE
SA-01-215-05   PERMIT
SA-01-216-01   PERMIT
SA-01-216-02   PERMIT
SA-02-222-02   PERMIT
SA-02-223-05   PERMIT
SA-02-223-04   PERMIT
SA-02-223-03   PERMIT
SA-02-223-02   PERMIT
SA-02-222-05   PERMIT
SA-01-237-02   PERMIT
SA-01-237-03   PERMIT
SA-01-237-04   PERMIT
SA-01-237-05   PERMIT
SA-02-199-05   SMITH H S
SA-02-199-04   SMITH H S
SA-01-239-01   PERMIT
SA-02-199-01   SMITH H S
SA-02-198-05   FOWLER
SA-01-239-04   PERMIT
SA-01-240-01   PERMIT
SA-01-240-02   PERMIT
SA-02-199-02   SMITH H S
SA-02-201-03   BARKER F W
SA-02-202-03   POLLARD J A
SA-01-236-01   PERMIT
SA-01-236-02   PERMIT
SA-01-236-03   PERMIT
SA-01-237-01   PERMIT
SA-02-201-02   BARKER F W
SA-02-201-01   BARKER F W
SA-01-236-05   PERMIT
SA-02-179-03   PITT ALBERT
SA-01-236-04   PERMIT
SA-02-195-04   BELLAMY J M
SA-01-240-03   PERMIT
SA-01-244-02   PERMIT
SA-02-179-01   PITT ALBERT
SA-02-179-02   PITT ALBERT
SA-01-244-03   PERMIT
SA-01-244-04   PERMIT
SA-02-195-05   BELLAMY J M
SA-01-243-04   PERMIT
SA-02-195-03   BELLAMY J M
SA-02-195-02   BELLAMY J M
SA-02-212-01   SURNSON S J
SA-02-195-01   BELLAMY J M
SA-02-143-01   WELCH F. W.
SA-02-194-03   CRAIG ALMA
SA-02-194-04   CRAIG ALMA
SA-01-244-05   PERMIT
SA-01-241-05   PERMIT
SA-02-198-02   FOWLER
SA-01-240-04   PERMIT
SA-01-240-05   PERMIT
SA-02-198-01   FOWLER
SA-01-241-02   PERMIT
SA-02-178-05   FAULKNER LEAH
SA-01-241-04   PERMIT
SA-02-198-03   FOWLER
SA-01-242-02   PERMIT
SA-02-178-04   FAULKNER LEAH
SA-01-242-04   PERMIT
SA-01-242-05   PERMIT
SA-01-243-01   PERMIT
SA-01-243-02   PERMIT
SA-01-243-03   PERMIT
SA-01-241-03   PERMIT
SA-02-207-01   ELTON ED
SA-02-207-04   ELTON ED
SA-01-230-02   PERMIT
SA-02-207-03   ELTON ED
SA-01-230-04   PERMIT
SA-01-231-01   PERMIT
SA-01-235-02   PERMIT
SA-01-231-02   PERMIT
SA-02-208-01   WILKERSON J N
SA-01-231-03   PERMIT
SA-02-177-03   GILLIAM
SA-02-151-04   RAUM J W
SA-02-151-03   RAUM J W
SA-02-211-02   BRAZIEL JOY
SA-02-207-05   ELTON ED
SA-01-229-03   PERMIT
SA-01-229-04   PERMIT
SA-02-208-05   WILKERSON J N
SA-02-208-04   WILKERSON J N
SA-02-208-03   WILKERSON J N
SA-02-208-02   WILKERSON J N
SA-02-151-02   RAUM J W
SA-01-234-04   PERMIT
SA-01-234-02   PERMIT
SA-01-234-03   PERMIT
SA-01-233-05   PERMIT
SA-01-234-05   PERMIT
SA-01-215-01   PERMIT
SA-01-232-03   PERMIT
SA-01-232-04   PERMIT
SA-01-232-05   PERMIT
SA-01-233-01   PERMIT
SA-01-233-02   PERMIT
SA-01-233-03   PERMIT
SA-01-233-04   PERMIT
SA-02-146-04   COATS CHARLES R &
SA-01-198-04   GOODNER B C
SA-02-150-05   SEGAL M.
SA-01-200-02   EDWARDS J A
SA-01-200-01   EDWARDS J A
SA-02-150-04   SEGAL M.
SA-02-161-05   JOHNSON W K
SA-02-161-04   JOHNSON W K
SA-02-146-05   COATS CHARLES R &
SA-01-199-04   POLLARD A C
SA-02-146-03   COATS CHARLES R &
SA-01-199-03   POLLARD A C
SA-01-199-02   POLLARD A C
SA-01-199-01   POLLARD A C
SA-01-198-05   GOODNER B C
SA-01-199-05   POLLARD A C
SA-02-131-04   HARRILL G S
SA-01-200-05   EDWARDS J A
SA-01-200-04   EDWARDS J A
SA-02-130-03   ATWOOD R C
SA-02-130-02   ATWOOD R C
SA-02-130-01   ATWOOD R C
SA-02-130-05   ATWOOD R C
SA-02-150-01   SEGAL M.
SA-02-161-03   JOHNSON W K
SA-01-196-03   JOLLEY L E
SA-01-192-05   HARRELL H L
SA-01-192-04   HARRELL H L
SA-01-192-03   HARRELL H L
SA-01-192-02   HARRELL H L
SA-01-192-01   HARRELL H L
SA-01-197-05   MARLOW W W
SA-02-159-03   RING LEE
SA-02-150-03   SEGAL M.
SA-01-198-03   GOODNER B C
SA-01-198-02   GOODNER B C
SA-01-197-04   MARLOW W W
SA-01-197-03   MARLOW W W
SA-01-197-02   MARLOW W W
SA-01-197-01   MARLOW W W
SA-02-150-02   SEGAL M.
SA-01-196-05   JOLLEY L E
SA-01-196-04   JOLLEY L E
SA-01-198-01   GOODNER B C
SA-01-206-03   CURLEE J F
SA-01-206-02   CURLEE J F
SA-02-139-05   BROOKS W. H.
SA-02-139-04   BROOKS W. H.
SA-02-147-05   DAVIS W. L.
SA-01-183-01   TAPLEY T L
SA-02-143-05   WELCH F. W.
SA-01-183-02   TAPLEY T L
SA-01-205-04   WILKERSON W F
SA-02-143-04   WELCH F. W.
SA-01-183-03   TAPLEY T L
SA-01-183-05   TAPLEY T L
SA-01-206-01   CURLEE J F
SA-02-157-04   FINN J A
SA-01-178-03   GILLIAM J O
SA-01-178-04   GILLIAM J O
SA-02-143-02   WELCH F. W.
SA-02-143-03   WELCH F. W.
SA-02-157-03   FINN J A
SA-01-207-03   ELTON ED
SA-02-157-05   FINN J A
SA-02-144-01   ODLING S. G.
SA-02-144-03   ODLING S. G.
SA-02-134-05   WELCH T. M.
SA-01-183-04   TAPLEY T L
SA-02-134-04   WELCH T. M.
SA-02-134-03   WELCH T. M.
SA-02-134-02   WELCH T. M.
SA-02-139-02   BROOKS W. H.
SA-01-187-03   BROWN P D
SA-02-135-01   JENKINS J. H.
SA-01-187-04   BROWN P D
SA-01-202-04   GREEN W O
SA-02-144-04   ODLING S. G.
SA-02-144-05   ODLING S. G.
SA-02-135-04   JENKINS J. H.
SA-02-139-01   BROOKS W. H.
SA-02-137-02   TALLEY BEN
SA-02-169-05   STANLEY MRS.
SA-02-169-04   STANLEY MRS.
SA-02-169-03   STANLEY MRS.
SA-02-137-03   TALLEY BEN
SA-02-136-01   FIERO E. E.
SA-02-135-05   JENKINS J. H.
SA-02-135-02   JENKINS J. H.
SA-02-135-03   JENKINS J. H.
SA-02-169-02   STANLEY MRS.
SA-01-204-02   HUFF J W
SA-01-204-01   HUFF J W
SA-01-180-04                               COLE VIRGINIA ANN      1/29/1921
SA-01-180-05                               COLE JOHN ALEXANDER    12/12/1914
SA-01-180-01                               HAMRICK LEE AUGUSTA    8/18/1898   6/9/1914
SA-02-136-03   ABERNATHY ISAAC             FIERO E. D.            1/1/1868    1/1/1921
SA-02-136-04   ABERNATHY MINNIE            FIERO E. D.            1/1/1876    1/1/1950
SA-02-107-02   ADAMS DAVID D               SCOTT ANNA & W M       9/6/1918    1/1/1993
SA-02-112-01   ADAMS DAVID D               ADAMS D D              8/30/1852   10/9/1922
SA-02-124-02   ADAMS DAVID DANIEL          ADAMS DAVID &          6/6/1893    4/3/1963
SA-02-107-01   ADAMS DAVID DUANE           SCOTT ANNA & W M       1/7/1948    9/30/1956
SA-02-124-03   ADAMS FRANCIS BELL          ADAMS DAVID &          2/20/1899   5/12/1979
SA-02-112-05   ADAMS GRACE SWINDELL        ADAMS D D              1/19/1902   1/7/1977
SA-02-112-02   ADAMS LUE E                 ADAMS D D              8/4/1858    4/24/1951
SA-02-107-03   ADAMS REBA J                SCOTT ANNA & W M       11/10/1922  9/16/1982
SA-02-124-01   ADAMS ROY JAY               ADAMS DAVID &          9/18/1959   10/9/1968
SA-02-112-04   ADAMS THOMAS J              ADAMS D D              11/17/1895  8/4/1986
SA-02-112-03   ADAMS TOMMIE ADDINE         ADAMS D D              7/20/1923   7/20/1923
SA-02-122-05   ADAMS UNA PRUITT            PRUITT L W
SA-02-122-04   ADAMS WALTER JONE           PRUITT L W             7/27/1909   7/25/1994
SA-01-168-05   AIGUIER J D                 AIGUIER J E            7/3/1941
SA-01-168-03   AIGUIER JOHN E              AIGUIER J E            4/3/1883    5/21/1936
SA-01-168-01   AIGUIER JULIE E             AIGUIER J E            1/23/1918   1/16/1921
SA-01-168-02   AIGUIER N L                 AIGUIER J E            11/1/1923   11/3/1924
SA-01-168-04   AIGUIER NORA LEE            AIGUIER J E            9/7/1884    5/21/1960
SA-02-055-01   AIKEN E L                   AIKEN C L              8/7/1858    6/22/1910
SA-02-055-03   AIKEN FRANK M               AIKEN C L              1/1/1885    1/1/1946
SA-02-055-04   AIKEN LESLIE S              AIKEN C L              11/14/1880  9/3/1964
SA-02-055-05   AIKEN LUCILLE M             AIKEN C L              8/10/1894   9/16/1981
SA-02-055-02   AIKEN S A                   AIKEN C L              8/31/1861   4/18/1933
SA-01-065-01   ALLEN FERN LUCILLE          ALLEN C M              8/10/1892   4/26/1911
SA-01-218-05   ALLEN JOHN R                PERMIT                 12/22/1878  3/8/1910
SA-01-065-03   ALLEN LULA E                ALLEN C M              6/1/1868    5/10/1943
SA-02-200-05   ALLRED A C                  ALLRED S R             1/1/1909    1/1/1909
SA-02-200-02   ALLRED MARY LONA            ALLRED S R             9/25/1896   11/15/1978
SA-02-200-01   ALLRED MAYDELL              ALLRED S R             1/1/1927    1/1/1928
SA-02-200-04   ALLRED MINNIE               ALLRED S R             9/2/1882    6/12/1914
SA-02-200-03   ALLRED SAMUEL RENNE         ALLRED S R             11/7/1880   9/11/1970
SA-02-141-03   ALTMAN AMANDA N             ALTMAN W H             6/3/1851    1/4/1938
SA-01-141-04   ALTMAN EMMA F               ALTMAN W J
SA-01-141-02   ALTMAN ETHEL OLIVIA         ALTMAN W J             3/20/1899   2/21/1914
SA-01-141-01   ALTMAN JESSIE EARL          ALTMAN W J             3/3/1893    11/15/1911
SA-02-141-02   ALTMAN WILLIAM H            ALTMAN W H             8/8/1846    4/1/1938
SA-01-141-03   ALTMAN WILLIAM J            ALTMAN W J
SA-01-159-01   ANDERSON CHARLIE            ANDERSON MATTIE        7/23/1892   4/24/1914
SA-02-172-04   ASHER BULAH                 ROGERS J J             6/23/1902   1/12/1913
SA-01-106-04   ASHLOCK DALEN WARREN        SWINDELL J W           6/11/1933   10/18/1959
SA-01-106-03   ASHLOCK KATE VIO            SWINDELL J W           1/14/1899   7/8/1993
SA-02-176-04   ATCHISON, LYNN (RED)        ATCHISON, JOHN         11/3/1930   2/29/2000
SA-01-130-01   ATWOOD LURAH                ATWOOD J C             5/13/1900   4/17/1917
SA-01-130-02   ATWOOD NORA L               ATWOOD J C             6/3/1878    5/17/1938
SA-01-130-03   ATWOOD RUFUS C              ATWOOD J C             1/22/1897   8/11/1958
SA-01-130-04   ATWOOD SADIE                ATWOOD J C             12/3/1900   9/24/2002
SA-01-242-01   BABY                        PERMIT
SA-02-158-04   BAILEY ANNETTA MAURINE      BLACKBURN J F MRS      1/1/1914    1/1/1928
SA-01-161-02   BAILEY BONNIE               BAILEY N T             9/12/1866   10/17/1928
SA-02-158-05   BAILEY GARLAND WINFRED      BLACKBURN J F MRS      1/1/1911    1/1/1919
SA-01-161-05   BAILEY J M                  BAILEY N T             9/13/1836   1/29/1911
SA-01-161-04   BAILEY NANNIE               BAILEY N T             1/26/1845   5/24/1928
SA-01-217-01   BAKER ROBERT EUGENE         PERMIT                 9/14/1949   2/16/1994
SA-01-140-01   BANISTER W S                BANISTER MRS W S       11/1/1852   11/16/1914
SA-01-021-04   BARBEE ETHEL A              GIBSON J A             9/26/1901   12/5/1970
SA-02-104-01   BARBEE JOHN C               BARBEE J C             2/14/1868   12/4/1922
SA-02-104-02   BARBEE MARTHA L             BARBEE J C             9/30/1872   1/24/1951
SA-01-021-03   BARBEE W MABRY              GIBSON J A             8/4/1898    4/27/1989
SA-02-187-04   BARCLAY FLORA               BARCLAY J D            11/12/1904  7/12/1911
SA-02-187-03   BARCLAY INFANT              BARCLAY J D            6/19/1922   6/21/1922
SA-02-187-02   BARCLAY JAMES B             BARCLAY J D            9/11/1880   1/8/1956
SA-02-187-01   BARCLAY ROSA LEE            BARCLAY J D            10/19/1884  1/20/1956
SA-01-044-01   BARCROFT L O                BARCROFT L O           7/22/1835   11/30/1909
SA-01-044-02   BARCROFT SARAH A            BARCROFT L O           12/5/1837   6/22/1921
SA-02-201-04   BARKER INFANT               BARKER F W             1/1/1906    1/1/1907
SA-02-201-05   BARKER INFANT               BARKER F W             1/1/1906    1/1/1907
SA-02-142-03   BARNETT LUDIE               IVEY PEARL
SA-02-170-01   BATES PAUL                  BATES LEONARD
SA-01-122-03   BEARD JAMES M               BEARD J M              10/18/1862  8/9/1946
SA-01-122-01   BEARD MATTIE F              BEARD J M              8/11/1868   10/27/1918
SA-01-239-05   BIGHAM ALICE FAY            PERMIT
SA-01-165-04   BILLILAND BESS              GILLILAND H C          4/6/1901    1/26/1920
SA-02-060-02   BILLINGS BERTHA B           PITT E E               11/26/1890  8/4/1910
SA-02-158-01   BLACKBURN ROBERT F          BLACKBURN J F MRS      1/1/1887    1/1/1916
SA-02-054-05   BLATHERWICK CHARLES         O'HAIR R F             8/26/1862   9/17/1945
SA-01-055-01   BLATHERWICK EMMA            BLATHERWICK            12/22/1871  9/11/1908
SA-01-169-01   BOBO W H                    BOBO MRS F E           11/29/1854  5/30/1914
SA-02-199-03   BOYD JOHN                   SMITH H S              8/9/1862    10/14/1932
SA-02-033-01   BRANDON L B                 BRANDON M C            8/23/1845   6/13/1908
SA-02-033-02   BRANDON MARY C              BRANDON M C            1/1/1848    1/1/1924
SA-02-033-05A  BRANDON MARY VESTA          BRANDON M C            3/2/1912    5/29/1912
SA-01-238-03   BRANDON WILLIAM G JR        PERMIT                 10/7/1939   2/5/1941
SA-01-053-02   BRANNAN B M                 BRANNAN B M            11/29/1839  6/20/1910
SA-01-053-01   BRANNAN S E                 BRANNAN B M            12/15/1844  12/20/1912
SA-01-053-03   BRANNAN WILLIAM H           BRANNAN B M            1/1/1863    1/1/1942
SA-02-217-03   BRANTLEY R H                PERMIT                 1/1/1861    1/1/1930
SA-01-202-05   BRATTON LESTER              GREEN W O              9/1/1903    9/24/1934
SA-01-212-03   BRAZIEL ALVIS A             BRAZIEL D C            10/5/1903   4/17/1961
SA-01-212-04   BRAZIEL DOW H               BRAZIEL D C            9/11/1911   2/14/1967
SA-01-212-05   BRAZIEL ELMER N             BRAZIEL D C            4/26/1913   12/6/1979
SA-01-212-01   BRAZIEL R H                 BRAZIEL D C            4/29/1880   1/21/1935
SA-01-212-02   BRAZIEL ROSIE L             BRAZIEL D C            11/30/1886  8/18/1970
SA-01-212-01A  BRAZIEL SALLIE              BRAZIEL D C            10/1/1856   4/30/1978
SA-02-211-01   BRAZIEL WILLIE RAY          BRAZIEL JOY            2/23/1917   5/14/2002
SA-02-183-01   BREWER A T                  TURNER A R & K A       1/1/1896    1/1/1923
SA-01-089-01   BRIDGE C H                  BRIDGE                 11/23/1913  2/3/1914
SA-01-089-02   BRIDGE CLAYTON              BRIDGE                 1/1/1893    1/1/1968
SA-01-089-03   BRIDGE MINNIE VAN           BRIDGE                 1/1/1894    1/1/1987
SA-01-191-05   BRITTAIN JOHN C             BRITTAIN W U           5/6/1858    2/11/1911
SA-01-191-04   BRITTAIN VALLEY U           BRITTAIN W U           7/28/1856   11/2/1918
SA-02-073-02   BROOKS NEVA A               BROOKS MRS R A         4/13/1879   4/5/1970
SA-02-073-01   BROOKS ROBERT A             BROOKS MRS R A         10/24/1875  10/3/1947
SA-02-139-03   BROOKS W. H.                BROOKS W. H.           6/15/1913
SA-01-187-01   BROWN ALTON EARL            BROWN P D              8/29/1904   7/13/1988
SA-02-053-02   BROWN JOHN P                BROWN J R P            10/29/1881  6/18/1910
SA-02-053-01   BROWN W F                   BROWN J R P            3/8/1878    10/10/1908
SA-01-229-01   BROWN WILBORN               PERMIT                 12/5/1936
SA-01-187-02   BROWN ZELPHA                BROWN P D              1/15/2000
SA-01-146-02   BUCHANAN ALMA A             BUCHANAN L O           2/17/1877   7/28/1933
SA-02-142-05   BUCHANAN PEARL              IVEY PEARL             3/14/1888   4/2/1921
SA-01-146-05   BUCHANAN W A                BUCHANAN L O           1/1/1876    1/1/1957
SA-02-140-03   BUCHANAN W. F.              BUCHANAN ALICE         1/1/1866    1/1/1909
SA-02-160-01   BUCKHOLT EDWARD M           BUCKHOLT E M           6/13/1863   12/20/1913
SA-02-160-02   BUCKHOLT JENNIE             BUCKHOLT E M           2/17/1878   12/19/1949
SA-02-160-03   BUCKHOLT JESSIE L           BUCKHOLT E M           2/7/1899    10/27/1918
SA-02-160-04   BUCKHOLT JOHN EDWARD        BUCKHOLT E M           5/8/1895    5/26/1961
SA-02-160-05   BUCKHOLT NANNIE             BUCKHOLT E M           1/1/1903    1/1/1980
SA-02-030-05   BULLIS LAURE E MYRES        MYRES J M              11/7/1891   4/11/1979
SA-01-038-04   BURKES GLENN MORAN          MORROW E               10/11/1914  10/3/1925
SA-02-171-05   BURNS MARTHA ELLEN          MASTIN ORVAL           6/30/1855   1/19/1933
SA-02-171-04   BURNS T H                   MASTIN ORVAL           1/1/1837    1/1/1920
SA-01-139-03   BURTON DAISY WYMAN          WYMAN F A              10/23/1882  9/4/1950
SA-02-118-01   BUTLAR JAMES B              BUTLER J B             2/29/1880   4/12/1940
SA-02-118-02   BUTLAR SUSIE                BUTLER J B             8/8/1870    9/22/1921
SA-02-001-05   BUTLER NEWT                 CARTER MRS STELLA      7/22/1933
SA-01-161-01   BUTLER VIRGINIA TARKINGTON  BAILEY N T             8/19/1914
SA-02-148-05   BUTTRILL ARLEEN A           MILLER S R
SA-02-148-04   BUTTRILL TIM                MILLER S R             8/6/1936    6/21/1996
SA-02-148-03   BUTTRILL VIVIAN S           MILLER S R             2/10/1915   3/16/2003
SA-01-025-02   BUTTS CORNELIA              MARTIN J C             11/7/1864   6/21/1950
SA-01-024-03   BUTTS EOLIA CLYDE           BUTTS R P              6/12/1889   3/12/1906
SA-02-033-05   BUTTS R H                   BRANDON M C            1/1/1923    1/1/1925
SA-01-024-01   BUTTS R P                   BUTTS R P              10/11/1842  10/23/1916
SA-01-025-01   BUTTS ROBERT H              MARTIN J C             4/6/1863    8/30/1936
SA-01-025-05   BUTTS RUTHIE M              MARTIN J C             8/15/1947
SA-01-024-02   BUTTS S C                   BUTTS R P              3/6/1848    3/14/1930
SA-01-025-04   BUTTS STANLEY B             MARTIN J C             4/11/1944
SA-02-063-03   BYRUM J A                   BYRUM J W
SA-02-063-02   BYRUM M V                   CLARK OTTO
SA-01-099-03   CAMP J W                    CAMP J W               5/5/1883    7/24/1964
SA-01-099-02   CAMP O'DESSA                CAMP J W               2/26/1888   6/1/1961
SA-01-099-01   CAMP WILLIS W               CAMP J W               1/1/1910    1/1/1923
SA-01-102-02   CARROLL BETTIE B            CARROLL J D            6/30/1915
SA-01-102-01   CARROLL JAMES DAVID         CARROLL J D            4/11/1925
SA-02-056-03   CARRUTH CORA M              CARUTH R E             1/1/1871    1/1/1919
SA-02-056-04   CARRUTH EVA F               CARUTH R E             1/1/1896    1/1/1922
SA-02-056-01   CARRUTH IVA G               CARUTH R E             1/1/1888    1/1/1910
SA-01-182-03   CARRUTH PAUL II             TURNER ELIZABETH       8/4/1955    7/14/1959
SA-02-056-02   CARRUTH ROBERT E            CARUTH R E             1/1/1866    1/1/1937
SA-01-043-01   CARTER ADDIE                CARTER J P             1/1/1887    1/1/1909
SA-01-210-02   CARTER D O                  CARTER DORA            4/18/1880   11/24/1910
SA-02-012-02   CARTER ELIZA J              CARTER E J             1/1/1853    1/1/1910
SA-02-109-02   CARTER ERA M                                       2/26/1897   8/6/1972
SA-01-210-01   CARTER INFANT               CARTER DORA            5/3/1910    5/4/1910
SA-02-109-01   CARTER JESSIE E                                    10/2/1892   1/10/1963
SA-01-043-02   CARTER MAGGIE               CARTER J P             1/1/1859    1/1/1908
SA-02-012-01   CARTER MARY                 CARTER E J             1/1/1855    1/1/1914
SA-02-001-01   CARTER T B                  CARTER MRS STELLA      2/2/1902    11/22/1857
SA-01-061-02   CASS CORDELIA L             CASS W B               3/23/1840   1/11/1910
SA-01-061-05   CASS FRANK TEMPLE           CASS W B               2/16/1945   4/7/1945
SA-01-061-01   CASS W B                    CASS W B               6/20/1849   10/6/1914
SA-01-100-02   CASTLEBERRY D N             CASTLEBERRY D N        11/30/1880  1/17/1923
SA-01-100-04   CASTLEBERRY JAMES D         CASTLEBERRY D N        8/10/1923   7/20/1950
SA-01-100-01   CASTLEBERRY LELA MAY        CASTLEBERRY D N        12/12/1913  4/10/1918
SA-01-095-02   CHAMBLISS JEROME K          CHAMBLISS J H          11/11/1894  8/24/1975
SA-01-095-03   CHAMBLISS JESSIE KATHERINE  CHAMBLISS J H          9/13/1889   1/17/1981
SA-01-088-01   CHANCELLOR EARL BRYAN       SPARKS H B             4/15/1897   12/13/1941
SA-01-088-02   CHANCELLOR WINNIE SPARKS    SPARKS H B             12/5/1899   11/17/1986
SA-01-136-02   CHARLENE                    GIBSON W H             10/20/1926  5/2/1927
SA-01-238-01   CHESTNUT TOMMY              PERMIT                 1/1/1936    1/1/1940
SA-01-188-01   CLACK SYLVIA                FOGG C R
SA-02-063-05   CLARK DAVID OTTO            WHITE VAN R            9/23/1895   6/20/1954
SA-01-007-02   CLEMENT J H                 CLEMENT MRS M W        8/14/1856   1/29/1908
SA-01-007-04   CLEMENT MRS M W             CLEMENT MRS M W        8/1/1858    8/27/1931
SA-01-081-05   COATS AMBROSE               COATS ROBERT           7/22/1903   6/15/1915
SA-01-081-01   COATS BOB                   COATS ROBERT           1/1/1865    1/1/1936
SA-02-146-02   COATS JEAN                  COATS CHARLES R &      6/18/1998
SA-02-146-01   COATS RAYMOND               COATS CHARLES R &      3/27/1916   12/5/2005
SA-01-185-05   COCHRAN JEWELL T                                   1/1/1907    1/1/1908
SA-01-131-05   COFIELD ANNIE M             DEVOLL SAM             7/10/1901   10/6/1985
SA-01-023-01   COFIELD GEORGE THOMAS       COFIELD                2/21/1847   5/3/1905
SA-01-023-02   COFIELD MARGARET JANE       COFIELD                1/4/1859    7/12/1941
SA-01-131-04   COFIELD R B BOB             DEVOLL SAM             7/30/1890   3/27/1970
SA-01-026-04   COLE CLORA JANE             COLE J D               4/7/1869    9/19/1941
SA-01-026-03   COLE J D                    COLE J D               5/3/1871    1/2/1920
SA-02-015-02   COLE PERMELIA               COLE THOMAS            1/1/1858    1/1/1910
SA-02-015-01   COLE THOMAS                 COLE THOMAS            1/1/1840    1/1/1904
SA-02-015-03   COLE THOMAS ROBERT          COLE THOMAS            1/1/1886    1/1/1906
SA-01-026-01   COLE W P                    COLE J D               11/5/1837   3/26/1906
SA-01-239-03   COLLINS FLORA V             PERMIT                 1/1/1932    1/1/1932
SA-02-210-04   CONNER WILLIAM ROBERT       LAWRENCE ED C          2/7/1883    12/24/1910
SA-01-112-01   COOPER BERTIE               COOKER G L             3/16/1887   2/2/1923
SA-02-039-01   COPE L H                    COPE L H               1/1/1860    1/1/1917
SA-02-039-02   COPE LH MRS                 COPE L H               1/1/1862    1/1/1933
SA-02-039-04   COPE ROY MASON              COPE L H               7/20/1889   6/18/1950
SA-02-039-05   COPE WILLIAM K              COPE L H               1/1/1882    1/1/1953
SA-02-152-02   CORMANY ROY J               JERNIGAN J S           1/1/1889    1/1/1918
SA-01-118-01   CRABTREE GENE               CRABTREE MELBA
SA-01-118-02   CRABTREE MELBA              CRABTREE MELBA         10/24/2000
SA-02-194-01   CRAIG R M                   CRAIG ALMA             1/17/1883   1/12/1910
SA-01-238-04   CRAWFORD JOHN WILLIAM JR    PERMIT                 1/1/1941    1/1/1949
SA-01-121-03   CROSS EVA MAE               CROSS W W              12/1/1988
SA-01-121-02   CROSS WILLIAM WARD          CROSS W W              1/1/1895    1/1/1970
SA-02-011-02   CRUMPTON C C                CRUMTPON G C           2/22/1857   12/11/1929
SA-02-011-01   CRUMPTON ELZIE C            CRUMTPON G C           5/17/1893   8/2/1903
SA-02-011-04   CRUMPTON H E                CRUMTPON G C           6/25/1898   7/7/1981
SA-02-011-03   CRUMPTON HANNAH A           CRUMTPON G C           11/24/1867  8/21/1959
SA-01-214-02   CURLEE ELLIE MAE            CURLEE ELLA            1/1/1828    1/1/1928
SA-01-206-04   CURLEE JAMES F              CURLEE J F             1/1/1841    1/1/1910
SA-01-206-05   CURLEE JEMIMA               CURLEE J F             1/1/1836    1/1/1917
SA-01-214-01   CURLEE JOHN M               CURLEE ELLA            1/1/1872    1/1/1928
SA-01-012-03   DALTON AUDREY               DALTON J D             9/24/1902   2/24/1905
SA-01-111-05   DANIEL BABY B J FR          DANIEL W J             6/29/1924   5/17/1925
SA-01-111-03   DANIEL BENJAMIN FRANK       DANIEL W J             1/1/1893    1/1/1953
SA-01-110-04   DANIEL BEULAH EUDORA        FELLERS C I            1/1/1879    1/1/1968
SA-02-111-05   DANIEL LEVI T               STRAUGHN W J           5/15/1891   5/22/1962
SA-01-123-04   DANIEL LILLIE BELL          WEBB MATTIE            11/25/1888  3/12/1968
SA-01-123-03   DANIEL LOU ZELMA            WEBB MATTIE            11/6/1891   12/14/1959
SA-02-138-02   DANIEL MARY CLEO            HONEA OSCAR            7/26/1928   12/24/1994
SA-01-111-02   DANIEL SARAH ANN            DANIEL W J             1/1/1854    1/1/1932
SA-02-138-01   DANIEL WILLIAM H            HONEA OSCAR            10/11/1913  8/27/1994
SA-01-111-04   DANIEL WILLIAM ISAAC        DANIEL W J             1/1/1873    1/1/1947
SA-01-111-01   DANIEL WILLIAM J            DANIEL W J             1/1/1852    1/1/1928
SA-02-076-05   DAUGHTRY LOCKIE DEE         THOMPSON J A           12/27/1905  2/3/1960
SA-02-076-04   DAUGHTRY VESTAL             THOMPSON J A           9/9/1900    2/20/1985
SA-02-147-03   DAVIS PEARL                 DAVIS W. L.            1/18/1895   1/18/1929
SA-02-147-02   DAVIS WALTER L.             DAVIS W. L.            2/27/1880   9/20/1939
SA-02-147-01   DAVIS WAYLAND               DAVIS W. L.            8/21/1916   9/27/1916
SA-02-147-04   DAVUS EVERETT FOREST        DAVIS W. L.            8/21/1924   9/11/1994
SA-01-037-05   DECKER ADAM F               DECKER DAVIS           1/1/1859    1/1/1935
SA-01-037-04   DECKER PALMYRA PERNILA      DECKER DAVIS           12/25/1839  5/5/1927
SA-02-175-02   DEVOLL E M                  DEVOLL E M
SA-02-175-01   DEVOLL FILEAN               DEVOLL E M             9/1/1901
SA-01-131-02   DEVOLL GEORGE MOSE          DEVOLL SAM             8/6/1868    5/28/1935
SA-02-023-02   DEVOLL JANIE E              WEST J B               2/1/1875    12/24/1958
SA-02-023-01   DEVOLL JJ JACK              WEST J B               3/25/1870   6/5/1951
SA-02-175-04   DEVOLL MYRTLE               DEVOLL E M
SA-01-131-01   DEVOLL SAMMIE F T           DEVOLL SAM             8/9/1896    9/18/1917
SA-01-131-03   DEVOLL SARAH ELLEN          DEVOLL SAM             2/18/1870   4/28/1961
SA-02-108-03   DEWOODY MAURINE                                    9/21/1918   9/21/1918
SA-01-018-04   DIAL LENA B                 GRIFFITH W M           11/9/1883   5/18/1942
SA-01-015-01   DILDY EMMA (AUSTIN)         AUSTIN W C             8/22/1848   4/22/1904
SA-02-232-03   DILL J L JR                                        7/20/1928   12/25/1928
SA-01-083-04   DINSMORE ELIZABETH          HUNTER W B             12/26/1894  9/29/1924
SA-02-048-02   DOLMAN J H                  PERMITS                7/19/1821   11/5/1917
SA-01-074-03   DONOVAN ANNIE E             FITZWATER TOM          12/21/1873  6/19/1969
SA-01-152-02   DOOLING MARY                DOOLING PAT            1/1/1849    1/1/1908
SA-01-152-01   DOOLING PAT                 DOOLING PAT            1/1/1849    1/1/1921
SA-02-130-04   DRUMMOND FRANK              ATWOOD R C             9/20/1915   4/12/2003
SA-02-155-04   DUNLAP ANDREW J                                    5/11/1912   6/14/1994
SA-02-155-05   DUNLAP MARY E                                      9/5/1916    8/27/1992
SA-02-141-04   EDDLEMAN LORA W             ALTMAN W H             3/21/1880   3/20/1959
SA-01-178-02   EDWARDS ARKANSAS            GILLIAM J O            10/6/1853   8/28/1931
SA-01-178-01   EDWARDS J M                 GILLIAM J O            4/5/1852    2/20/1912
SA-01-200-03   EDWARDS MARY ZELLA          EDWARDS J A            8/25/1877   10/21/1909
SA-01-220-01   EDWARDS ROBERTC (JOHN       PERMIT                 4/12/1929   2/20/2007
SA-01-235-05   ELDER EMMA CLARENCE         PERMIT                 10/16/1937
SA-01-235-04   ELDER W I                   PERMIT                 9/17/1941
SA-02-012-03   ELIZA J CARTER              CARTER E J             1/1/1806    1/1/1900
SA-02-225-03   ELSIE
SA-01-207-04   ELTON ED F                  ELTON ED               3/1/1860    12/21/1953
SA-01-207-05   ELTON EFFIE SINCLAIR        ELTON ED               6/15/1868   7/18/1954
SA-02-207-02   ELTON ELLIE                 ELTON ED               4/26/1897   5/7/1920
SA-01-207-01   ELTON JOHN                  ELTON ED               8/20/1900   3/26/1910
SA-01-066-01   EVANS DR LEE W              EVANS L W              4/6/1848    8/7/1910
SA-01-171-01   EVERSON THOMAS E            EVERSON D C            7/30/1855   9/18/1915
SA-02-173-05   FAULKNER ADDISON CLARK      FAULKNER J B           1/1/1890    1/1/1942
SA-02-173-02   FAULKNER EMMA ADLADE        FAULKNER J B           1/1/1861    1/1/1958
SA-02-173-04   FAULKNER HERCHELL MC        FAULKNER J B           1/1/1892    1/1/1941
SA-02-173-01   FAULKNER J B                FAULKNER J B           1/1/1843    1/1/1911
SA-02-178-01   FAULKNER LEAH               FAULKNER LEAH          1/1/1902    1/1/1980
SA-02-178-02   FAULKNER LUCILLE            FAULKNER LEAH          1/1/1886    1/1/1952
SA-01-110-01   FELLERS CHARLES IRA         FELLERS C I            3/3/1886    2/16/1953
SA-01-110-02   FELLERS MARTHA J            FELLERS C I            9/26/1885   1/26/1923
SA-01-110-05   FELLERS MARY J              FELLERS C I            7/29/1859   10/11/1944
SA-01-110-03   FELLERS WALTER HAYDEN       FELLERS C I            1/1/1918    1/1/1979
SA-02-136-05   FIERO MARGARET K            FIERO E. D.            1/1/1916    1/1/1917
SA-02-157-02   FINN ROBERT V               FINN J A               1/1/1850    1/1/1917
SA-02-157-01   FINN ZELLA R                FINN J A               2/8/1909    10/29/1915
SA-02-080-05   FISCH CHARLES               FISCH C F              1/1/1890    1/1/1913
SA-02-080-03   FISCH LOUIS                 FISCH C F              1/1/1846    1/1/1915
SA-01-078-03   FITZGERALD JOHN R           FITZGERALD MINNIE      1/1/1916    1/1/1920
SA-01-078-02   FITZGERALD MINNIE G         FITZGERALD MINNIE      1/1/1860    1/1/1948
SA-01-078-01   FITZGERALD ROBERT           FITZGERALD MINNIE      1/1/1850    1/1/1914
SA-01-078-05   FITZGERALD ROBERTA G        FITZGERALD MINNIE      1/1/1898    1/1/1966
SA-01-074-02   FITZWATER JANE B            FITZWATER TOM          8/4/1841    10/28/1917
SA-01-074-05   FITZWATER SUSIE             FITZWATER TOM          1/1/1881    1/1/1966
SA-01-074-04   FITZWATER TOM               FITZWATER TOM          1/1/1878    1/1/1957
SA-01-074-01   FITZWATER W T               FITZWATER TOM          10/16/1836  10/28/1916
SA-02-188-02   FOGG C R                    FOGG C R               1/1/1869    1/1/1943
SA-01-059-03   FOREMAN BELLE L             LINDSEY J E (CHARLES)  1/1/1874    1/1/1926
SA-01-104-03   FORSYTH EVA L               FORSYTHE J M           1/1/1875    1/1/1945
SA-02-198-04   FOWLER O C                  FOWLER                 11/6/1911   11/20/1911
SA-01-022-02   FRANKLIN M REBECCA          FRANKLIN B F           5/28/1906
SA-01-104-04   FREEBY INFANT               FORSYTHE J M           1/1/1969    1/1/1969
SA-01-104-02   FREEBY MARY CRYSTELLE       FORSYTHE J M           4/29/1902   11/16/1922
SA-01-104-4A   FREEBY RICHARD RANDOLPH     FORSYTHE J M           3/4/1946    10/12/1947
SA-02-239-02   FREY LOUIS F                                       1/1/1873    1/1/1953
SA-02-239-03   FREY MINNIE B                                      1/1/1896    1/1/1934
SA-02-041-05   FUSSELL LITTLE PAULINE      FUSSELL W P            5/16/1906   6/11/1907
SA-02-041-04   FUSSELL W P                 FUSSELL W P            9/25/1875   7/15/1918
SA-02-061-02   GALINGTON SARAH ELIZABETH   GARLINGTON R A         7/3/1854    11/11/1932
SA-01-142-03   GAMBLE CARL JR              GAMBLE W E             8/14/1891   2/16/1916
SA-01-221-01   GARDNER MILLIE              PERMIT                 1/1/1858    1/1/1938
SA-02-061-05   GARLINGTON CHARLES          GARLINGTON R A         1/1/1887    1/1/1917
SA-02-061-01   GARLINGTON ROBERT           GARLINGTON R A         10/22/1850  9/24/1914
SA-02-178-03   GAULKNER BENJAMIN WALTER    FAULKNER LEAH          1/20/1884   4/27/1964
SA-01-136-05   GIBSON ALMA WRIGHT          GIBSON W H             1/28/1904   2/11/1995
SA-01-021-05   GIBSON CLARENCE             GIBSON J A             1/1/1903    1/1/1904
SA-01-021-01   GIBSON JULIAN A             GIBSON J A             1/1/1875    1/1/1929
SA-01-021-02   GIBSON MINERVA T            GIBSON J A             1/1/1875    1/1/1959
SA-01-136-04   GIBSON WILEY B              GIBSON W H             3/3/1874    9/5/1961
SA-01-215-03   GILBREATH GEORGE QUITMAN    PERMIT                 3/24/1888   1/14/1954
SA-02-242-05   GILBREATH RUBBIE BELL                              6/30/1927   5/2/1934
SA-02-044-01   GILES C C                   GILES C C              4/5/1874    7/11/1944
SA-02-044-02   GILES LILA BOWMAN           GILES C C              1/10/1887   2/27/1970
SA-02-154-01   GILLIAM ANNIE MIRL          GILLIAM BRUCE          5/11/1916   9/28/1916
SA-02-154-03   GILLIAM BRICE C             GILLIAM BRUCE          3/27/1894   12/9/1955
SA-02-177-01   GILLIAM JOHN CLINT          GILLIAM                10/1/1873   1/11/1911
SA-02-154-02   GILLIAM LERA JEWELL         GILLIAM BRUCE          12/13/1913  1/15/1920
SA-01-165-02   GILLILAND EDITH J           GILLILAND H C          2/23/1856   9/1/1912
SA-01-112-03   GILMER JEWELL               COOKER G L             7/4/1896    11/2/1975
SA-01-112-02   GILMER ROBERT W             COOKER G L             7/16/1890   9/3/1961
SA-02-034-03   GIVENS ADA EVA MUUSS        GIVENS W E             6/23/1935   2/10/1986
SA-01-034-01   GIVENS CLEO ELLEN           GIVENS W E             9/25/1806   3/2/1910
SA-02-034-05   GIVENS DONALD J             GIVENS W E             4/26/1932   3/21/1952
SA-02-034-04   GIVENS EDWARD GALEN JR      GIVENS W E             1/5/1930    6/6/1967
SA-02-034-07   GIVENS EDWARD GALEN SR      GIVENS W E             7/11/1904   6/6/1967
SA-02-034-02   GIVENS EDWARD GALEN SR      GIVENS W E             7/11/1904   6/24/1991
SA-02-034-06   GIVENS HELEN JARRELL        GIVENS W E             3/27/1909
SA-02-034-01   GIVENS HELEN JARRELL        GIVENS W E             3/27/1909   12/29/2002
SA-01-034-02   GIVENS LOU RENA             GIVENS W E             8/15/1877   4/18/1909
SA-01-034-03   GIVENS PARDUE ARMISTER      GIVENS W E             5/19/1902   1/3/1907
SA-01-034-04   GIVENS WILLIAM E            GIVENS W E             9/9/1867    7/22/1945
SA-01-096-02   GLOVER FLORENCE             GLOVER FLORENCE        1/15/1916   3/29/2001
SA-01-095-01   GLOVER WILLIE HOMER         GLOVER FLORENCE        5/9/1907    8/26/1992
SA-01-163-03   GODFREY INFANT              GODFRY E H             8/27/1900
SA-01-008-04   GOOD EZEKIEL NANCE          GOOD MARY              11/5/1875   12/29/1940
SA-02-008-02   GOOD MARY R                 GOOD MARY              1/1/1842    1/1/1918
SA-02-008-01   GOOD WILLIAM J              GOOD MARY              9/27/1842   10/24/1900
SA-01-008-05   GOODGOSHORN MATTIE          GOOD MARY              1/1/1879    1/1/1921
SA-02-242-04   GRADY ODIS D                                       8/17/1896   8/10/1979
SA-02-242-02   GRADY TOM E                                        1/1/1861    1/1/1934
SA-02-242-03   GRADY WILLIE A                                     1/1/1874    1/1/1957
SA-01-087-04   GRAHAM JOHN FRANKLIN        GRAHAM L A             1/23/1891   4/4/1960
SA-01-087-05   GRAHAM OCIE                 GRAHAM L A             2/3/1899    9/16/1996
SA-02-031-03   GRAVE
SA-01-153-04   GRAVE                       RIPPS FRED
SA-01-153-03   GRAVE
SA-01-217-05   GRAVE                       PERMIT
SA-02-232-02   grave
SA-02-183-02   GRAVE                       TURNER A R & K A
SA-02-027-03   GRAVE
SA-01-220-02   Grave                       PERMIT
SA-01-190-03   GRAVE NO MARKER             PARKS C A
SA-02-101-05   GRAVE NO NAME               STEPP J A
SA-01-028-01   GREEN A D                   GREEN GEORGE W         2/22/1889   3/29/1966
SA-01-203-04   GREEN BABY                  BRAZIEL MRS C H
SA-01-028-04   GREEN KATHLEEN M            GREEN GEORGE W         9/3/1905    12/4/1976
SA-02-028-01   GREEN L Z                   GREEN GEORGE W         1/1/1899    1/1/1931
SA-01-203-05   GREEN LUCY BELLE            BRAZIEL MRS C H        6/4/4904    9/19/1924
SA-01-202-02   GREEN N J                   GREEN W O              7/22/1850   11/17/1910
SA-02-028-03   GREEN PAULINE               GREEN GEORGE W         3/13/1927   11/30/1929
SA-02-028-04   GREEN RICHARD               GREEN GEORGE W         10/2/1940   10/27/1940
SA-01-028-03   GREEN TAFT                  GREEN GEORGE W         11/10/1908  4/19/1988
SA-01-028-02   GREEN VIOLA K               GREEN GEORGE W         9/25/1889   12/6/1960
SA-01-202-01   GREEN W L                   GREEN W O
SA-02-203-01   GREEN W T                   BRAZIEL RICHARD        12/11/2006
SA-01-203-03   GREEN WALTER L              BRAZIEL MRS C H        12/31/1812  6/12/1967
SA-01-202-03   GREEN WILLIAM O             GREEN W O              3/1/1885    1/30/1912
SA-01-203-02   GREEN WILLIE LEE            BRAZIEL MRS C H        2/27/1881   11/2/1950
SA-02-024-03   GREGG DAVE B                GREGG J F              12/27/1905
SA-01-216-04   GREGORY ALMA E              PERMIT                 4/7/1885    6/6/1978
SA-01-216-03   GREGORY GROVER C            PERMIT                 10/2/1886   12/10/1945
SA-02-216-05   GREGORY MARGARET            PERMIT                 10/9/1916   6/1/1963
SA-01-065-05   GREGORY ROBBIE A            ALLEN C M              5/15/1896   5/29/1978
SA-01-065-04   GREGORY SYLVESTER           ALLEN C M              4/15/1894   4/24/1977
SA-01-203-01   GREN GIDIAN U               BRAZIEL MRS C H        4/4/1875    2/10/1912
SA-02-051-01   GRIFFITH AMOS M             GRIFFITH A M           1/8/1852    7/5/1920
SA-02-051-04   GRIFFITH C M                GRIFFITH A M           12/30/1883  5/2/1958
SA-01-091-05   GRIFFITH EUGENE             GRIFFITH F O           10/15/1912  10/18/1914
SA-01-091-01   GRIFFITH FULLER ORVILLE     GRIFFITH F O           8/1/1872    8/22/1963
SA-02-051-05   GRIFFITH IDA MAY            GRIFFITH A M           12/23/1882  6/11/1917
SA-01-091-04   GRIFFITH INA FAE            GRIFFITH F O           5/16/1904   3/30/2001
SA-01-091-02   GRIFFITH MARY L WOODS       GRIFFITH F O           6/7/1875    2/14/1960
SA-02-051-02   GRIFFITH NANNIE J           GRIFFITH A M           11/4/4857   6/23/1913
SA-01-018-01   GRIFFITH NEVA               GRIFFITH W M           9/14/1891   3/21/1900
SA-01-137-05   GRIGGS HARRIET A                                   5/14/1857   8/5/1915
SA-01-193-01   GRIGSBY GEORGE T            GRIGSBY W E            12/1/1869   3/17/1931
SA-01-193-05   GRIGSBY INFANT              GRIGSBY W E            4/14/1908   4/15/1909
SA-01-193-03   GRIGSBY MRS W E (MONA)      GRIGSBY W E            3/24/1874   4/30/1926
SA-01-193-04   GRIGSBY TERRENCE            GRIGSBY W E
SA-01-193-02   GRIGSBY W E                 GRIGSBY W E            10/23/1867  12/22/1945
SA-02-190-03   GROOM BILL WILLIAM          ALCORN MRS             1/4/1874    12/30/1935
SA-02-057-01   HALL A W (DUB)              HALL WILSON            7/3/1998
SA-02-057-04   HALL ARTHUR W               HALL WILSON            3/18/1890   4/1/1938
SA-01-030-01   HALL JOHN WESLEY            MYRES J M              1/2/1879    3/18/1908
SA-01-227-05   HALL MARY ADA               PERMIT                 1/1/1890    1/1/1935
SA-02-057-05   HALL MATTIE                 HALL WILSON            12/15/1867  7/13/1914
SA-02-057-03   HALL MINNIE                 HALL WILSON            1/1/1893    1/1/1963
SA-02-057-02   HALL MORRIS E               HALL WILSON            3/11/1917   1/26/1979
SA-02-221-01   HALTOM CARRIE               PERMIT                 1/1/1879    1/1/1933
SA-01-122-02   HAMILTON ALLIE L            BEARD J M              8/14/1906   3/11/1933
SA-01-220-03   HAMILTON JACIE MARIE        PERMIT                 4/16/2004   4/16/2004
SA-01-122-04   HAMILTON ROBERT A           BEARD J M              6/23/1902   3/13/1986
SA-02-215-01   HARLEY MALCOM R             WINGATE J B            8/16/1904   3/13/1955
SA-02-131-02   HARRILL BARKLEY             HARRILL G S            10/26/1890  4/28/1930
SA-02-131-03   HARRILL GEORGE S            HARRILL G S            2/6/1886    6/12/1965
SA-02-131-01   HARRILL INA LEE             HARRILL G S            4/26/1914   9/30/1918
SA-01-165-01   HARRIS R                    GILLILAND H C          1/1/1860    1/1/1922
SA-02-043-02   HART IRA OLIE               HART I O               8/9/1859    9/5/1944
SA-02-043-01   HART JANNIE I               HART I O               8/6/1865    9/16/1909
SA-02-137-05   HARTY ARTIE LEE             TALLEY BEN             4/2/1908    2/27/1966
SA-01-058-05   HARVEY GARVIS               HARVEY WILLIAM M       1/1/1912    1/1/1922
SA-01-058-01   HARVEY MARY S               HARVEY WILLIAM M       10/1/1876   9/18/1910
SA-01-058-03   HARVEY NANCY                HARVEY WILLIAM M       1/1/1887    1/1/1961
SA-01-058-04   HARVEY WILEY                HARVEY WILLIAM M       1/1/1906    1/1/1930
SA-01-058-02   HARVEY WILLIAM M            HARVEY WILLIAM M       1/1/1871    1/1/1950
SA-01-036-01   HASKET WINNIE E             HASKET H L             5/12/1836   1/9/1908
SA-01-036-05   HASKETT RACHEL GENETTIA     HASKET H L             11/13/1866  4/17/1918
SA-01-036-04   HASKETT TOM                 HASKET H L             1/1/1857    1/1/1932
SA-01-179-01   HAWKINS MINNIE M            TURNBOUGH FRANKLIN     6/7/1886    1/6/1916
SA-01-030-04   HENDERSON LULA H            MYRES J M              8/25/1873   3/21/1960
SA-01-030-03   HENDERSON ZAC R             MYRES J M              11/7/1873   12/11/1929
SA-01-175-01   HENDRIX F D                 HENDRIX F D            1/1/1853    1/1/1925
SA-01-175-05   HENDRIX JOELLA MAY          HENDRIX F D            1/1/1863    1/1/1943
SA-02-100-02   HENRY FRANK                 HENRY PAT              1/1/1847    1/1/1918
SA-02-100-03   HENRY LAURA                 HENRY PAT              1/1/1853    1/1/1923
SA-02-100-04   HENRY PAT                   HENRY PAT              1/1/1893    1/1/1936
SA-01-011-05   HENSON T J                  WILLIAMS CECIL         3/4/1916    10/12/1923
SA-01-053-04   HERNDON JOHN S              BRANNAN B M            1/1/1862
SA-01-053-05   HERNDON SARAH F             BRANNAN B M            1/1/1868    1/1/1925
SA-01-024-04   HILL L D                    BUTTS R P              4/22/1879   9/12/1911
SA-02-133-01   HILL S A                                           1/1/1851    1/1/1917
SA-01-158-03   HODGES DORCAS V             HODGES J T             8/20/1867   3/3/1943
SA-01-158-01   HODGES JOHN D               HODGES J T             1/26/1887   9/29/1916
SA-01-158-02   HODGES JOSEPH T             HODGES J T             7/21/1855   6/9/1936
SA-01-154-01   HOLCOMB BABY                HOLCOMB MRS CLAUDE     2/11/1916   2/11/1916
SA-01-154-03   HOLCOMB BESS M              HOLCOMB MRS CLAUDE     8/3/1886    10/3/1974
SA-01-154-02   HOLCOMB CLAUDE G            HOLCOMB MRS CLAUDE     3/10/1883   8/11/1954
SA-01-179-03   HOLLAND TENNIE A            TURNBOUGH FRANKLIN     12/8/1887   8/15/1969
SA-02-141-01   HOLLANDER ETTA ALTMAN       ALTMAN W H             4/1/1883    5/4/1914
SA-01-006-04   HOLT MARY J                 WITHERSPOON J G        1/1/1874    1/1/1899
SA-01-138-02   HONEA AMY                   HONEA OSCAR            12/10/1973  5/20/1990
SA-01-213-02A  HONEA BOBBIE R              PERMIT                 1/1/1945    1/1/1946
SA-01-138-04   HONEA OSCAR                 HONEA OSCAR            12/18/1934  5/3/2007
SA-01-138-03   HONEA ROSIE                 HONEA OSCAR            9/20/1936   10/27/2006
SA-01-117-02   HOOKER NANCY JANE           HOOKER R E             3/15/1872   4/2/1918
SA-01-117-01   HOOKER OTTRA S              HOOKER R E             6/29/1895   8/4/1917
SA-01-117-03   HOOKER ROBERT EDWARD        HOOKER R E             1/14/1872   2/24/1952
SA-01-191-03   HORNE J T                   BRITTAIN W U           12/29/1914  12/15/1918
SA-02-110-03   HORNE JAMES RUSSELL         HORNE J R              1/1/1855    1/1/1940
SA-01-191-02   HORNE MARGIE NELL           BRITTAIN W U           12/18/1916  12/11/1919
SA-01-191-01   HORNE MORRISETTE W          BRITTAIN W U           1/1/1893    1/1/1932
SA-02-110-02   HORNE S ELIZABETH           HORNE J R              1/1/1858    1/1/1935
SA-02-110-01   HORNE T R                   HORNE J R              4/26/1882   8/18/1921
SA-01-105-02   HORSLEY NANCY V             HORSLEY W H            12/15/1859  10/24/1943
SA-01-105-01   HORSLEY WILLIAM H           HORSLEY W H            9/16/1854   3/12/1937
SA-01-160-05   HOUZE MARY MYRTLE           PARKER S F             10/7/1883   3/15/1961
SA-01-160-04   HOUZE PINKIE ESBA           PARKER S F             2/7/1976    10/3/1928
SA-01-204-05   HUFF ANNIE B                HUFF J W               1/14/1882   1/19/1912
SA-01-204-04   HUFF JAMES W                HUFF J W               1/1/1869    1/1/1944
SA-01-019-01   HUGHES BABY                 HUGHES HH
SA-01-019-02   HUGHES HARRY H              HUGHES HH              1/1/1872    1/1/1957
SA-01-207-02   HUGHES LUCY ELTON           ELTON ED               9/24/1895   8/13/1946
SA-01-019-03   HUGHES MARY GULLY           HUGHES HH              1/1/1872    1/1/1905
SA-02-090-02   HUGHES NAOMI H              HUGHES R F             1/1/1878    1/1/1948
SA-02-090-01   HUGHES RALPH FENTON         HUGHES R F             1/1/1874    1/1/1958
SA-01-019-04   HUGHES ROBERT G             HUGHES HH              1/1/1896    1/1/1918
SA-02-035-02   HUNTER A E                  HUNTER D C             9/10/1844   5/2/1907
SA-02-083-04   HUNTER BESS W               REGAN W B              3/23/1893   1/1/1972
SA-02-035-01   HUNTER DAVID C              HUNTER D C             5/23/1838   11/19/1910
SA-02-083-05   HUNTER W B JR               REGAN W B              11/20/1910  2/13/1918
SA-02-083-03   HUNTER W B R                REGAN W B              1/2/1890    3/25/1961
SA-01-051-01   HUTCHENS S N                HUTCHENS NELLIE        7/29/1857   9/13/1909
SA-02-196-02   INFANT                      JONES J W
SA-02-171-01   INFANT MASTIN               MASTIN ORVAL           11/24/1915  11/24/1915
SA-02-234-01   INGRAM CLARA MAE                                   12/18/1906  9/2/1933
SA-02-142-04   IVEY HILSON I               IVEY PEARL             9/5/1885    2/20/1916
SA-01-243-05   JAMESON R L                 PERMIT                 4/10/1873   1/20/1942
SA-02-040-03   JARRELL FANNIE              JARRELL J F            9/28/1926   4/24/1900
SA-01-040-03   JARRELL INFANT ELLA LEE     JARRELL C W            6/3/1906
SA-01-040-01   JARRELL MATTIE MAY          JARRELL C W            6/27/1870   8/6/1937
SA-01-222-02   JARVIS JOHN N               PERMIT                 1/8/1851    2/8/1935
SA-02-152-04   JERNIGAN J S                JERNIGAN J S           1/1/1881    1/1/1914
SA-01-144-04   JOHN MCCRARY                MCCRARY W A            5/19/1910   2/20/1946
SA-01-157-03   JOHNS ANNIE L               JOHNS DALLAS           12/4/1881   6/22/1973
SA-01-157-01   JOHNS BERNIEM               JOHNS DALLAS           1/2/1914    7/30/1914
SA-01-157-02   JOHNS DALLAS H              JOHNS DALLAS           1/23/1881   2/4/1938
SA-02-161-02   JOHNSON D K                 JOHNSON W K
SA-02-161-01   JOHNSON DAVID ELVIN         JOHNSON W K            11/11/1909  4/29/1911
SA-01-060-01   JOHNSON E J                 JOHNSON E J            5/18/1848   3/15/1916
SA-01-060-02   JOHNSON GEORGIA REBECCA     JOHNSON E J            12/13/1854  7/2/1920
SA-01-041-04   JOHNSON JENNIE B            JOHNSON F W            6/4/1878    1/23/1970
SA-01-038-01   JOHNSON NEOLA               MORROW E               2/4/1903    3/24/1907
SA-02-220-01   JOHNSON QUANAH VAN          PERMIT                 2/12/1958   12/9/1993
SA-01-041-05   JOHNSON RAYMOND             JOHNSON F W            11/7/1896   9/15/1907
SA-01-041-03   JOHNSON THOMAS W            JOHNSON F W            9/6/1867    8/8/1961
SA-02-220-05   JOHNSON WILLIE              PERMIT
SA-02-196-03   JOLLEY ELMER LAWRENCE       JONES J W              8/16/1881   7/3/1955
SA-02-196-04   JOLLEY LEONA L              JONES J W              2/16/1886   4/26/1974
SA-02-196-01   JOLLY INFANT                JONES J W
SA-02-081-05   JONES ADA PEARL             JONES E A              2/22/1883   1/19/1965
SA-02-073-04   JONES BABY BOY              BROOKS MRS R A         7/22/1956   7/22/1956
SA-01-075-04   JONES CHARLES BROOKS        JONES N L              1/1/1885    1/1/1937
SA-01-086-03   JONES CHARLIE A             JONES W J              1/1/1886    1/1/1917
SA-02-081-04   JONES E A GUS               JONES E A              7/2/1882    9/2/1939
SA-02-075-02   JONES ELIZABETH W           JONES N L              1/1/1891    1/1/1970
SA-01-086-02   JONES EMMA C                JONES W J              1/1/1859    1/1/1945
SA-01-217-02   JONES GEORGIA               PERMIT                 11/13/1896  2/27/1994
SA-01-231-05   JONES GERALDINE F           PERMIT                 1/1/1927    1/1/1928
SA-01-073-04   JONES JOHN TULLIS           MATLOCK J R            10/13/1897  5/6/1958
SA-01-075-05   JONES JULIA ESTER           JONES N L              11/22/1881  5/21/1889
SA-02-177-02   JONES M LULA GILLIAM        GILLIAM                10/1/1873   2/25/1928
SA-02-013-05   JONES MARY B                NIX J L                2/7/1871    10/12/1942
SA-01-073-05   JONES MARY BELLAH           MATLOCK J R            5/26/1898   8/24/1994
SA-01-108-02   JONES MARY J                                       1/1/1877    1/1/1921
SA-01-075-01   JONES N L                   JONES N L              1/1/1856    1/1/1915
SA-02-075-05   JONES NORENE C              JONES N L              1/1/1902    1/1/1975
SA-01-244-01   JONES PAUL                  PERMIT                 1/1/1919    1/1/1940
SA-02-075-01   JONES PLEAS W               JONES N L              1/1/1893    1/1/1955
SA-02-081-01   JONES RUTHELLA              JONES E A              8/11/1905   6/16/1914
SA-02-075-04   JONES S N L                 JONES N L              1/1/1901    1/1/1962
SA-01-075-02   JONES SALLIE A              JONES N L              1/1/1863    1/1/1925
SA-02-013-04   JONES SAM L                 NIX J L                4/1/1857    6/26/1936
SA-01-086-05   JONES VIRGINIA M            JONES W J              1/1/1887    1/1/1954
SA-01-086-01   JONES W J                   JONES W J              1/1/1849    1/1/1913
SA-01-086-04   JONES WILLIAM F BILL        JONES W J              1/1/1880    1/1/1957
SA-02-180-05   JORDAN INFANT                                      1/1/1915
SA-01-235-03   JOWERS JAMES LEWIS          PERMIT                 10/26/1939  10/26/1939
SA-02-065-05   KEETON FANNIE MAY           KEETON S C             1/1/1921    1/1/1923
SA-02-065-01   KEETON MILLISA A            KEETON S C             11/28/1886  11/10/1910
SA-01-227-03   KELLUM BEATRICE LANGFORD    PERMIT                 9/6/1907    12/7/1935
SA-01-064-01   KENNEDY J J                 KENNEDY J J            9/16/1848   11/28/1913
SA-01-064-05   KENNEDY JAMES J             KENNEDY J J            8/12/1945   4/15/2002
SA-01-064-04   KENNEDY JOHN J              KENNEDY J J            1/14/1911   8/5/1961
SA-01-064-03   KENNEDY JOHN L              KENNEDY J J            8/21/1889   3/27/1919
SA-01-064-02   KENNEDY L C                 KENNEDY J J            6/21/1849   3/23/1919
SA-01-022-04   KENNERLY F W                FRANKLIN B F           1/1/1871    1/1/1942
SA-01-022-05   KENNERLY SALLIE             FRANKLIN B F           1/1/1962
SA-02-156-04   KENT THOMAS W               DUNLAP A J             4/29/1887   7/16/1940
SA-02-221-02   KING GLOSSIE                PERMIT                 1/1/1910    1/1/1975
SA-01-230-03   KING H A                    PERMIT                 1/1/1822    1/1/1936
SA-02-108-01   KNIGHT E S                                         3/16/1885   8/11/1918
SA-01-122-05   KYLE BOBBIE GENE            BEARD J M              11/25/1926  2/13/1932
SA-02-170-05   LAMBERT ANNIE BELLE         BATES LEONARD          1/1/1916    1/1/1916
SA-02-009-04   LAMBERTON J K               CLARK L L              2/22/1845   8/11/1920
SA-02-009-05   LAMBERTON JULIA M           CLARK L L              1/23/1849   3/13/1923
SA-02-185-01   LANDERS BETTY JEAN                                 1/1/1928    1/1/1928
SA-02-185-04   LANDERS JAMES WALTER                               8/30/1896   6/14/1988
SA-02-185-05   LANDERS VERDIE MARROUS                             8/7/1901    6/19/1975
SA-01-213-03   LANGFORD CECIL S (INFANT)   PERMIT                 1/1/1946    1/1/1946
SA-02-196-05   LANPHIER GEORGE W           JONES J W              6/7/1852    9/21/1926
SA-01-209-02   LATHAM MRS CORA             HUDSBETH I             6/26/1881   8/11/1910
SA-01-162-03   LEDBETTER JOHN              LEDBETTER MARY         1/1/1855    1/1/1904
SA-01-162-02   LEDBETTER JOHN T            LEDBETTER MARY         10/19/1888  1/25/1916
SA-01-162-05   LEDBETTER MARY              LEDBETTER MARY         11/9/1887   1/17/1968
SA-01-162-04   LEDBETTER MARY P            LEDBETTER MARY         3/14/1853   7/3/1934
SA-01-162-01   LEDBETTER THURMAN W         LEDBETTER MARY         6/3/1884    5/22/1932
SA-01-137-01   LEE N N                     LEE N N                2/18/1892
SA-01-068-01   LESTER BENJAMIN E           WEBB G W               6/22/1886   6/24/1912
SA-02-209-01   LEWIS ADDIE                 LEWIS J N              1/11/1896   7/21/1918
SA-01-166-02   LEWIS ELISHA L              LEWIS J C              11/5/1881   6/7/1948
SA-02-209-05   LEWIS INFANT                LEWIS J N              3/6/1910    3/19/1910
SA-02-209-03   LEWIS JOHN C                LEWIS J N              6/27/1838   2/1/1917
SA-01-166-01   LEWIS JOULINE               LEWIS J C              3/4/1915    3/9/1915
SA-02-209-02   LEWIS L M                   LEWIS J N              3/1/1842    12/31/1918
SA-02-209-01A  LEWIS MAUDIE D              LEWIS J N              1/24/1898   2/17/1923
SA-01-166-03   LEWIS MINNIE A MCCARDLE     LEWIS J C              1/28/1982   11/13/1886
SA-02-209-04   LEWIS MORGAN                LEWIS J N              10/1/1905   6/9/1916
SA-01-166-04   LEWIS W C                   LEWIS J C              3/16/1919   4/16/2002
SA-02-158-02   LINDLEY CUMI                BLACKBURN J F MRS      5/15/1891   11/11/1918
SA-02-158-03   LINDLEY ELLA VICTORIA       BLACKBURN J F MRS      4/28/1887   7/22/1977
SA-01-059-04   LINDSEY JAMES E             LINDSEY J E (CHARLES   1/1/1844    1/1/1922
SA-01-172-02   LINDSEY MAURINE             LINDSEY P T            2/8/1915    12/1/1916
SA-01-059-05   LINDSEY NANNIE D            LINDSEY J E (CHARLES   1/1/1846    1/1/1917
SA-01-172-01   LINDSEY OMFAMT              LINDSEY P T            10/4/1911   1/4/1911
SA-01-172-05   LINDSEY P T                 LINDSEY P T            5/8/1876    11/2/1918
SA-02-121-04   LONG J D                                           1/1/1904    1/1/1918
SA-02-121-01   LONG RAY                                           12/7/1917   12/7/1917
SA-01-164-02   LOVELL EDWARD WILLIAM       LOVELL E W             11/18/1877  1/9/1936
SA-01-164-01   LOVELL INFANT TOM           LOVELL E W             2/3/1911    2/21/1911
SA-01-164-03   LOVELL MARY JANE            LOVELL E W             7/5/1885    12/8/1965
SA-01-220-04   LOWRANCE HOMER              PERMIT                 7/11/1941   11/15/2002
SA-02-132-01   LUNDRY INFANT                                      4/14/1917   4/14/1917
SA-01-093-05   MACKOY ROBERT               MACKOY S W             12/31/1908  1/12/1917
SA-02-071-01   MAHONEY DANIEL A            MAHONEY JOHN           1/1/1834    1/1/1917
SA-02-071-02   MAHONEY ELIZA CAROLINE      MAHONEY JOHN           1/1/1834    1/1/1918
SA-02-071-03   MAHONEY JOHN D              MAHONEY                9/25/1870   9/23/1960
SA-02-071-04   MAHONEY MAUDE TAYLOR        MAHONEY JOHN           4/2/1875    11/25/1969
SA-01-029-03   MALONE JAMES H              GRUNDY I O             4/29/1875   6/15/1904
SA-01-029-05   MALONE MARGARET MARIE       GRUNDY I O             4/14/1910   12/16/1910
SA-01-029-01   MALONE SUSIE M              GRUNDY I O             12/17/1940
SA-01-031-04   MANN ISLA                   WILLIAMSON A W         8/31/1894   10/21/1916
SA-02-183-03   MARCAM S L                  TURNER A R & K A       1/1/1861    1/1/1927
SA-01-242-03   MARKER                      PERMIT
SA-01-119-04   MARLER WILLIE MAE           BUTLAR OSCAR           1/1/1920    1/1/1943
SA-02-197-03   MARLOW CHARLES                                     12/25/1918  7/25/1945
SA-02-197-02   MARLOW EDDIE                                       1/1/1889    1/1/1927
SA-02-197-05   MARLOW TOMMY                                       10/15/1911  6/13/1913
SA-02-197-01   MARLOW W W                                         1/1/1886    1/1/1958
SA-01-196-02   MARRS J A                   JOLLEY L E             1/1/1849
SA-01-196-01   MARRS W B                   JOLLEY L E             1/1/1842    1/1/1913
SA-01-070-02   MARSHALL EMMA TALBOTT       MARSHALL J C           7/1/1880    3/1/1955
SA-01-070-01   MARSHALL JUDGE J C          MARSHALL J C           2/6/1875    4/11/1936
SA-01-070-04   MARSHALL KATHERINE          MARSHALL J C           11/3/1912   6/12/2007
SA-01-070-03   MARSHALL MILDRED            MARSHALL J C           5/30/1909   10/27/2005
SA-01-025-03   MARTIN ANGELINE             MARTIN J C             5/29/1818   9/19/1906
SA-01-062-02   MARTIN ARMITTIE E           MARTIN H W             4/5/1855    12/13/1911
SA-01-062-01   MARTIN HORACE W             MARTIN H W             1/15/1842   8/19/1925
SA-01-062-04   MARTIN ROBERT B             MARTIN H W             1/1/1877    1/1/1962
SA-01-062-03   MARTIN SENA CORA            MARTIN H W             11/30/1875  6/2/1953
SA-01-054-05   MARTIN VELMER PEARL         WILKERSON MARSHAL      10/8/1928   5/2/1932
SA-01-107-02   MARTIN WILLIA KATE SWINDEL  MARTIN W H             1/1/1914    1/1/1944
SA-01-195-05   MATHIS KERMIT T             MATHIS J H             5/13/1909   9/10/1910
SA-01-073-02   MATLOCK ADDIE               MATLOCK J R            3/21/1852   10/25/1911
SA-01-073-01   MATLOCK J R                 MATLOCK J R            1/1/1851    1/1/1924
SA-01-010-01   MAULDIN EDWARD W            BULLARD J J            12/19/1857  4/6/1903
SA-02-034-00   MAXWELL N J                 GIVENS W E             1/8/1852    4/1/1910
SA-02-051-03   MAYBE GRAVE                 GRIFFITH A M
SA-01-048-01   MAYS WILLIAM                MAYS                   1/1/1843    1/1/1933
SA-01-041-02   MCCASH BILLIE H             JOHNSON F W
SA-01-041-01   MCCASH KATHRYN              JOHNSON F W
SA-01-241-01   MCCLANE A H                 PERMIT                 11/25/1851  6/30/1905
SA-01-184-01   MCCOY HARRY L               MCCOY H L              1/1/1851    1/1/1927
SA-01-184-02   MCCOY SADIE                 MCCOY H L              1/1/1859    1/1/1907
SA-01-144-03   MCCRARY BRITTON             MCCRARY W A            2/9/1894    1/17/1940
SA-01-144-02   MCCRARY LILLIE V            MCCRARY W A            3/6/1884    1/28/1978
SA-01-144-01   MCCRARY W A                 MCCRARY W A            4/22/1882   11/23/1914
SA-02-017-04   MCCULLOUGH J MAURICE        MCCOLLOGH J L          1/1/1898    1/1/1933
SA-02-017-01   MCCULLOUGH MARY MOSS        MCCOLLOGH J L          2/12/1888   1/11/1901
SA-02-224-03   MCDANIEL SARA                                      11/3/1847   1/28/1930
SA-01-113-02   MCDONALD WILLIAM JESSE      MCDONALD W J           9/28/1852   1/15/1918
SA-01-222-03   MCMULLEN J H                PERMIT                 9/3/1868    9/18/1934
SA-01-222-04   MCMULLEN LAURA M            PERMIT                 7/19/1875   5/4/1956
SA-02-068-01   MCNABB AUGUSTUS E           DICKERSON E B          1/1/1883    1/1/1938
SA-02-068-02   MCNABB JAMES P              DICKERSON E B          1/1/1880    1/1/1967
SA-02-185-02   MCNUTT JAMES FRANKLIN                              2/21/1877   4/17/1960
SA-02-185-01A  MCNUTT MELTON JAMES                                1/1/1907    1/1/1908
SA-02-185-03   MCNUTT TONEY MAGADALINE                            5/24/1883   5/13/1983
SA-01-099-04   MCSPADDEN ERMA FAYE         CAMP J W               7/8/1918    12/24/2001
SA-01-099-05   MCSPADDEN KERWYN            CAMP J W               7/25/1909   6/21/1965
SA-01-052-02   MEEK BRYAN                  MEEK P E               6/3/1896    7/13/1916
SA-01-052-03   MEEK G S                    MEEK P E               7/1/1888    12/11/1918
SA-01-052-01   MEEK MARTISHIA              MEEK P E               4/23/1886   3/23/1909
SA-01-052-05   MEEK MARY E                 MEEK P E               1/28/1862   10/6/1934
SA-01-052-04   MEEK P E                    MEEK P E               12/10/1860  3/7/1938
SA-01-121-01   MERRETT MARGURETE           CROSS W W              7/4/1914    10/5/1917
SA-02-148-02   MILLER ELLA J               MILLER S R             3/28/1962   3/16/1926
SA-02-148-01   MILLER S R                  MILLER S R             2/6/1856    2/13/1935
SA-01-134-04   MILSON LAURA                JACOBS W A             6/28/1867   2/11/1935
SA-01-174-01   MITCHELL JANELLE            MURPHY JOE             8/1/1938    6/20/1968
SA-01-178-05   MODGLING INFANT             GILLIAM J O            5/25/1920
SA-02-220-02   MOORE ALBERT                PERMIT                 6/29/2000
SA-02-220-02   MOORE ALBERT                PERMIT                 6/29/2000
SA-01-124-01   MOORE J M STOKES            O'NEAL J M             1/1/1853    1/1/1917
SA-01-038-05   MOORE MABLE MORAN           MORROW E               11/26/1892  1/11/1934
SA-01-124-02   MOORE MARGARET              O'NEAL J M             1/1/1862    1/1/1933
SA-02-122-03   MOORE MARTIN G              PRUITT L W             11/19/1881  3/4/1950
SA-01-038-02   MORAN ELASHA                MORROW E               12/9/1870   9/29/1942
SA-01-038-03   MORAN MINTIE JOHNSON        MORROW E               10/29/1872  1/16/1949
SA-01-184-03   MORGAN ALBERT E             MCCOY H L              1/22/1894   5/21/1976
SA-01-184-04   MORGAN LELIA BELLE          MCCOY H L              2/21/1902   11/19/1968
SA-01-184-05   MORGAN MARY CATHERINE       MCCOY H L              7/28/1929
SA-01-149-02   MORRIS ARIA W               MORRIS H W             6/4/1849    8/5/1910
SA-02-025-02   MORRIS CECIL MARION         MORRIS W M             6/29/1914   3/12/1944
SA-01-149-01   MORRIS J B                  MORRIS H W             11/19/1841  4/29/1909
SA-02-025-03   MORRIS SARAH FRANCES        MORRIS W M             5/11/1941
SA-02-025-01   MORRIS UNA                  MORRIS W M             3/25/1905   6/10/1907
SA-02-025-04   MORRIS W M                  MORRIS W M             5/24/1879   12/24/1952
SA-02-037-03   MORROW FANNIE CARL          MORROW T H             3/29/1881   11/1/1906
SA-02-037-05   MORROW GLENA ODUM           MORROW T H             1/1/1899    1/1/1964
SA-02-037-02   MORROW TEMPLE HOUSTON       MORROW T H             8/13/1878   8/12/1966
SA-02-037-04   MORROW TEMPLE HOUSTON JR    MORROW T H             8/24/1903   2/20/1969
SA-02-007-01   MUDCETT J                   MUDCETT WILLY          9/10/1825   3/12/1900
SA-02-004-01   MULKEY J T                  MULKEY W G             7/8/1885    1/13/1966
SA-02-004-02   MULKEY JESSIE B             MULKEY W G             8/20/1888   2/16/1971
SA-02-004-04   MULKEY LIZZIE               MULKEY W G             1/1/1860    1/1/1936
SA-01-004-02   MULKEY STEVY                MULKEY W G             1/1/1880    1/1/1893
SA-02-004-03   MULKEY WILLIAM GILL         MULKEY W G             1/1/1856    1/1/1946
SA-01-004-03   MULKEY WILLIE               MULKEY W G             1/1/1890    1/1/1903
SA-01-143-01   MULLINS R D                 WHATLEY O B            1/1/1887    1/1/1918
SA-02-170-04   MULLINS REBECCA             BATES LEONARD          1/1/1948    1/1/1948
SA-01-228-03   MUNOZ PAUL                  PERMIT                 1/26/1924   7/4/1999
SA-02-174-04   MURPHY FRANK                MURPHY B F             1/1/1872    1/1/1939
SA-02-174-03   MURPHY J D                  MURPHY B F             1/1/1911    1/1/1911
SA-02-174-05   MURPHY MARY E               MURPHY B F             1/1/1875    1/1/1952
SA-02-174-01   MURPHY MARY FRANCIS         MURPHY B F             1/1/1921    1/1/1921
SA-02-174-02   MURPHY ROY                  MURHPY B F             1/1/1907    1/1/1908
SA-02-035-05   MURRELL J J                 HUNTER D C             4/3/1861    3/22/1910
SA-02-035-04   MURRELL MARTHA L            HUNTER D C             11/10/1866  5/2/1949
SA-02-030-01   MYRES IDA JOSEPHINE         MYRES J M              1/27/1866   5/7/1901
SA-02-030-02   MYRES JAMES MONROE          MYRES J M              8/24/1854   1/10/1912
SA-02-030-04   MYRES RICHARD WILLIAM       MYRES J M              4/24/1901   9/1/1901
SA-01-204-03   NASH RUTH HFF               HUFF J W               1/1/1904    1/1/1934
SA-01-145-03   NEVILL WILLIE LEE           NEVILL O O             1/1/1900    1/1/1948
SA-02-019-02   NEWBERRY H B                NEWBERRY H B           8/24/1848   5/19/1908
SA-02-019-01   NEWBERRY S M                NEWBERRY H B           1/14/1851   11/27/1901
SA-02-019-03   NEWBERRY SARAH F            NEWBERRY H B           8/21/1852   9/19/1911
SA-02-242-01   NICHOLS J P                                        10/2/1915   1/7/1935
SA-02-013-03   NIX MARY T                  NIX J L                11/9/1830   6/29/1905
SA-01-128-04   NO MARKER                   JOHNSON BEN
SA-01-128-05   NO MARKER                   JOHNSON BEN
SA-01-238-02   NO MARKER                   PERMIT
SA-01-015-02   NOLAN WILLIAM (AUSTIN)      AUSTIN W C             1/1/1902    1/1/1905
SA-02-169-01   NORMAN R E                  STANLEY MRS.
SA-01-213-04   NORRIS CHARLES HUSTON       NORRIS BEN & HELEN     10/12/1950  11/6/1952
SA-02-228-02   OCCUPIED
SA-02-228-05   OCCUPIED
SA-02-228-04   OCCUPIED
SA-02-228-03   OCCUPIED
SA-01-102-04   O'DELL BELLE CARROLL        CARROLL J D            12/6/1878   1/28/1934
SA-01-102-05   O'DELL JOKYLE               CARROLL J D            11/16/1917  12/19/1938
SA-01-102-03   O'DELL L'MYRA               CARROLL J D            5/8/1910    11/26/1986
SA-02-144-02   ODLING JOSIE S.             ODLING S. G.           11/8/1869   12/10/1914
SA-02-054-04   O'HAIR JIM                  O'HAIR R F             3/25/1884   8/18/1951
SA-02-054-02   O'HAIR R T                  O'HAIR R F             9/14/1840   5/16/1924
SA-02-054-01   O'HAIR S F                  O'HAIR R F             1/23/1842   6/19/1908
SA-01-124-04   O'NEAL BONNIE LOU           O'NEAL J M             11/28/1943  11/28/1943
SA-01-124-05   O'NEAL JIMMIE BYRUL         O'NEAL J M             1/1/1905    1/1/1938
SA-01-124-03   O'NEAL MAUD M               O'NEAL J M             1/1/1874    1/1/1959
SA-01-067-03   O'REAR CHRISTEL DIXON       O'REAR J D             3/1/1889    6/22/1913
SA-02-216-02   OSBORNE NELLIE JANE         PERMIT                 10/15/1898  1/13/1989
SA-02-216-01   OSBORNE THOMAS SR           PERMIT                 1/1/1875    1/1/1951
SA-02-114-03   PALMER RAY E                PALMER W P             6/20/1905   7/18/1953
SA-02-114-01   PALMER W P                  PALMER W P             5/7/1878    4/20/1917
SA-02-114-02   PALMER WILLIE G             PALMER W P             5/11/1885   2/22/1920
SA-02-234-03   PANKEY WILLIAM                                     1/21/1852   7/18/1933
SA-01-160-01   PARKER A D                  PARKER S F             1/10/1858   7/7/1912
SA-01-160-02   PARKER SARAH FRANCIS        PARKER S F             7/15/1861   3/31/1900
SA-01-190-01   PARKS CHARLES A             PARKS C A              3/12/1878   5/18/1951
SA-01-121-04   PARKS HUBERT F              CROSS W W              10/18/1900  12/28/1976
SA-01-190-04   PARKS MILDRED E             PARKS C A              11/6/1920   12/25/1920
SA-01-190-05   PARKS NAUVELLE              PARKS C A              12/28/1908  9/28/1910
SA-01-190-02   PARKS NORA B                PARKS C A              8/10/1880   8/26/1936
SA-01-121-05   PARKS THELMA B              CROSS W W              9/4/1904    6/17/1974
SA-02-081-02   PARR THELMA YVONNE          JONES E A              4/17/1926   7/12/1931
SA-02-220-03   PATTERSON ALICE             PERMIT                 2/22/2001
SA-01-157-05   PATTERSON CHARLES W         JOHNS DALLAS           2/27/1876   10/27/1953
SA-01-157-04   PATTERSON MINNIE M          JOHNS DALLAS           4/27/1883   4/6/1967
SA-01-105-05   PATTILLO EMMA LEE           HORSLEY W H            12/3/1896   5/1/1925
SA-01-105-04   PATTILLO INFANT EMMA LEE    HORSLEY W H            5/1/1925    7/7/1925
SA-01-229-05   PAYNE ZEPHYER               PERMIT                 1/1/1907    1/1/1936
SA-02-036-02   PERRY HALLIE E              PERRY W H              6/18/1887   8/2/1982
SA-02-036-04   PERRY HATTIE                PERRY W H              11/6/1848   9/12/1911
SA-02-036-01   PERRY JIM                   PERRY W H              1/3/1873    2/16/1941
SA-02-036-03   PERRY WILLIAM H             PERRY W H              5/13/1843   7/23/1908
SA-01-071-01   PHILLIPS JEREMIAH D         PHILLIPS J E           5/11/1835   8/3/1911
SA-01-071-03   PHILLIPS TABITHA ANN        PHILLIPS J E           2/9/1857    1/8/1913
SA-02-050-02   PICKENS CORDIE HADEN        PICKENS J A            1/1/1870    1/1/1961
SA-02-050-03   PICKENS EVELYN              PICKENS J A            1/1/1905    1/1/1973
SA-02-047-02   PICKENS HILDA               PICKENS J A            11/20/1898  12/29/1918
SA-02-047-01   PICKENS HUGH HADEN          PICKENS J A            6/24/1891   6/18/1909
SA-02-050-01   PICKENS JOE A               PICKENS J A            1/1/1861    1/1/1952
SA-02-046-01   PIERCE HENRY ALLEN          PIERCE M E             11/18/1852  4/14/1909
SA-02-046-02   PIERCE MARY ELIZABETH       PIERCE M E             8/9/1847    3/7/1915
SA-01-013-04   PIGFORD BARTY L             PIGFORD J H            4/6/1892    4/9/1905
SA-01-013-02   PIGFORD J H                 PIGFORD J H            7/3/1861    7/5/1918
SA-01-013-05   PIGFORD JETHRO W            PIGFORD J H            12/25/1896  3/1/1950
SA-01-013-01   PIGFORD MARY JANES          PIGFORD J H            1/29/1862   8/22/1915
SA-02-179-05   PITT ALBERT H               PITT ALBERT            1/1/1894    1/1/1930
SA-02-060-04   PITT EMMETT E               PITT E E               8/29/1875   12/10/1946
SA-02-060-05   PITT PATSY L                PITT E E               7/21/1889   3/3/1958
SA-02-179-04   PITT THELMA                 PITT ALBERT            1/1/1895    1/1/1973
SA-02-202-05   POER JULIA ANN              POLLARD J A            1/5/1836    12/4/1928
SA-02-202-04   POER W D                    POLLARD J A            2/16/1838   2/26/1911
SA-02-202-02   POLLARD CLAUDE              POLLARD J A            5/16/1872   10/25/1953
SA-02-202-01   POLLARD H B                 POLLARD J A            7/18/1858   6/20/1913
SA-02-223-01   POPE M C                    PERMIT                 1/5/1906    3/24/1920
SA-01-079-01   POWERS WILLIAM W            BOWERS H E             4/12/1862   12/22/1912
SA-02-125-01   PRICE MELISSA               WILSON R H             1/1/1847    1/1/1917
SA-02-078-02   PRIDDY MARY DORNELIA        PRIDDY D R             1/11/1844   2/27/1912
SA-01-155-03   PRIM EDWARD N               PRIM E N               1/31/1871   3/12/1955
SA-01-155-02   PRIM ETHELINDA A            PRIM E N               3/6/1872    12/10/1943
SA-01-155-01   PRIM HORACE LEON            PRIM E N               11/2/1914   10/8/1916
SA-01-155-05   PRIM INFANT GENE EDWARD     PRIM E N               6/19/1926   6/19/1926
SA-02-215-03   PROFFITT N R                WINGATE J B            1/1/1866    1/1/1955
SA-02-042-01   PROVINE DILLARD             PROVINE W C            4/18/1909   4/2/1911
SA-02-042-04   PROVINE LULA PEARL          PROVINE W C            8/18/1910   3/19/1916
SA-02-042-03   PROVINE NANNIE A            PROVINE W C            3/21/1880   2/20/1915
SA-02-042-05   PROVINE RUEBEN C            PROVINE W C            1/1/1900    1/1/1921
SA-02-042-02   PROVINE W C                 PROVINE W C            1/27/1873   7/27/1911
SA-02-042-00   PROVINE WILL A              PROVINE W C            3/14/1904   9/9/1905
SA-02-131-05   PRUITT GRAHAM LLOY          HARRILL G S            10/4/1896   4/16/1933
SA-02-122-02   PRUITT SARAH HANE           PRUITT L W             10/7/1870   8/8/1951
SA-02-122-01   PRUITT T W                  PRUITT L W             10/10/1862  1/29/1943
SA-02-132-03   PRUITT ULA M.                                      1/1/1908    1/1/1917
SA-02-132-04   PRUITT WILLARD M                                   1/1/1906    1/1/1917
SA-01-009-01   PULLIAM REV C E             PULLIAM WILLIS         1/8/1871    3/7/1900
SA-01-116-05   PUTMAN WALTER               PUTMAN LOGAN           1/1/1884    1/1/1958
SA-01-083-02   RAGAN J W                   HUNTER W B             1/1/1861    1/1/1932
SA-01-083-05   RAGAN JOY LYNN              HUNTER W B             1/1/1935    1/1/1935
SA-01-083-01   RAGAN MARY E BURCH          HUNTER W B             1/1/1870    1/1/1918
SA-02-192-05   RAINS GLEN H                RAINS J H              11/3/1863   12/29/1908
SA-01-179-02   RAINS MARTHA E              TURNBOUGH FRANKLIN     9/19/1898   6/1/1972
SA-02-192-04   RAINS ROBERT G              RAINS J H              2/20/1915   3/2/1915
SA-02-159-04   RANKIN MYRTLE               RING LEE               10/18/1907  3/31/1926
SA-02-038-02   RATCLIFF N E                RATCLIFF N E           4/11/1835   9/30/1909
SA-02-038-01   RATCLIFF S P                RATCLIFF N E           8/1/1827    12/10/1907
SA-02-151-01   RAUM G W                    RAUM J W               3/18/1906   3/18/1908
SA-01-054-02   RAY FANNIE                  WILKERSON MARSHAL      2/22/1846   5/2/1946
SA-01-054-01   RAY J F                     WILKERSON MARSHAL      6/12/1842   12/12/1928
SA-02-079-05   RICHARDSON BABY             RICHARDSON JOE         7/8/1912    7/9/1912
SA-02-079-02   RICHARDSON JENNIE E         RICHARDSON JOE         4/5/1880    3/1/1967
SA-02-079-01   RICHARDSON JOE C            RICHARDSON JOE         1/17/1873   9/17/1961
SA-02-079-04   RICHARDSON VERNA            RICHARDSON JOE         1/13/1914   2/26/1914
SA-01-135-01   RICHERSON L W               RICHARDSON L W         8/4/1853    8/27/1917
SA-02-159-02   RING HANNAH                 RING LEE               5/10/1866   5/10/1966
SA-02-159-05   RING JOHN LEWIS             RING LEE               3/3/1916    7/28/1918
SA-02-159-01   RING LEE                    RING LEE               1/11/1878   2/10/1948
SA-01-153-05   RIPPS MRS E F               RIPPS FRED             1/1/1861    1/1/1947
SA-01-108-01   ROBERTS J F                                        1/1/1864    1/1/1921
SA-02-210-01   ROBERTS SARAH JOANNA        ROBERTS J F            10/3/1874   6/27/1962
SA-01-238-05   ROCKHOLT ELSIE JANELLE      PERMIT                 12/30/1939  12/31/1939
SA-02-002-02   RODGERS ADDIE               RODGERS T J            1/25/1874   1/9/1948
SA-01-002-03   RODGERS CYNTHIA ANN         RODGERS T J            1/1/1837    1/1/1953
SA-01-002-01   RODGERS JOSIAH              RODGERS T J            10/5/1835   6/12/1901
SA-02-002-03   RODGERS LILLIAN B           RODGERS T J            12/16/1894  5/13/1904
SA-01-002-05   RODGERS LOYE JOHN           RODGERS T J            11/29/1901  8/20/1905
SA-02-002-01   RODGERS T J                 RODGERS T J
SA-02-172-05   ROGERS BULAH                ROGERS J J             1/25/1911   8/30/1912
SA-01-090-01   ROGERS C A                  ROGERS MINNIE          1/1/1860    1/1/1913
SA-02-145-04   ROGERS DICK                 STANLEY CLARA MAE      4/13/1998
SA-01-129-02   ROGERS DORA JEAN            ROGERS J L             2/17/1920   2/26/1920
SA-01-129-04   ROGERS DORA L               ROGERS J L             12/1/1874   4/9/1956
SA-02-172-02   ROGERS FORENCE M            ROGERS J J             3/11/1891   9/1/1968
SA-02-145-03   ROGERS GUY                  STANLEY CLARA MAE      9/4/1898    7/23/1978
SA-01-129-03   ROGERS J L                  ROGERS J L             8/2/1860    1/12/1950
SA-01-129-01   ROGERS JACK                 ROGERS J L             10/22/1915  12/16/1916
SA-02-172-01   ROGERS JESSE J              ROGERS J J             10/28/1890  5/12/1971
SA-02-032-04   ROGERS JOE F                ROGERS J A             1/14/1864   6/16/1907
SA-01-090-02   ROGERS MINNIE S             ROGERS MINNIE          1/1/1867    1/1/1936
SA-02-032-05   ROGERS MRS ALICE            ROGERS J A             8/9/1869    1/11/1929
SA-02-162-01   ROGERS NILA NELL            LEDBETTER MARY         3/11/1927   3/1/1931
SA-02-145-02   ROGERS PEARL MAE            STANLEY CLARA MAE      2/10/1899   2/27/1984
SA-01-136-03   ROSE MARY                   GIBSON W H             8/25/1933   9/6/1933
SA-01-051-03   ROWLAND                     HUTCHENS NELLIE
SA-02-119-01   ROWLAND CALVIN              ROWLAND CALVIN         1/15/1871   1/18/1953
SA-02-119-05   ROWLAND CONNIE              ROWLAND CALVIN         1/1/1908    1/1/1921
SA-02-119-02   ROWLAND ELLENA              ROWLAND CALVIN         4/10/1882   6/17/1973
SA-02-164-05   SANDERS DORA                SANDERS W C            1/1/1912    4/24/2000
SA-02-241-03   SAULZ VINCENT                                      12/30/1908
SA-02-217-01   SCHELL EMILY LEE            PERMIT                 2/19/1890   4/6/1930
SA-02-049-05   SCOTT ANNIE L               WILLIS J L             1/1/1863    1/1/1946
SA-02-221-03   SCOTT BERTHA P              PERMIT                 1/1/1900    1/1/1971
SA-02-107-05   SCOTT LAMARR                SCOTT ANNA & W M       12/20/1937  12/26/1937
SA-02-221-04   SCOTT ROSIE LEE             PERMIT                 1/1/1914    1/1/1932
SA-01-181-02   SELLERS BABY JACK                                  6/14/1911
SA-01-213-02   SHARP BABY                  PERMIT                 1/1/1945    1/1/1945
SA-02-107-04   SHELTON ANNA SWINDELL       SCOTT ANNA & W M       5/20/1916   10/3/1987
SA-01-232-01   SHERRILL DAVIE              PERMIT                 6/14/1868   3/9/1951
SA-01-232-02   SHERRILL R L                PERMIT                 8/7/1872    10/15/1907
SA-01-094-01   SHIELDS D N                 SHIELDS D W            12/16/1878  10/15/1919
SA-01-094-02   SHIELDS FRANCES E           SHIELDS D W            1/1/1885    1/1/1925
SA-02-138-03   SHOEMAKE BETTY LOIS DANIEL  HONEA OSCAR            11/21/1947  9/12/2004
SA-01-151-01   SILLS DORA                  SILLS JIM              12/8/1900   3/10/1905
SA-01-151-02   SILLS JAMES L               SILLS JIM              1/1/1864    1/1/1927
SA-01-151-03   SILLS MAGGIE                SILLS JIM              1/1/1872    1/1/1950
SA-01-220-05   SIMON GEORGE                PERMIT                 8/1/2002
SA-01-039-02   SIMS DONALD CO0PE           SIMS NATHAN L          6/13/1920   7/28/1922
SA-01-039-01   SIMS LETA MAE               SIMS NATHAN L          1/20/1907   1/20/1907
SA-01-039-04   SIMS NATHAN LEE             SIMS NATHAN L          6/20/1883   11/26/1970
SA-01-039-03   SIMS NATHAN LEE JR          SIMS NATHAN L          7/27/1923   2/27/1958
SA-01-039-05   SIMS RUTH LAVENIA COPE      SIMS NATHAN L          7/29/1885   6/13/1970
SA-02-184-05   SINCLAIR E L                SINCLAIR MINNIE        4/22/1909
SA-02-173-03   SINKS CHESSIE M FAULKNER    FAULKNER J B           1/1/1895    1/1/1920
SA-01-231-04   SKINNER JIMMY LEE           PERMIT                 7/12/1929   7/13/1929
SA-01-174-03   SLATON HATTIE B MURPHY      MURPHY JOE             1/19/1915   6/14/1975
SA-01-174-02   SLATON WILLARD R            MURPHY JOE             3/23/1915   10/30/1983
SA-01-017-05   SMITH ALICE LOUISE          SMITH L D              3/12/1894   5/8/1978
SA-02-102-05   SMITH BABY                  SMITH W A              4/11/1916   3/18/1917
SA-01-079-03   SMITH HENRYETTA             BOWERS H E             3/6/1873    11/18/1955
SA-02-022-02   SMITH JAMES WARREN          SMITH MRS J W          5/6/1865    9/10/1932
SA-01-017-04   SMITH LAURA BEALL           SMITH L D              3/3/1871    12/15/1958
SA-01-017-03   SMITH LOUIS DAVID           SMITH L D              6/29/1865   5/24/1944
SA-02-102-01   SMITH MARTHA F              SMITH W A              12/19/1859  3/14/1917
SA-02-022-03   SMITH PHOEBE JANE GERALDIN  SMITH MRS J W          7/12/1870   9/3/1947
SA-01-079-02   SMITH S A                   BOWERS H E             6/22/1868   1/22/1912
SA-01-017-02   SMITH WALTER EVANDER        SMITH L D              10/5/1900   11/26/1903
SA-01-119-01   SMITHEY E B                 BUTLAR OSCAR           1/1/1882    1/1/1961
SA-01-119-02   SMITHEY I B                 BUTLAR OSCAR           1/1/1884    1/1/1962
SA-01-234-01   SPEARS IMOGENE              PERMIT                 4/2/1926    7/19/1932
SA-02-080-04   SPEARS LEONA B              FISCH C F
SA-01-107-04   SPIKECH JOHN                MARTIN W H             3/23/1931   12/25/1990
SA-02-145-01   STANLEY CLARA M             STANLEY CLARA MAE      3/19/1878   12/22/1914
SA-01-208-01   STEELE HOYETT               STEELE HOYETT
SA-02-026-04   STEPHENS BEULAH A           STEPHENS FRANK         11/5/1883   1/6/1960
SA-02-026-05   STEPHENS J A                STEPHENS FRANK         11/5/1847   12/7/1921
SA-01-057-05   STEPHENSON                  STEPHENSON CHARLES     1/1/1892    1/1/1913
SA-02-021-05   STEPHENSON CLAUDE           STEPHENSON J A         6/19/1904
SA-01-016-05   STEPHENSON H T              CARNERON J C           1/1/1895    1/1/1904
SA-01-016-04   STEPHENSON J L              CARNERON J C           1/1/1902    1/1/1904
SA-02-021-01   STEPHENSON JAMES A          STEPHENSON J A         2/22/1860   7/20/1943
SA-01-057-01   STEPHENSON K DOYLE          STEPHENSON CHARLES     8/2/1907    11/9/1975
SA-01-057-04   STEPHENSON LESLIE           STEPHENSON CHARLES     1/1/1913    1/1/1913
SA-02-021-02   STEPHENSON NEPPIE M         STEPHENSON J A         1/1/1866    1/11/1943
SA-01-057-02   STEPHENSON RAVIA D          STEPHENSON CHARLES     6/14/1915
SA-02-103-05   STEPP ALMA LEE              STEPP J B              3/28/1906   4/30/1973
SA-01-120-01   STEPP ALVIE                 STEPP MALCOLM          1/14/1928   2/16/2000
SA-02-103-02   STEPP DELLA L               STEPP J B              11/6/1882   12/15/1956
SA-02-101-01   STEPP EDD W                 STEPP J A              1/17/1891   4/26/1973
SA-01-101-01   STEPP J A                   STEPP J A              2/7/1847    11/7/1917
SA-02-103-01   STEPP J B BOOG              STEPP J B              8/27/1877   10/14/1954
SA-01-101-03   STEPP JAKE L                STEPP J A              11/21/1888  7/30/1949
SA-02-101-04   STEPP JAMES FRANK           STEPP J A              10/8/1905   9/23/1934
SA-02-101-02   STEPP LILLIE M              STEPP J A              10/10/1896  4/26/1975
SA-02-103-04   STEPP LUTHER CHESTER        STEPP J B              5/7/1903    12/4/1971
SA-01-120-02   STEPP MARY                  STEPP MALCOLM
SA-01-101-02   STEPP MATTIE A              STEPP J A              11/30/1859  7/11/1934
SA-02-101-03   STEPP OTIS K                STEPP J A              4/21/1913   9/29/1944
SA-01-101-05   STEPP W H HAMP              STEPP J A              9/19/1881   11/11/1958
SA-01-068-05   STOKES WILBURN RAE          WEBB G W               1/11/1912   1/29/1913
SA-02-018-01   STONE NORA M                STONE J D              3/3/1876    3/15/1876
SA-01-076-01   STOVAL A C                  STOVALL ROY            5/17/1849   6/3/1924
SA-01-148-04   STOVALL BERTHA M            STOVALL J L            10/16/1911  1/10/1917
SA-01-076-04   STOVALL EUGENIA W           STOVALL ROY            6/30/1895   3/6/1979
SA-01-148-05   STOVALL INFANT              STOVALL J L            11/18/1913  11/18/1913
SA-01-076-05   STOVALL INFANT (2)          STOVALL ROY
SA-01-148-01   STOVALL JESSE T             STOVALL J L            5/9/1886    5/27/1971
SA-01-076-02   STOVALL MARTHA B            STOVALL ROY            9/27/1855   8/11/1919
SA-01-148-02   STOVALL ORA E               STOVALL J L            12/2/1881   1/1/1942
SA-01-076-03   STOVALL ROY                 STOVALL ROY            3/15/1892   1/10/1967
SA-02-111-02   STRAWN ELIZA ANN            STRAUGHN W J           3/5/1879    1/17/1970
SA-02-111-01   STRAWN GEORGE W             STRAUGHN W J           10/18/1872  10/22/1922
SA-02-136-02   STUTESMAN OLIVER            FIERO E. D.            1/1/1918
SA-01-213-05   SUMMERS INFANT              PERMIT                 9/29/1951   9/29/1951
SA-02-226-03   SWAN
SA-02-106-01   SWINDELL BENJAMIN RALPH     SWINDELL B R           4/27/1896   4/26/1967
SA-02-106-03   SWINDELL BRYAN              SWINDELL B R           8/19/2002
SA-01-106-02   SWINDELL CYNTHIA MILDRED    SWINDELL J W           9/7/1866    4/17/1948
SA-01-106-01   SWINDELL JAMES WAYMON       SWINDELL J W           3/30/1869   12/16/1945
SA-02-106-02   SWINDELL MARY ROSS MAMIE    SWINDELL B R           11/14/1889  4/27/1960
SA-02-106-04   SWINDELL REBA               SWINDELL B R           10/25/1920  2/23/2006
SA-02-070-03   TALBOTT JESSE G             TALBOTT W J            6/17/1875   10/25/1918
SA-02-070-04   TALBOTT JOHN S              TALBOTT W J            4/21/1883   5/11/1957
SA-02-070-01   TALBOTT SARAH EMMA          TALBOTT W J            11/10/1844  3/12/1915
SA-02-070-02   TALBOTT WILLIAM J           TALBOTT W J            9/1/1846    6/9/1925
SA-02-137-01   TALLEY BEN                  TALLEY BEN             1/1/1890    1/1/1955
SA-02-137-04   TALLEY GUSSIE               TALLEY BEN             1/14/1890   9/17/1984
SA-02-220-04   TALLY BARTON                PERMIT
SA-02-183-05   TAPLEY S J                  TURNER A R & K A       1/12/1847   8/24/1910
SA-02-183-04   TAPLEY T L                  TURNER A R & K A       11/6/1842   4/9/1928
SA-02-082-03   TAYLOR BERNICE I            TAYLOR R J             11/22/1905  10/5/1985
SA-02-082-05   TAYLOR INFANT               TAYLOR R J             2/10/1931   2/10/1931
SA-01-082-01   TAYLOR JOSEPH B             TAYLOR J B             9/25/1860   9/24/1915
SA-02-082-02   TAYLOR R J                  TAYLOR R J             1/19/1905   2/20/1988
SA-01-082-02   TAYLOR ROXIE A              TAYLOR J B             6/20/1877   7/6/1956
SA-01-153-01   TAYLOR ROY E                TAYLOR ROY             1/1/1846    1/1/1913
SA-01-153-02   TAYLOR SARAH JEAN           TAYLOR ROY             1/1/1848    1/1/1935
SA-01-093-03   TERRELL ANDREW J            MACKOY S W             4/12/1875   2/19/1946
SA-01-093-02   TERRELL EMMA LOU            MACKOY S W             12/12/1914  12/28/1932
SA-01-093-04   TERRELL EULA B              MACKOY S W             11/15/1896  2/9/1984
SA-01-093-01   TERRELL RUBY LEE            MACKOY S W             11/24/1916  4/16/1925
SA-02-149-05   THOMAS CONNIE               THOMAS JIMMY           4/2/2001
SA-01-167-01   THOMAS W I                  THOMAS MRS W I         9/9/1886    10/6/1969
SA-01-009-05   THOMPSON A W                PULLIAM WILLIS         1/1/1829    1/1/1902
SA-01-085-03   THOMPSON ALBERT B BERT      THOMPSON               5/6/1874    12/2/1968
SA-02-156-02   THOMPSON EARLY E            DUNLAP A J             1/2/1916    11/21/1893
SA-02-076-03   THOMPSON EMMA L             THOMPSON J A           11/15/1883  6/25/1965
SA-01-092-04   THOMPSON EUNICE E           THOMPSON BERT          3/22/1839   5/4/1918
SA-02-076-01   THOMPSON J A JR             THOMPSON J A           1/18/1914
SA-02-076-02   THOMPSON JULIUS A           THOMPSON J A           1/4/1878    6/4/1969
SA-01-085-04   THOMPSON MARGARET           THOMPSON               7/22/1991
SA-02-180-04   TINKER INFANT                                      1/1/1915
SA-01-227-01   TODD JAMES F                PERMIT                 1/1/1858    1/1/1936
SA-01-230-05   TODD JAMES F                PERMIT                 1/1/1853    1/1/1936
SA-01-230-01   TODD MAGGIE                 PERMIT                 1/1/1873    1/1/1936
SA-02-226-01   TOLES E M                                          1/1/1858    1/1/1940
SA-02-226-02   TOLES LUCY ANN                                     1/1/1854    1/1/1931
SA-02-228-01   TOMS SAWYERS                                       12/25/1892  11/8/1938
SA-02-213-01   TRAMMELL BILLIE             PERMIT
SA-02-098-04   TRAMMELL GEORGIA ROSE       TRAMMELL W C           7/4/1909    12/4/2004
SA-01-132-03   TRAPP EUGENIA A             TRAPP H A              1/1/1871    1/1/1916
SA-01-132-02   TRAPP HENRY A               TRAPP H A              1/1/1857    1/1/1956
SA-01-132-04   TRAPP JOE J                 TRAPP H A              1/1/1870    1/1/1918
SA-01-126-01   TRIPLETT HATTIE             WYMAN C S              1/1/1862    1/1/1940
SA-01-147-01   TROXWELL NUMER MIBRA        TROXWELL GEORGE        8/13/1916   9/5/1916
SA-01-072-02   TULLIS CORAL HORTON         TULLIS J L             10/18/1882  6/22/1967
SA-02-072-03   TULLIS HELEN                TULLIS J L             8/13/1907   7/8/1921
SA-01-072-01   TULLIS JOHN LEDBETTE        TULLIS J L             8/27/1879   7/16/1949
SA-02-005-05   TULLIS MARY ANN             TULLIS M A (MRS)       1/1/1851    1/1/1920
SA-02-072-05   TULLIS W B                  TULLIS J L             5/2/1910    5/19/1910
SA-02-005-03   TULLIS WILLIAM B            TULLIS M A (MRS)       1/1/1845    1/1/1900
SA-01-222-01   TULLY MARTHA J              PERMIT                 3/13/1895   2/19/1935
SA-01-179-05   TURNBOUGH MATTIE A          TURNBOUGH FRANKLIN     9/8/1866    9/7/1941
SA-01-179-04   TURNBOUGH RUFUS             TURNBOUGH FRANKLIN     9/24/1861   11/2/1949
SA-01-182-01   TURNER ALFRED ROE           TURNER ELIZABETH       6/4/1880    4/10/1939
SA-01-182-05   TURNER B B                  TURNER ELIZABETH       6/12/1916   1/10/1917
SA-02-003-02   TURNER B F                  TURNER B F             4/3/1831    11/16/1904
SA-01-182-02   TURNER KATHERINE A          TURNER ELIZABETH       9/26/1881
SA-02-225-05   TURNER LENORA TOLES                                1/1/1889    1/1/1929
SA-02-003-01   TURNER MARY                 TURNER B F             10/2/1830   2/28/1900
SA-01-229-02   VER-APOPF MISS              PERMIT                 10/1/1918
SA-01-068-05A  WALKER BABY                 WEBB G W               3/18/1918   3/18/1918
SA-01-068-03   WALKER EVA L                WEBB G W               6/7/1896    12/13/1988
SA-01-068-02   WALKER JUDSON               WEBB G W               3/21/1892   10/21/1971
SA-02-018-05   WALLING MAURINE STONE       STONE J D              1/1/1900    1/1/1963
SA-01-167-04   WALSER OLA "FAY"            THOMAS MRS W I         7/1/1911    9/14/1996
SA-01-167-05   WALSER ROBERT "OTE"         THOMAS MRS W I         11/22/1906  2/3/1983
SA-01-014-02   WALSH MARY ELIZABETH        WALSH J E              6/15/1866   6/14/1904
SA-02-113-02   WALTERS ANNIE               ADAMS T J              1/1/1899    1/25/1995
SA-02-113-01   WALTERS HERMAN              ADAMS T J              1/1/1897    1/1/1968
SA-01-065-02   WATKINS MARY ALLEN          ALLEN C M              2/7/1891    11/17/1917
SA-01-156-02   WATTS J P                   WATTS J P              12/22/1857  2/25/1924
SA-01-156-01   WATTS JAMES LESLIE          WATTS J P              1/4/1896    9/12/1914
SA-01-156-03   WATTS THEOLA                WATTS J P              7/8/1867    7/16/1940
SA-01-239-02   WEBB JAMES EDWARD           PERMIT                 1/9/1930    11/23/1932
SA-01-123-01   WEBB JOHN A                 WEBB MATTIE            8/9/1854    7/16/1917
SA-01-123-02   WEBB MARTHA C               WEBB MATTIE            1/3/1860    9/2/1956
SA-02-233-05   WEBER MAGGIE JANE                                  1/1/1845    1/1/1929
SA-02-134-01   WELCH T. M.                 WELCH T. M.            1/1/1850    1/1/1918
SA-01-092-01   WELLS E D                   THOMPSON BERT          1/8/1863    4/17/1942
SA-01-092-05   WELLS G H                   THOMPSON BERT          6/14/1860   5/18/1916
SA-01-092-02   WELLS LUDIE HICKS           THOMPSON BERT          12/13/1872  3/28/1952
SA-02-112-03A  WESSON BRUCE D              ADAMS D D              5/1/1952    5/1/1952
SA-02-117-01   WESSON CLARENCE             ADAMS TOM              5/27/1887   1/23/1962
SA-02-117-04   WESSON DEWEY                ADAMS TOM
SA-02-117-02   WESSON NORA                 ADAMS TOM              7/9/1887    6/24/1972
SA-02-023-04   WEST EDWARD H               WEST J B               2/6/1881    11/25/1958
SA-01-216-05   WEST ORA MAY                PERMIT                 1/1/1901    1/1/1946
SA-01-143-04   WHATLEY HERMAN L            WHATLEY O B            1/1/1901    1/1/1926
SA-01-143-03   WHATLEY OTIS                WHATLEY O B            11/8/1878   11/1/1938
SA-01-143-02   WHATLEY VIRGIE              WHATLEY O B            5/17/1916
SA-02-059-02   WHITE HALLIE                WHITE L G              9/17/1882   8/8/1910
SA-02-063-01   WHITE ROXIE DAUGHERTY       CLARK OTTO             6/13/1878   7/23/1952
SA-01-114-01   WHITED J N                  WHITED J M             8/15/1859   9/14/1934
SA-01-114-02   WHITED TEXAS C              WHITED J M             11/29/1860  8/28/1916
SA-02-104-05   WHITMIRE EDWARD T           LOWERY O K             3/3/1892    10/27/1981
SA-02-104-04   WHITMIRE L PAULINE          LOWERY O K             1/4/1899
SA-01-001-05   WHORTON DORABELL            WOODWARD J B           1/1/1903    1/1/1905
SA-02-089-03   WILHELM ELIZA M             WILHELM E M            9/13/1837   6/17/1913
SA-02-089-04   WILHELM MARY EDITH          WILHELM E M            3/11/1910   1/6/1915
SA-02-089-02   WILHELM WILSON A            WILHELM E M            1/1/1866    1/1/1950
SA-02-029-05   WILKEN ROBERT M             MALONE MRS E           9/1/1932    2/3/1976
SA-02-029-03   WILKEN WILBUR H             MALONE MRS E           10/10/1896  7/15/1960
SA-01-031-01   WILKERSON ALVIN W           WILLIAMSON A W         6/27/1851   1/21/1916
SA-01-054-03   WILKERSON ELIZA             WILKERSON MARSHAL      1/1/1877    1/1/1908
SA-01-031-02   WILKERSON EMMA J            WILLIAMSON A W         5/11/1862   2/16/1906
SA-01-205-05   WILKERSON INFANT            WILKERSON W F          7/25/1913   7/26/1913
SA-02-018-04   WILKERSON NETIE WALKER      STONE J D              8/11/1860   9/7/1929
SA-01-205-03   WILKERSON VELMA             WILKERSON W F          10/5/1907
SA-01-205-01   WILKERSON W FRANK           WILKERSON W F          11/14/1879  4/2/1967
SA-01-205-02   WILKERSON WILLIE MAE        WILKERSON W F          9/2/1885    4/13/1973
SA-02-029-04   WILKINS WIMMIE              MALONE MRS E           8/25/1894   10/13/1989
SA-02-077-05   WILLIAMS BABY               WILLIAMS LULA
SA-02-077-01   WILLIAMS CHARLES E          WILLIAMS LULA          12/16/1876  10/15/1913
SA-02-065-03   WILLIAMS ELLA               KEETON S C             2/12/1890   1/26/1919
SA-01-063-01   WILLIAMS GER N              WILLIAMS S G           1/1/1854    1/1/1910
SA-01-007-01   WILLIAMS HORTON AARON       CLEMENT MRS M W        4/2/1934    8/13/1881
SA-01-063-02   WILLIAMS LOUISA G           WILLIAMS S G           1/1/1864    1/1/1934
SA-01-002-04   WILLIAMS MARY L             RODGERS T J            2/8/1860    1/31/1920
SA-01-113-04   WILLIAMS PEARL MCDONALD     MCDONALD W J           8/28/1881   7/21/1966
SA-01-049-02   WILLIS FRANCES              WILLIS J L             1/1/1839    1/1/1910
SA-01-049-03   WILLIS GLENN                WILLIS J L             9/13/1902   8/3/1908
SA-02-049-03   WILLIS J L                  WILLIS J L             1/1/1906    1/1/1956
SA-01-049-01   WILLIS M                    WILLIS J L             1/1/1833    1/1/1911
SA-02-049-02   WILLIS VERNIE               WILLIS J L             1/1/1874    1/1/1969
SA-02-125-04   WILSON KENNETH              WILSON R H             1/1/1917    1/1/1986
SA-02-175-05   WILSON MARTHA               DEVOLL E M
SA-02-125-02   WILSON R H                  WILSON R H             1/1/1878    1/1/1945
SA-02-052-02   WILSON S E                  WILSON W L             2/1/1878    1/1/1940
SA-01-235-01   WILSON SAM D                PERMIT                 1/20/1939
SA-02-125-03   WILSON SEREENEY             WILSON R H             1/1/1886    1/1/1963
SA-02-052-01   WILSON T E                  WILSON W L             5/1/1845    12/1/1908
SA-01-147-05   WILSON WILEY E              TROXWELL GEORGE        9/6/1891    12/25/1918
SA-02-186-02   WINBURY INFANT              WINBURY C F
SA-02-186-04   WINBURY ISAAC T             WINBURY C F            1/1/1849    1/1/1939
SA-02-186-05   WINBURY JANE ELIZABETH      WINBURY C F            1/1/1852    1/1/1946
SA-02-186-03   WINBURY JOSIE               WINBURY C F            1/20/1879   11/10/1891
SA-02-215-04   WINGATE BRYAN               WINGATE J B            5/26/1913   6/27/1955
SA-01-213-01   WINGATE JONNIE              PERMIT
SA-02-215-05   WINGATE MATTIE              WINGATE J B            12/1/1916
SA-02-155-01   WISEMAN HELEN REA                                  9/18/1915   8/3/1916
SA-01-189-02   WISKERT CHARLES HOOT        WISKERT J A            1/1/1894    1/1/1911
SA-01-006-05   WITHERSPOON CHARLES P       WITHERSPOON J G        1/1/1840    1/1/1901
SA-02-006-05   WITHERSPOON CHARLES PHILLIP WITHERSPOON J G        10/4/1888   8/16/1877
SA-02-006-04   WITHERSPOON ETHEL           WITHERSPOON J G        1/1/1882    1/1/1904
SA-01-006-03   WITHERSPOON HARRIET C       WITHERSPOON J G        1/1/1846    1/1/1920
SA-01-006-02   WITHERSPOON JAMES G         WITHERSPOON J G        1/1/1844    1/1/1924
SA-01-020-02   WOMACK HATTIE E             WOMACK R L             3/12/1880   5/19/1904
SA-01-020-03   WOMACK LEE KENT             WOMACK R L             5/30/1941   2/8/2006
SA-01-020-01   WOMACK ROBERT LEE           WOMACK R L             7/17/1874   12/16/1953
SA-01-001-03   WOODWARD JAMES B            WOODWARD J B
SA-01-001-04   WOODWARD KENNETH            WOODWARD J B           1/1/1879    1/1/1903
SA-01-171-02   WOOTEN DORA C EVERSON       EVERSON D C            1/1/1866    1/1/1918
SA-02-149-02   WORD AUDA                   WORD AUDA              12/18/2006
SA-02-149-01   WORD MARVIN                 WORD AUDA              12/27/2000
SA-01-126-02   WYMAN BABY                  WYMAN C S              3/15/1915   3/15/1915
SA-01-126-03   WYMAN CHARLES S             WYMAN C S              10/23/1878  7/17/1928
SA-01-139-02   WYMAN ELIZABETH M           WYMAN F A              12/1/1849   4/20/1933
SA-01-139-01   WYMAN FRANK A               WYMAN F A              10/13/1848  4/20/1913
SA-01-139-04   WYMAN FRANK S               WYMAN F A              12/5/1875   4/11/1923
SA-01-126-04   WYMAN HOPE                  WYMAN C S              5/8/1891    10/20/1962
SA-02-108-05   WYTLE LIZZIE JONES                                 8/6/1893    7/6/1919
SA-01-145-01   YEATTS ROBERT L             NEVILL O O             9/28/1910   11/17/1914