City of Quanah Cemetery: Plot-NW

Hardeman County, Texas - City of Quanah Cemetery

These are interment records maintained by the City of Quanah.

Submitted to Hardeman County, TXGenWeb by:
Leslie Griffith 

       Cemetery Plots - Plot-ES
          August 28, 2007

Location        Deceased Name                    Owner Name          Birth Date  Death Date
NW-25-E-05      GREENE WILL T
NW-16-K-03      SMITH MRS H A
NW-16-E-03      CARROLL MRS J W
NW-16-E-04      CARROLL MRS J W
NW-16-E-05      CARROLL MRS J W
NW-25-G-05      TOLAND TERRY
NW-25-G-04      TOLAND TERRY
NW-16-E-02      CARROLL MRS J W
NW-16-H-02      CASKEY E B (MRS J A
NW-16-H-04      CASKEY E B (MRS J A
NW-25-D-03      CULVER & SHELTON
NW-16-J-02      MATTHEW S J
NW-16-J-03      MATTHEW S J
NW-16-J-04      MATTHEW S J
NW-08-O-05      MEEK W A
NW-04-J-03      VACANT
NW-04-J-05      VACANT
NW-16-A-03      MOORE MRS J H
NW-25-O-04      HARRIS L L
NW-04-J-04      VACANT
NW-25-M-03      COLE IRENE
NW-04-J-02      VACANT
NW-25-L-05      WILLIAMS J H
NW-25-K-05      WARREN A B
NW-25-K-04      WARREN A B
NW-03-C-04      CLAIBORNE B F
NW-03-C-05      CLAIBORNE B F
NW-04-J-01      VACANT
NW-25-M-05      COLE IRENE
NW-16-K-02      SMITH MRS H A
NW-24-K-04      BERRY LESTER
NW-24-K-03      BERRY LESTER
NW-11-M-03      GULLEY & RITCHIE
NW-24-J-04      NOWELL W D
NW-24-J-01      NOWELL W D
NW-11-L-03      PERKINS T J
NW-24-F-05      STEWART C R
NW-24-F-04      STEWART C R
NW-11-P-03      HAYNES R S
NW-24-E-03      PATE & CHAPIN
NW-12-A-01      RILEY MR & MRS
NW-12-A-03      RILEY MR & MRS
NW-12-A-05      RILEY MR & MRS
NW-12-B-05      RILEY A E
NW-24-N-05      SMITH KIRBY
NW-16-M-02      HAMILTON O A
NW-16-M-05      HAMILTON O A
NW-16-N-05      TAYLOR C F
NW-11-E-03      GREATHOUSE E F
NW-11-G-03      EASLEY GUY
NW-24-P-01      HARRIS A M
NW-11-G-04      EASLEY GUY
NW-11-H-01      JONES J R (H L
NW-11-H-02      JONES J R (H L
NW-11-L-04      PERKINS T J
NW-11-H-04      JONES J R (H L
NW-24-N-04      SMITH KIRBY
NW-11-H-05      JONES J R (H L
NW-11-J-02      VESTAL MRS G A
NW-11-J-05      VESTAL MRS G A
NW-11-K-01      MCADAMS ZANA
NW-03-E-05      CLEMENTS J C
NW-24-M-02      WEST C R
NW-24-M-01      WEST C R
NW-11-K-05      MCADAMS ZANA
NW-11-H-03      JONES J R ( H L
NW-21-M-03      TOLAND & MORRIS
NW-09-N-02      RECTOR ROY AND
NW-09-N-03      RECTOR ROY AND
NW-21-L-05      HENRY W W
NW-21-L-04      HENRY W W
NW-09-N-04      RECTOR ROY AND
NW-09-N-05      RECTOR ROY AND
NW-21-K-05      MARSALIS E B (T M
NW-09-L-05      FELLOWS E L
NW-09-L-04      FELLOWS E L
NW-04-M-05      VACANT
NW-21-J-03      WEBB & MARSALIS
NW-04-M-04      VACANT
NW-04-M-03      VACANT
NW-18-D-04      BISHOP W A
NW-21-G-05      EDWARDS J L
NW-04-M-01      VACANT
NW-21-K-04      MARSALIS E B (T M
NW-21-P-03      SING A A
NW-08-P-03      HARRIS GUY
NW-09-A-04      MILLIGAN F L
NW-22-C-03      MILLER C J
NW-09-B-01      TAYLOR JACK
NW-22-B-05      HAMRICK C L
NW-09-B-04      TAYLOR JACK
NW-09-B-05      TAYLOR JACK
NW-22-A-05      PRICE CARL
NW-09-D-03      BOX MRS M L
NW-09-E-04      ISSACKS W A
NW-09-N-01      RECTOR ROY AND
NW-09-F-03      GREENE W T
NW-09-F-04      GREENE W T
NW-09-F-05      GREENE W T
NW-09-G-04      MINSHEW C
NW-09-G-05      MINSHEW C
NW-21-O-03      LEE & CUMMINGS
NW-21-N-05      MOORING KATE
NW-09-K-04      SHERMAN NESA
NW-09-K-05      SHERMAN NESA
NW-09-E-05      ISSACKS W A
NW-10-M-05      COX E D
NW-04-L-02      VACANT
NW-20-M-05      LAMB S J OR L M
NW-10-K-05      BELL O L
NW-10-M-01      COX E D
NW-10-M-02      COX E D
NW-10-M-03      COX E D
NW-02-G-01      LUNDRY D H
NW-10-M-04      COX E D
NW-20-P-04      WOOLBRIGHT J E
NW-20-K-05      WALLACE C A
NW-20-K-04      WALLACE C A
NW-20-K-03      WALLACE C A
NW-15-M-05      GILLIAM PAT
NW-15-N-02      JONES W H
NW-15-N-03      STOKES J C
NW-20-J-02      HUGHES MRS JOE
NW-10-D-05      WORLEY D E "GEORGE
NW-10-F-05      DICKINSON D M
NW-21-E-05      BUTTS R D
NW-21-E-03      BUTTS R D
NW-02-G-03      LUNDRY D H
NW-02-G-04      LUNDRY D H
NW-20-P-03      WOOLBRIGHT J E
NW-04-L-05      VACANT
NW-10-H-03      STICE LOUISE
NW-04-L-03      VACANT
NW-21-A-05      MOSELEY W A
NW-21-A-04      MOSELEY W A
NW-21-A-03      MOSELEY W A
NW-21-A-02      MOSELEY W A
NW-21-A-01      MOSELEY W A
NW-20-P-05      WOOLBRIGHT J E
NW-02-G-02      LUNDRY D H
NW-02-G-05      LUNDRY D H
NW-14-H-04      FLINN MRS J A
NW-13-O-03      DILL & DILL
NW-19-G-01      HEATH H A
NW-04-C-04      PITT R R
NW-19-F-03      RACKLEY D J
NW-14-F-04      WILLIAMS C H
NW-14-F-05      WILLIAMS C H
NW-04-C-02      PITT R R
NW-14-G-04      WILLIAMS H R
NW-19-E-03      CARLOS A B (VOLA JOE
NW-14-E-05      HURST M A BROS.
NW-14-H-03      FLINN MRS J H
NW-19-G-04      HEATH H A
NW-14-H-05      FLINN MRS J H
NW-14-J-04      HANNA DR
NW-19-C-05      HELMS J A
NW-19-C-04      HELMS J A
NW-19-C-03      HELMS J A
NW-14-J-05      HANNA DR
NW-03-H-03      CASS W B
NW-03-H-04      CASS W B
NW-19-B-03      WELLS FARRIS
NW-14-G-05      WILLIAMS H R
NW-19-L-01      LlEWIS RICHARD &
NW-19-N-04      LOVELESS J C
NW-13-P-05      THOMAS A G
NW-04-C-05      PITT R R
NW-14-B-01      STOKES A J
NW-19-M-03      DENNIS & ALLEN
NW-19-M-02      ALLEN MRS W H
NW-19-M-01      ALLEN MRS W H
NW-14-B-05      STOKES A J
NW-19-G-02      HEATH H A
NW-19-A-03      TADLOCK M D
NW-14-C-03      CLAY C V
NW-19-J-05      PARKS JAMES A
NW-19-J-04      PARKS JAMES A
NW-19-J-03      PARKS JAMES A
NW-14-D-03      IRVIN J N
NW-19-H-05      SOMMER A F
NW-19-H-03      SOMMER A F
NW-14-E-03      HURST M A BROS.
NW-14-E-04      HURST M A BROS.
NW-19-G-05      HEATH H A
NW-18-G-04      FORD T J
NW-15-G-01      HINES JOHN E
NW-18-J-04      PARKS JAMES A
NW-18-J-03      PARKS JAMES A
NW-18-J-02      WORLEY H H
NW-18-H-03      WHITEHURST O S
NW-19-A-05      TADLOCK M D
NW-18-G-05      FORD T J
NW-15-A-05      MODGLING MRS W F
NW-18-G-03      FORD T J
NW-18-G-01      FORD T J
NW-18-C-04      MORTON R B
NW-18-F-03      MCGAUGHY L A
NW-18-E-05      HAMILTON H H
NW-18-E-04      HAMILTON H H
NW-18-E-03      HAMILTON H H
NW-18-E-02      HAMILTON H H
NW-18-E-01      HAMILTON H H
NW-18-D-05      BISHOP W A
NW-04-A-04      YOUNG E H
NW-13-N-04      ALLRED R L
NW-18-P-05      GARRETT B W
NW-18-P-04      GARRETT B W
NW-18-O-03      BRYANT & BAILEY
NW-18-N-05      DAKE G L
NW-04-A-05      YOUNG E H
NW-18-N-03      DAKE G L
NW-15-B-03      COX D H
NW-14-O-01      ZELMS H J
NW-14-O-02      ZELMS H J
NW-18-M-03      DAKE & RILEY
NW-04-C-01      PITT R R
NW-04-B-04      GANTENBEIN
NW-18-L-05      HENDERSON W D
NW-18-L-04      HENDERSON W D
NW-14-P-03      WOMACK FRANK
NW-04-B-02      LASTER M F
NW-19-A-04      TADLOCK M D
NW-18-N-04      DAKE G L
NW-23-J-03      LACY MRS EMMA
NW-13-P-01      PITT W F
NW-04-F-01      COBURN J T
NW-23-L-02      LANDERS W C
NW-23-L-01      LANDERS W C
NW-12-K-05      DOLMAN H A
NW-23-K-04      ELTON FRANK
NW-23-K-03      ELTON FRANK
NW-12-L-03      JACKSON MRS W A
NW-12-H-02      WISEMAN J T
NW-23-J-04      LACY MRS EMMA
NW-23-M-03      POPE & HEDGCOTH
NW-23-J-02      LACY MRS EMMA
NW-12-L-04      JACKSON MRS W A
NW-12-L-05      JACKSON MRS W A
NW-12-M-03      TIDWELL M A (MARY
NW-12-M-04      TIDWELL M A
NW-23-G-05      WILLINGHAM R C
NW-23-G-04      WILLINGHAM R C
NW-12-M-05      TIDWELL M A
NW-23-G-01      WILLINGHAM R C
NW-23-F-05      WHEELER C L
NW-23-J-05      LACY MRS EMMA
NW-12-E-04      LONG F M }
NW-12-D-04      KIBBLER D L
NW-12-D-05      KIBBLER D L
NW-12-E-03      LONG I M
NW-23-P-05      WATKINS C T
NW-04-F-03      COBURN J T
NW-23-P-03      WATKINS C T
NW-23-F-02      WHEELER C L
NW-12-E-05      LONG F M
NW-12-F-05      JACKSON E
NW-04-G-03      MURPHY ELMER
NW-04-G-02      BRAZIEL MRS J D
NW-23-O-01      ROARK E P
NW-23-N-05      SMITH ROBERT
NW-23-N-04      SMITH ROBERT
NW-23-N-03      SMITH ROBERT
NW-23-N-02      SMITH ROBERT
NW-23-P-04      WATKINS C T
NW-13-F-03      SIMPSON C B
NW-13-F-04      SIMPSON C B
NW-13-F-05      SIMPSON C B
NW-13-H-03      FULKERSON W O
NW-13-H-04      FULKERSON W O
NW-13-H-05      FULKERSON W O
NW-20-C-03      DAWSON J A
NW-03-H-01      CASS W B
NW-23-F-04      WHEELER C L
NW-20-A-05      MOSELEY W A
NW-13-K-04      GODBOLD W B
NW-13-K-05      GODBOLD W B
NW-13-L-02      JACKSON J B
NW-19-P-05      BATIS O M
NW-19-P-04      BATIS O M
NW-13-L-03      JACKSON J B
NW-03-H-02      CASS W B
NW-04-E-02      WHITEMAN BOB
NW-12-O-03      HOBBS & HERRING
NW-12-P-01      HENRY B F
NW-23-D-05      PECK LULA
NW-23-D-04      PECK LULA
NW-23-D-03      PECK LULA
NW-23-D-02      PECK LULA
NW-13-E-04      JONES J H
NW-12-P-04      TEAMS J A
NW-13-A-04      WATSON MRS J H
NW-13-A-05      WATSON MRS J H
NW-13-B-05      STREET F W
NW-13-C-03      HARMAN J TOM
NW-13-C-04      HARMAN J TOM
NW-20-F-04      CRUMLY D A
NW-20-F-03      CRUMLY D A
NW-13-C-05      HARMAN J TOM
NW-12-P-03      TEAMS & HENRY
NW-28-B-05      BUCKHOLT O K
NW-05-M-01      VACANT
NW-05-M-02      VACANT
NW-05-M-03      VACANT
NW-05-M-04      VACANT
NW-28-D-05      MORTON J U
NW-28-D-04      MORTON J U
NW-05-M-05      VACANT
NW-15-J-04      HANNA JACK
NW-05-O-03      HANDY BOZIL ?
NW-28-C-04      BAILEY JOE C
NW-05-L-02      VACANT
NW-28-B-04      BUCKHOLT O K
NW-28-B-03      BUCKHOLT O K
NW-27-P-05      ANDERSON H B
NW-27-P-04      ANDERSON H B
NW-15-H-05      NELSON J F
NW-05P-A-01      BROWN W A & MYRTLE
NW-27-O-03      NORTHAM MARY A
NW-01-C-05      DAKIL, MRS. SHAKER
NW-28-C-05      BAILEY JOE C
NW-28-J-02      BOOTH LOYD W
NW-27-A-04      PERKINS W T
NW-28-L-04      JENKINS FAYE
NW-28-L-03      JENKINS FAYE
NW-05-J-05      VACANT
NW-28-K-05      NICHOLS C M
NW-28-K-04      NICHOLS C M
NW-28-K-03      NICHOLS C M
NW-28-K-02      NICHOLS C M
NW-28-J-03      BOOTH LOYD W
NW-05-L-03      VACANT
NW-28-H-05      MITCHELL W A
NW-28-H-04      MITCHELL W A
NW-28-H-03      MITCHELL W A
NW-28-H-02      MITCHELL W A
NW-28-H-01      MITCHELL W A
NW-05-L-01      VACANT
NW-05P-A-04      BROWN W A & MYRTLE
NW-28-J-04      BOOTH LOYD W
NW-15-G-02      HINES JOHN E
NW-27-G-05      EATON CLAUDE
NW-27-G-04      EATON CLAUDE
NW-05P-G-02      PARKER MR & MRS H R
NW-05P-H-03      WEY MR & MRS HAROLD C
NW-05P-H-04      WEY MR & MRS HAROLD C
NW-27-F-05      TOLAND W B
NW-27-F-04      TOLAND W B
NW-05P-H-05      WEY MR & MRS HAROLD C
NW-27-F-01      TOLAND W B
NW-27-E-05      WALKER JOEL T
NW-27-O-02      NORTHAM MARY A
NW-06-A-03      DAVIS J J
NW-05P-G-01      BIGHAM EMMA L
NW-27-D-03      NORTHAM MR & MRS J T
NW-06-C-04      SMITH GEORGE
NW-06-C-05      SMITH GEORGE
NW-27-C-05      BOTTOMS BEN O & W B
NW-27-C-01      BOTTOMS BEN O & W B
NW-27-B-05      WOMACK MR & MRS R L
NW-27-B-04      WOMACK MR & MRS R L
NW-06-D-01      NORTON MRS A J
NW-27-A-05      PERKINS W T
NW-27-E-04      WALKER JOEL T
NW-05P-B-01      WHITMIRE MR & MRS W
NW-05P-B-02      WHITMIRE MR & MRS W
NW-15-H-04      NELSON J F
NW-02-A-03      RILEY ?
NW-05P-F-02      TATE MR & MRS JAMES
NW-05P-F-03      TATE MR & MRS JAMES
NW-27-J-05      DRAKE DON
NW-27-J-04      DRAKE DON
NW-04-M-02      VACANT
NW-27-J-03      DRAKE DON
NW-08-O-04      MEEK W A
NW-05P-F-04      TATE MR & MRS JAMES
NW-05P-F-05      TATE MR & MRS JAMES
NW-01-C-04      DAKIL, MRS. SHAKER
NW-29-K-01      DANIEL P D
NW-29-N-04      HATCHER W W
NW-29-N-03      HATCHER W W
NW-17-H-02      CASKEY E B (JAMES W
NW-17-H-04      CASKEY E B (JAMES W
NW-29-M-03      KING & BAKER
NW-17-J-02      BETHEL MR & MRS DON
NW-17-J-03      BETHEL MR & MRS DON
NW-29-K-05      DANIEL P D
NW-29-K-04      DANIEL P D
NW-29-G-03      WATSON M E JR
NW-29-K-02      DANIEL P D
NW-29-J-05      HELMS P L
NW-17-K-01      DAVIS ELMER
NW-17-L-05      ELLIS H C
NW-17-M-03      GREEN F F
NW-17-N-02      DANSBY TOM
NW-17-N-03      MILLER W L
NW-28-L-05      JENKINS FAYE
NW-29-K-03      DANIEL P D
NW-17-D-04      MCKEE F H
NW-17-A-01      HOUZE MRS F L
NW-17-A-02      HOUZE MRS F L
NW-17-A-05      HOUZE MRS F L
NW-01-A-02      DUPUY
NW-19-H-04      SOMMER A F
NW-17-B-04      BRIDENDALL H N
NW-17-B-05      BRIDENDALL H N
NW-17-C-03      HOOK MRS FRANK
NW-08-L-05      VANTINE, J L
NW-05-N-02      W O W
NW-29-N-05      HATCHER W W
NW-10-D-02      BLYTHE, GEORGE
NW-10-C-04      JOINER A J
NW-10-B-03      BRANDON, J H
NW-29-P-05      HACKNEY J D
NW-29-P-04      HACKNEY J D
NW-17-E-01      KING L P & A P
NW-17-E-02      KING L P & A P
NW-29-G-02      WATSON M E JR
NW-03-H-05      CASS, W B
NW-05-E-02      HATCHER J F & FRANK
NW-05-F-03      COBBS & MABRY
NW-05-G-04      FOLSOM ROY
NW-28-P-03      ROBERTSON H H
NW-05-G-05      FOLSOM ROY
NW-29-G-04      WATSON M E JR
NW-05-H-04      JONES G W
NW-05-H-05      JONES G W
NW-05-J-01      VACANT
NW-05-J-02      VACANT
NW-05-J-03      VACANT
NW-05-J-04      VACANT
NW-05-H-03      JONES G W
NW-29-F-05      WATSON HOMER
NW-29-F-04      WATSON HOMER
NW-29-F-03      WATSON HOMER
NW-29-E-05      GARRARD BRO
NW-29-E-04      GARRARD BROS
NW-15-J-05      HANNA JACK
NW-18-B-03      WELLS S B
NW-01-B-02      STONE V O
NW-18-B-04      WELLS S B
NW-01-B-04      STONE V O
NW-18-B-05      WELLS S B
NW-05-C-02      MOORE A E
NW-27-J-02      DRAKE DON
NW-07-K-04      DAVIS LESTER O
NW-27-A-03      PERKINS W T
NW-22-G-03      MOORE ODESSA
NW-26-A-03      JENKINS I B
NW-25-P-05      WELCH OLETA
NW-25-P-04      WELCH OLETA
NW-25-P-03      WELCH OLETA
NW-23-A-03      PRICE CARL
NW-07-L-03      BAKER MRS J E
NW-07-L-05      BAKER, MRS. J E
NW-26-J-03      DRAKE DON
NW-23-D-01      PECK LULA
NW-07-F-01      WALL MRS LAND
NW-07-B-03      MCKAY F H (GA)
NW-02-B-05      HODO MR & MRS FLOYD
NW-26-H-04      YANDELL I R
NW-26-H-03      YANDELL I R
NW-26-G-05      FISHER R E
NW-26-G-04      FISHER R E
NW-07-D-03      CLISBEE MRS F D
NW-07-J-05      SWINDELL C E
NW-02-C-04      DICK M A
NW-22-F-05      BURCH J O
NW-07-F-05      WALL MRS LAND
NW-07-G-03      MCCARTY J J
NW-07-H-01      SUMMERS J J
NW-26-D-04      BRYANT J C & G H
NW-26-D-03      BRYANT & GILMORE
NW-07-H-05      SUMMERS J J
NW-05-C-01      MOORE A E
NW-08-D-01      SLIGER C M
NW-08-D-02      SLIGER C M
NW-08-D-04      SLIGER C M
NW-08-D-05      SLIGER C M
NW-08-E-05      WARDLAW D L
NW-08-G-03      ROBERTSON J B
NW-11-A-05      NORMAN MRS W H
NW-08-G-04      ROBERTSON J B
NW-08-G-05      ROBERTSON J B
NW-10-P-04      KEITH W F
NW-10-P-03      KEITH W F
NW-08-G-02      ROBERTSON J B
NW-07-N-03      LANTZ L
NW-08-K-02      SANDERS E A
NW-08-K-01      SANDERS E A
NW-22-H-04      MOORE FRED
NW-22-H-05      MOORE FRED
NW-22-P-05      WATKINS C T
NW-08-B-01      TAYLOR JOE
NW-22-O-05      HOOKER M O
NW-08-B-05      TAYLOR JOE
NW-22-N-05      SMITH ROBERT
NW-22-N-04      SMITH ROBERT
NW-22-N-03      SMITH ROBERT
NW-08-J-03      HUGHES J TOBE
NW-11-B-01      JOHNSON E J
NW-26-L-01      KEENE J W
NW-06-H-04      STOUT WILEY
NW-06-J-04      WATT MRS R
NW-06-J-05      WATT MRS R
NW-26-M-03      GODWIN DIXIE
NW-06-L-04      BEACH ETTA
NW-22-E-04      FOSTER K H & D P
NW-06-P-05      TAYLOR J V
NW-06-H-03      STOUT WILEY
NW-06-L-05      BEACH ETTA
NW-06-L-03      BEACH ETTA
NW-06-N-04      BLACK M E
NW-26-M-04      GODWIN DIXIE
NW-07-H-04      SUMMERS J J
NW-22-E-05      FOSTER K H & D P
NW-26-L-04      HOLLAND T R
NW-08-M-04      BAKER W V
NW-08-M-03      BAKER W V
NW-06-M-05      FOLTZ W W
NW-06-P-04      TAYLOR J V
NW-02-B-04      HODO MR & MRS FLOYD
NW-06-F-02      CALLAWAY J R
NW-22-D-05      DRIVER W J
NW-03-G-02      ADDISON CORA                     ADDISON JOE B               1/29/1883       3/27/1967
NW-03-G-01      ADDISON J B                      ADDISON JOE B               1/1/1876        1/1/1944
NW-13-J-02      ALEXANDER AMY HANNA              ALEXANDER MRS JOHN          2/9/1886        10/23/1960
NW-13-J-01      ALEXANDER JOHN W                 ALEXANDER MRS JOHN          1/4/1882        12/23/1939
NW-09-A-05      ALEXANDER SALLIE                 MILLIGAN F L                3/22/1899       11/17/1947
NW-02-A-05      ALLEN CARRIE                     ALLEN E H                   1/1/1878        1/1/1954
NW-02-A-04      ALLEN HENRY E                    ALLEN E H                   1/1/1878        1/1/1932
NW-13-N-03      ALLRED EMERY CARL                ALLRED R L                  7/31/1929       12/2/1975
NW-14-L-01      ALLRED JOHN                      ALLRED MRS JOHN E           7/30/1887       10/27/1937
NW-13-N-05      ALLRED LARRY                     ALLRED R L                  1/1/1944        1/1/1944
NW-07-J-04      ALLRED LUTHER V                  SWINDELL C E                1/24/1891       5/3/1967
NW-01-D-02      ALLRED THELMA GILLIAM            GILLIAM ODELL               3/14/1905       12/20/1987
NW-25-O-02      ANDERSON ANNIE LUCILLE           ANDERSON PAUL (MRS)         10/20/1905      12/29/2003
NW-27-P-03      ANDERSON H B STEVE               ANDERSON H B                3/26/1922       12/19/1974
NW-25-O-01      ANDERSON PAUL                    ANDERSON PAUL (MRS)         4/23/1955       12/11/1898
NW-07-D-05      ATTANE MARGARET M                CLISBEE MRS F D             1/1/1881        1/1/1944
NW-02-D-01      BAILEY CECIL                     BAILEY CECIL (EARL          1/1/1915        1/1/1938
NW-28-C-02      BAILEY ELLEN MARIE COX           BAILEY JOE C                11/4/1908       9/6/1997
NW-28-C-01      BAILEY JOE C                     BAILEY JOE C                11/11/1904      4/8/1989
NW-18-O-02      BAILEY MARY JANE                 BAILEY S J                  1/1/1884        1/1/1948
NW-18-O-01      BAILEY SAMUEL J                  BAILEY S J                  1/1/1878        1/1/1964
NW-28-C-03      BAILEY SHIRLEY JEANE             BAILEY JOE C                4/14/1935       12/21/1951
NW-26-K-01      BAILEY WILLIAM H                 BAILEY MYRTLE               12/22/1868      3/8/1953
NW-08-N-04      BAKER BERTHA JONES               JONES J R                   11/13/1905      7/17/1987
NW-08-M-02      BAKER FLORENCE M                 BAKER W V                   10/9/1914       11/25/1979
NW-07-L-04      BAKER FRANKLIN F                 BAKER MRS J E               4/14/1922       6/10/1977
NW-07-L-01      BAKER JAMES EASLEY               BAKER MRS J E               1/6/1875        10/10/1943
NW-08-N-05      BAKER JANE                       JONES J R
NW-29-M-01      BAKER JESTINE L                  BAKER J L                   9/6/1878        11/5/1954
NW-29-M-02      BAKER MARY ELLEN                 BAKER J L                   9/7/1883        9/6/1969
NW-08-M-05      BAKER MARY KATHERINE             BAKER W V                   10/17/1942      3/23/1943
NW-07-L-02      BAKER MYRTLE                     BAKER MRS J E               6/20/1882       5/1/1977
NW-08-M-01      BAKER WILLIAM V                  BAKER W V                   9/25/1913       1/31/1990
NW-25-P-02      BALLARD OLETA E WELCH            WELCH OLETA                 2/1/1915        1/22/1992
NW-16-K-04      BALTZELL C H                     SMITH MRS H A               9/9/1856        7/4/1949
NW-16-K-05      BALTZELL DELLA                   SMITH MRS H A               9/25/1867       4/21/1949
NW-28-N-04      BARBEE JOSEPHINE MILLER          MILLER W H                  11/19/1909      7/4/1982
NW-25-B-03      BARKER BERTHA F                  PRITCHARD P D               12/11/1918      10/7/1996
NW-22-O-02      BARNETT MINNIE OLA               BARNETT W B                 10/9/1887       5/22/1966
NW-22-O-01      BARNETT WILLIAM BLAKE            BARNETT W B                 5/10/1884       8/6/1966
NW-11-O-04      BATES CLOTEE                     BATES MRS LINNIE            11/28/1914      11/24/2003
NW-11-O-01      BATES HICKORY B                  BATES MRS LINNIE            8/21/1885       2/10/1981
NW-11-O-02      BATES LINNIE ZONELLA             BATES MRS LINNIE            6/7/1894        7/7/1974
NW-11-O-05      BATES ROBERT LARRY               BATES MRS LINNIE            6/4/1947        2/13/1982
NW-11-O-03      BATES T B                        BATES MRS LINNIE            11/10/1911      9/10/1986
NW-19-P-02      BATIS LURETIA F                  BATIS O M                   1/1/1886        1/1/1961
NW-19-P-01      BATIS ORA M                      BATIS O M                   1/1/1884        1/1/1953
NW-06-L-02      BEACH ETTA                       BEACH ETTA                  8/3/1868        12/14/1952
NW-06-L-01      BEACH MCCAGER T                  BEACH ETTA                  11/25/1865      8/5/1943
NW-03-E-02      BEALL CARRIE                     BEALL W J                   5/15/1862       7/28/1948
NW-03-E-01      BEALL W J                        BEALL W J                   8/4/1858        7/23/1941
NW-28-G-01      BELCHER B DRAKE                  WATSON MYRTLE               11/9/1889       4/25/1951
NW-28-G-02      BELCHER LOTTIE M                 WATSON MYRTLE               9/21/1894       8/5/1967
NW-10-K-04      BELL LARK                        BELL O L                    8/4/1946        9/21/1984
NW-10-K-03      BELL LILLIAN LITANE              BELL O L                    2/23/1942       6/7/1943
NW-10-K-01      BELL O L (LARK)                  BELL O L                    11/18/1904      3/22/1994
NW-10-K-02      BELL, BERTA                      BELL O L                    9/29/1907       1/30/1999
NW-05-P-01      BENTLEY RUTH IRENE                                           1/1/1913        1/1/1934
NW-16-O-01      BERRY DAVID HERMON               BERRY D H                   5/3/1897        9/1/1984
NW-16-O-02      BERRY ELLA MAE                   BERRY D H                   12/14/1902      1/16/1987
NW-16-O-03      BERRY GERALD GLEN                BERRY D H                   7/21/1930       9/4/1948
NW-24-K-01      BERRY LESTER                     BERRY LESTER                9/26/1890       4/21/1952
NW-24-K-02      BERRY MATTIE ELIZABETH           BERRY LESTER                11/20/1899      3/20/1992
NW-24-K-05      BERRY ROBERT DWAYNE              BERRY LESTER                6/25/1958       6/4/1988
NW-17-J-04      BETHEL DONALD MERRELL            BETHEL MR & MRS DON         9/24/1899       3/5/1985
NW-17-J-05      BETHEL VIVIAN WATKINS            BETHEL MR & MRS DON         4/11/1897       8/28/1994
NW-03-A-05      BIDWELL DELMAR                   BIDWELL DELMAR E            8/26/1899       5/4/1650
NW-03-A-02      BIDWELL JULIET SUE               BIDWELL S E                 9/26/1881       4/2/1961
NW-03-A-01      BIDWELL SAMUEL E                 BIDWELL S E                 2/7/1864        2/23/1941
NW-12-L-02      BIRDSONG OLA J                   JACKSON MRS W A             2/2/1906        7/19/1972
NW-18-D-02      BISHOP ADA                       BISHOP W A                  1/1/1882        1/1/1945
NW-18-D-03      BISHOP ALONZO                    BISHOP W A                  1/4/1918        11/25/1918
NW-18-D-01      BISHOP WALTER A                  BISHOP W A                  1/1/1886        1/1/1973
NW-06-N-05      BLACK INFANT                     BLACK M E                   1/1/1938        1/1/1938
NW-06-N-01      BLACK MARVIN E                   BLACK M E                   1/1/1908        1/1/1943
NW-23-A-05      BLASSINGAME GLADYS FAYE          PRICE CARL                  10/6/1928
NW-23-A-04      BLASSINGAME OTIS BUFORD          PRICE CARL                  11/11/1917      12/20/1974
NW-18-C-03      BLEDSOE JOHNNIE MORTON           MORTON R B                  1/1/1916        1/1/1974
NW-10-D-03      BLYTHE, GEORGE                   BLYTHE, GEORGE              1/1/1860        1/1/1939
NW-28-J-05      BOOTH EDWIN DEWAIN               BOOTH LOYD W                10/17/1934      2/6/1938
NW-06-B-04      BORDOFSKE BERTHA                 BORDOFSKE L                 2/15/1889       8/26/1962
NW-06-B-03      BORDOFSKE LOUIS W                BORDOFSKE L                 9/17/1961
NW-06-B-05      BORDOFSKE MARGARET LURA          BORDOFSKE L                 6/29/1914       9/8/1929
NW-19-K-02      BOSWELL ANNA LEE                 EATON JOHNNIE               1/1/1909        1/1/1980
NW-19-K-01      BOSWELL COYT D                   EATON JOHNNIE               5/20/1914       10/15/1959
NW-27-C-02      BOTTOMS EUNICE JUANITA           BOTTOMS BEN O & W B         1/1/1902        1/1/1985
NW-27-C-03      BOTTOMS WILLIAM BENO             BOTTOMS BEN O & W B         1/1/1901        1/1/1985
NW-09-D-01      BOX EDGAR L                      BOX MRS M L                 1/9/1874        4/28/1931
NW-09-D-02      BOX MITTIE L                     BOX MRS M L                 8/21/1874       1/5/1955
NW-03-B-01      BOYD ALFRED                      BOYD A E                    12/24/1870      4/7/1936
NW-03-B-02      BOYD ODIE                        BOYD A E                    1/14/1874       5/16/1955
NW-26-C-02      BRANDON BESSIE                   BRANDON BESSIE              1/1/1886        1/1/1962
NW-06-M-03      BRANDON CLARENCE OUTL            FOLTZ W W                   1/30/1906       12/11/1994
NW-26-C-03      BRANDON HENRY T                  BRANDON BESSIE              11/26/1907      11/10/1973
NW-26-C-01      BRANDON J A                      BRANDON BESSIE              1/1/1872        1/1/1952
NW-26-C-05      BRANDON J E "BUDDY"              BRANDON BESSIE              9/4/1918        7/17/1995
NW-10-B-01      BRANDON J HENRY                  BRANDON J H                 1/1/1871        1/1/1935
NW-10-B-02      BRANDON JANIE                    BRANDON J H                 1/1/1875        1/1/1957
NW-06-M-04      BRANDON LOTA BARBEE              FOLTZ W W                   9/25/1908       12/30/1990
NW-26-C-04      BRANDON RUTH                     BRANDON BESSIE              4/27/1919       3/25/2003
NW-22-M-01      BRANDON TOM WEBSTER              BRANDON IDA                 1/1/1890        1/1/1932
NW-10-B-05      BRANDON, OTIS                    BRANDON, OTIS
NW-15-F-02      BRANHAM KATIE PORTER             BRANHAM PERCY B             1/1/1865        1/1/1935
NW-15-F-01      BRANHAM PERCY                    BRANHAM PERCY B             1/1/1887        1/1/1976
NW-24-A-01      BRAZIEL D C (RAT)                BRAZIEL D C & WILKINS E      4/19/1886       10/28/1966
NW-04-G-01      BRAZIEL J D                      BRAZIEL MRS J D             2/23/1902       9/24/1944
NW-05-D-01      BRAZIEL JOHN T                   BRAZIEL JOHN                1/1/1862        1/1/1951
NW-24-A-02      BRAZIEL TEELIE                   BRAZIEL D C & WILKINS E      3/31/1894       12/19/1945
NW-05-D-02      BRAZIEL, MAUD H                  BRAZIEL, JOHN               1/1/1872        1/1/1942
NW-21-B-02      BREMER DOROTHY ANNA              BREMER H J                  1/1/1897        1/1/1964
NW-21-B-03A      BREMER HELEN L                   BREMER H J                  1/1/1938        1/1/1945
NW-21-B-01      BREMER HENRY JOHN                BREMER H J                  1/1/1885        1/1/1959
NW-21-B-04      BREMER JOHN C                    BREMER H J                  1/1/1938
NW-21-B-03      BREMER JOYCE E                   BREMER H J                  1/1/1937        1/1/1937
NW-17-B-02      BRIDENDALL HOWARD N              BRIDENDALL H N              12/9/1890       10/14/1948
NW-17-B-01      BRIDENDALL MARY V                BRIDENDALL H N              1/1/1854        1/1/1931
NW-17-B-03      BRIDENDALL RUBY L                BRIDENDALL H N              12/24/1895      1/14/1975
NW-14-A-05      BRIDGE MARY O                    BRIDGES MR W J              6/3/1869        3/23/1945
NW-14-A-04      BRIDGE WILLIAM J                 BRIDGES MR W J              2/2/1861        8/4/1953
NW-17-J-01      BRIDGES ROY                      BRIDGES ROY                 1/1/1890        1/1/1940
NW-07-C-02A      BRINKLEY CHARLES R               BRINKLEY H C                7/19/1922       1/1/1993
NW-05P-E-01      BRINKLEY CLOIS B                 BRINKLEY PAULINE J
NW-07-C-01      BRINKLEY HOYT C                  BRINKLEY H C                1/1/1897        1/1/1933
NW-07-D-04      BRODERICK MRS ETTA               CLISBEE MRS F D             1/1/1857        1/1/1950
NW-22-O-03      BROWN BERTIE                     BARNETT W B                 2/22/1899       11/11/2002
NW-09-D-04      BROWN GEORGE THOMAS              BOX MRS M L                 7/30/1880       3/29/1953
NW-09-D-05      BROWN GERTHA NAYOMA              BOX MRS M L                 12/14/1900      9/29/1984
NW-05P-A-03      BROWN MYRTLE                     BROWN W A & MYRTLE          10/9/1921       7/9/1999
NW-05P-A-02      BROWN WILLIAM ALEX               BROWN W A & MYTRLE          2/15/1910       11/7/1992
NW-27-C-04      BROYLES AMELIA C                 BOTTOMS BEN O & W B         1/1/1879        1/1/1951
NW-26-D-05      BRYANT GEORGIA HODGES            BRYANT J C & G H            9/13/1902       8/7/1951
NW-18-O-04      BRYANT JOHN L                    BRYANT J L                  1/1/1892        1/1/1953
NW-18-O-05      BRYANT NANCY H                   BRYANT J L                  1/1/1878        1/1/1950
NW-28-B-02      BUCKHOLT LOIS OLA                BUCKHOLT O K                11/14/1900      4/26/1981
NW-28-B-01      BUCKHOLT OSCAR K                 BUCKHOLT O K                1/9/1898        2/14/1952
NW-16-B-03      BULL CHARLES S                   BULL CHARLES                6/3/1897        11/21/1938
NW-22-F-04      BURCH GARY                       BURCH J O                   8/11/1941       9/17/2002
NW-22-F-02      BURCH GERTIE                     BURCH J O                   1/5/1898        5/18/1947
NW-22-F-01      BURCH OSCAR                      BURCH J O                   7/26/1893       9/9/1958
NW-22-F-03      BURCH, BILLY MAX                 BURCH J O                   6/30/1928       4/3/2002
NW-15-A-04      BURNAM SYLVIA MODGLING           MODGLING MRS W F            10/16/1921      4/8/1994
NW-17-D-03      BURNS ELEANOR MCKEE              MCKEE F H                   6/29/1914       6/25/1986
NW-20-N-04      BUTLAR GATHA MAE                 JONES J A
NW-20-N-03      BUTLAR ROBERT L                  JONES J A                   9/27/1918       8/11/1994
NW-21-E-02      BUTTS MAUDE E                    BUTTS R D                   5/15/1886       8/14/1947
NW-21-E-01      BUTTS R D                        BUTTS R D                   5/8/1883        11/15/1967
NW-21-N-02      BYNUM CATHERINE M                MOORING KATE                1/1/1890        1/1/1969
NW-18-L-03      CADE RUTH LEE                    HENDERSON W D               7/13/1907       10/17/1970
NW-04-F-04      CADLE FRANCES E                  COBURN J T                  4/13/1872       8/11/1962
NW-04-F-05      CADLE TOM                        COBURN J T                  12/24/1865      6/4/1954
NW-06-F-05      CALLAWAY ARTHUR B                CALLAWAY J R                10/1/1911       9/4/1931
NW-06-F-04      CALLAWAY BELLE T                 CALLAWAY J R                11/10/1882      7/21/1974
NW-06-F-03      CALLAWAY JOE R                   CALLAWAY J R                5/28/1893       8/28/1961
NW-05P-B-03      CALLAWAY, TOOTIE                 WHITMIRE MR & MRS W E       9/21/2000
NW-27-B-03      CALMES, MARY                     CALMES MARY                 5/14/1998
NW-03-J-05      CALVIN VIRGINIA                  MARSHALL LARRY              7/3/1920        11/28/1996
NW-07-M-03      CAMDEN DONALD KEITH              CAMDEN GEORGE               1/1/1920        1/1/1943
NW-07-M-02      CAMDEN JACKIE NEIL               CAMDEN GEORGE               1/1/1925        1/1/1945
NW-04-E-05      CANNADY G B                      CANNADY C L                 1/1/1888        1/1/1946
NW-04-E-04      CANNADY G I                      CANNADY C L                 1/1/1885        1/1/1945
NW-26-L-03      CAN'T READ MARKER                KEENE J W
NW-19-E-01      CARLOS ALANSON B                 CARLOS A B (VOLA JOE        3/30/1871       6/22/1946
NW-19-E-02      CARLOS NAOMI M                   CARLOS A B (VOLA JOE        2/2/1876        1/25/1949
NW-25-G-02      CARREKER MARY E                  TOLAND TERRY                1/15/1888       12/16/1948
NW-25-G-01      CARREKER TIM J                   TOLAND TERRY                8/23/1886       8/10/1954
NW-25-G-03      CARREKER WOODROW T               TOLAND TERRY                1/25/1916
NW-16-E-01      CARROLL JAMES W                  CARROLL MRS J W             1/17/1896       7/12/1938
NW-11-P-04      CARROLL ROBERT ELMER             HAYNES R S                  4/20/1906       2/6/2001
NW-11-P-05      CARROLL ROSA LEE                 HAYNES R S                  3/14/1912       10/11/1988
NW-26-B-02      CARSON EIRE W                    CARSON J C                  10/7/1892       7/11/1970
NW-26-B-01      CARSON JEFF C                    CARSON J C                  6/11/1890       1/19/1964
NW-05-P-03      CARSON W W                                                   1/12/1855       8/13/1931
NW-17-H-01      CASKEY ERNEST BAINES             CASKEY E B (JAMES W         11/8/1876       2/16/1937
NW-17-H-05      CASKEY INFANT                    CASKEY E B (JAMES W         7/13/1903       7/16/1903
NW-17-H-03      CASKEY MYRTLE AIKEN              CASKEY E B (JAMES W         12/3/1876       6/12/1959
NW-16-H-01      CASKEY WILLIAM HERMON            CASKEY E B (MRS J A         9/7/1907        5/23/1956
NW-16-H-05      CASKEY, JOHN HERMAN              CASKEY E B (MRS J A         10/10/1932      7/13/1999
NW-24-H-05      CASS ORA Z                       CASS R G                    2/6/1880        6/7/1948
NW-24-H-04      CASS ROBERT GREY                 CASS R G                    10/19/1879      5/4/1951
NW-04-B-01      CASTEEL EMMA F                   LASTER M F                  11/14/1864      7/27/1934
NW-19-B-02      CHAMBERS MILDRED I WELLS         WELLS FARRIS                12/9/1908       12/8/1977
NW-24-E-02      CHAPIN BEULAH E                  CHAPIN H A                  7/10/1885       1/23/1968
NW-24-E-01      CHAPIN HAYES A                   CHAPIN H A                  7/19/1876       4/3/1949
NW-07-F-03      CHAPMAN BLANCHE WALL             WALL MRS LAND               9/17/1899       10/27/2002
NW-28-A-05      CHESSHIR FLORA MAE               CHESSHIER MRS J W           7/26/1868       2/2/1950
NW-28-A-04      CHESSHIR JIM WADE                CHESSHIER MRS J W           1/11/1877       12/14/1949
NW-11-K-02      CHRISTIE BLANCHE MCADAMS         MCADAMS ZANA                1/1/1891        1/1/1962
NW-03-C-01      CLAIBORNE BEDFORD F              CLAIBORNE B F               9/19/1882       4/18/1971
NW-02-C-02      CLAIBORNE LAURA JANE             CLAIBURNE W A               1/1/1874        1/1/1961
NW-03-C-02      CLAIBORNE NANNIE                 CLAIBORNE B F               12/31/1884      11/23/1955
NW-03-C-03      CLAIBORNE PAULINE                CLAIRBORNE B F              6/19/1916       4/8/1936
NW-02-C-01      CLAIBURNE W A                    CLAIBURNE W A               1/1/1876        1/1/1938
NW-14-C-01      CLAY CHARLES VERNON              CLAY C V                    7/15/1906       4/9/1977
NW-14-C-05      CLAY EFFIE M                     CLAY C V                    6/13/1886       1/12/1971
NW-14-C-04      CLAY ERNEST L                    CLAY C V                    12/27/1874      12/11/1962
NW-15-B-04      CLAY JACK DAVIS                  COX D H                     1/25/1911       2/29/1988
NW-15-B-05      CLAY MABLE                       COX D H                     3/2/1911        12/28/1993
NW-14-C-02      CLAY MARY ESTHER                 CLAY C V                    1/2/1908        12/15/1932
NW-15-O-01      CLEMENS MAEHALA                  WISEMAN MAE                 1/9/2002
NW-03-E-04      CLEMENTS J C                     CLEMENTS J C                2/27/1892       8/26/1941
NW-07-D-02      CLISBEE FRANK D                  CLISBEE MRS F D             1/1/1855        1/1/1930
NW-07-D-01      CLISBEE LOUISE                   CLISBEE MRS F D             1/1/1883        1/1/1962
NW-05-D-03      COBB, LON                        COBB, L L                   1/1/1886        1/1/1942
NW-05-D-04      COBB, MYRTLE                     COBB, L L                   1/1/1890        1/1/1973
NW-05-F-04      COBBS ARTHUR M                   COBBS A M                   7/16/1868       7/22/1957
NW-05-F-05      COBBS MAGGIE E                   COBBS A M                   12/25/1869      8/12/1943
NW-14-G-02      COGDELL EDNA E                   WILLIAMS H R                6/6/1909        8/8/1989
NW-14-G-03      COGDELL WELDON                   WILLIAMS H R
NW-04-F-02      COLBURN MARY JUNE                COBURN J T                  1/9/1899        9/4/1944
NW-25-M-04      COLE IRENE MARIE                 COLE IRENE                  3/10/1884       8/26/1973
NW-16-A-05      COLLINS MYRTLE                   MOORE MRS J H               1/8/1889        3/5/1959
NW-16-A-04      COLLINS VIRGIL H                 MOORE MRS J H               11/24/1960
NW-25-C-02      CONGERS MARTH ELIZABETH          WALLACE MRS T A             8/19/1903       1/30/1994
NW-15-B-01      COX DAVID H                      COX D H                     11/25/1868      5/16/1937
NW-15-B-02      COX JOE LENA                     COX D H                     3/2/1875        9/11/1953
NW-15-P-04      CRAWFORD JOHN WILLIAM            CRAWFORD W H                4/21/1912       5/3/1967
NW-15-P-03      CRAWFORD JOHN WILLIAM JR         CRAWFORD W H                1/1/1941
NW-15-P-05      CRAWFORD MARY MARGARET           CRAWFORD W H                9/11/1912       6/23/1984
NW-15-P-02      CRAWFORD RUTH M                  CRAWFORD W H                4/26/1965
NW-15-P-01      CRAWFORD W H                     CRAWFORD W H                4/12/1881       2/7/1951
NW-29-B-02      CROMARTIE ESTHER                 CROMARTIE JACK              8/8/1909        12/25/1951
NW-29-B-01      CROMARTIE TWAIN G                CROMARTIE JACK              7/13/1911       5/31/1984
NW-26-D-01      CROW JEFFERSON RANDOLPH          GILMORE PHOEBIE E           12/28/1888      6/5/1951
NW-20-F-02      CRUMLY BERNICE                   CRUMLY D A                  5/1/1912        5/29/1974
NW-20-F-01      CRUMLY DAVID ALLEN               CRUMLY D A                  4/24/1911       12/29/1957
NW-20-F-05      CRUMLY ELDON ALLEN               CRUMLY D A                  11/19/1945
NW-16-P-02      CRUMPTON BERTHA MAYO             MAYO EARL                   3/20/1901       10/11/1977
NW-25-D-05      CULVER ANNIE R                   CULVER SAM                  1/1/1904        1/1/1950
NW-25-D-04      CULVER SAM A                     CULVER SAM                  1/1/1869        1/1/1963
NW-21-O-02      CUMMINGS AUDREY                  CUMMINGS P B                5/24/1909       2/14/1990
NW-21-O-01      CUMMINGS PERCY B                 CUMMINGS P B                8/15/1904       10/20/1955
NW-29-L-01      CUNNINGHAM ALLEN C               CUNNINGHAM A C              10/19/1875      2/18/1953
NW-29-L-04      CUNNINGHAM ALLEN WARREN          CUNNINGHAM ALLEN            3/31/1917       5/4/1988
NW-29-L-02      CUNNINGHAM NORA                  CUNNINGHAM A C              11/9/1883       8/22/1972
NW-29-L-05      CUNNINGHAM R FRANCES             CUNNINGHAM ALLEN            4/14/1919
NW-08-D-03      CYRUS G RAYMOND                  SLIGER C M                  1/1/1898        10/23/1932
NW-18-N-02      DAKE KATHERINE                   DAKE G L                    10/26/1897      6/27/1867
NW-18-N-01      DAKE LEANDER                     DAKE G L                    8/19/1900       12/11/1982
NW-18-M-05      DAKE LUNA DELLE                  DAKE W D                    11/8/1881       1/7/1962
NW-18-M-04      DAKE W D                         DAKE W D                    2/17/1876       5/8/1949
NW-01-C-03      DAKIL, SHAKER F.                 DAKIL, MRS. SHAKER          1/1/1906        1/1/1938
NW-28-J-01      DANIEL JOHN T                    BOOTH LOYD W                8/20/1889       2/28/1969
NW-29-C-05A      DANSBY CHARLOTTE D               WILLIAMS O J                4/26/1933       7/27/1995
NW-17-N-01      DANSBY TOM                       DANSBY TOM                  10/1/1887       6/9/1946
NW-07-P-03      DARROW, PERCY                    HATCHER MRS G L
NW-07-P-02      DARROW, ZINNIE                   HATCHER MRS G L             10/7/1915       12/6/2001
NW-26-N-02      DAULTON ANNA                     DAULTON E C                 12/29/1908      3/13/1955
NW-26-N-05      DAULTON ELIZABETH                DAULTON E C                 3/26/1890       11/17/1980
NW-26-N-01      DAULTON EVERETT C                DAULTON E C                 5/5/1911        1/18/1985
NW-26-E-05      DAVIDSON LUCY JANE               DAVIDSON W S                11/5/1893       9/30/1983
NW-26-E-04      DAVIDSON WILLIAM SAMUEL          DAVIDSON W S                9/19/1885       3/1/1974
NW-17-K-04      DAVIS ELMER                      DAVIS ELMER                 1/1/1906        1/1/1987
NW-16-L-05      DAVIS EMITT G                    DAVIS MRS GLEEN             8/26/1903       9/29/2001
NW-17-K-02      DAVIS FANNIE                     DAVIS ELMER                 1/1/1908        1/1/1944
NW-16-L-02      DAVIS GEORGIA M                  DAVIS MRS GLEEN             2/3/1881        4/22/1965
NW-16-L-01      DAVIS GLEEN T                    DAVIS MRS GLEEN             12/27/1872      4/5/1946
NW-07-K-05      DAVIS GLENA SUE                  DAVIS LESTER O              1/1/1940
NW-03-G-04      DAVIS JAMES D                    DAVIS J D                   3/27/1889       4/4/1945
NW-06-A-01      DAVIS JOHN J                     DAVIS J J                   2/6/1841        3/9/1932
NW-16-L-04      DAVIS LA VERNE                   DAVIS MRS GLEEN             10/5/1910
NW-07-K-03      DAVIS LESTER E                   DAVIS LESTER O              12/17/1926      11/24/1971
NW-07-K-01      DAVIS LESTER OTTO                DAVIS LESTER O              1/1/1899        1/1/1979
NW-03-G-05      DAVIS LYDIA P                    DAVIS J D                   6/7/1888        1/30/1925
NW-07-K-02      DAVIS MAGGIE IRENE               DAVIS LESTER O              1/1/1906        1/1/1968
NW-17-K-05      DAVIS MATTIE A                   DAVIS ELMER                 1/1/1914        1/1/1983
NW-06-A-02      DAVIS SARAH                      DAVIS J J                   2/15/1845       7/1/1929
NW-20-C-02      DAWSON IVY MAY                   DAWSON J A                  7/10/1904       11/25/1986
NW-20-C-01      DAWSON JAMES A                   DAWSON J A                  2/4/1891        7/12/1945
NW-21-C-05      DEARING GENELLE                  JOHNSTON J S                11/14/1923      1/10/1988
NW-19-M-04      DENNIS JASPER T                  DENNIS J T                  12/28/1882      3/27/1963
NW-19-M-05      DENNIS LONA B                    DENNIS J T                  11/8/1881       7/2/1961
NW-10-E-01      DEVOLL DAN D                     DEVOLL D D                  1/1/1872        1/1/1952
NW-10-E-04      DEVOLL ELROY                     DEVOLL D D                  11/10/1990
NW-10-E-03      DEVOLL FRED                      DEVOLL D D                  9/23/1922       7/22/1988
NW-10-E-02      DEVOLL KATIE BELL                DEVOLL D D                  1/1/1888        1/1/1965
NW-02-C-05      DICK M A                         DICK M A                    7/12/1872       2/18/1939
NW-16-C-01      DICKERSON DEESIE                 DICKERSON (MRS SUE          9/8/1882        9/25/1947
NW-16-C-03      DICKERSON IVY THOMSON            DICKERSON (MRS SUE          8/11/1875       7/24/1964
NW-16-C-02      DICKERSON N J                    DICKERSON (MRS SUE          6/23/1864       1/1/1952
NW-16-C-04      DICKERSON ROY O                  DICKERSON (MRS SUE          3/25/1894       6/5/1945
NW-10-F-03      DICKINSON D M                    DICKINSON D M               1/1/1862        1/1/1941
NW-10-F-01      DICKINSON ERNEST J               DICKINSON D M               1/1/1898        1/1/1934
NW-10-F-04      DICKINSON NANCY                  DICKINSON D M               1/1/1866        1/1/1932
NW-13-O-02      DILL KATHERINE E                 DILL LLOYD                  1/3/1923        12/17/1958
NW-13-O-01      DILL LLOYD O                     DILL LLOYD                  7/27/1901       3/30/1966
NW-13-O-05      DILL MILDRED H                   DILL W A                    12/15/1901      3/7/1974
NW-13-O-04      DILL WILLIAM A                   DILL W A                    10/19/1899      4/23/1959
NW-12-K-01      DOLMAN H A                       DOLMAN H A                  9/3/1881        11/23/1965
NW-12-K-03      DOLMAN HARRY A JR                DOLMAN H A                  6/4/1908        2/24/1963
NW-12-K-02      DOLMAN IDA INEZ                  DOLMAN H A                  10/22/1883      8/2/1942
NW-12-K-04      DOLMAN LOU R                     DOLMAN H A                  6/29/1911
NW-20-J-04      DOTY BAUCUM K                    HUGHES MRS JOE              10/12/1915      12/11/1975
NW-27-J-01      DRAKE JUSTIN DON                 DRAKE DON                   9/9/1922        9/18/1986
NW-26-J-04      DRAKE KENNETH EWING              DRAKE DON                   8/9/1925        5/26/1968
NW-26-J-02      DRAKE MAYME LEE                  DRAKE DON                   1/1/1901        1/1/1984
NW-26-J-01      DRAKE THOMAS DONALD              DRAKE DON                   1/1/1897        1/1/1950
NW-22-D-02      DRIVER ADA L                     DRIVER W J                  8/28/1882       4/27/1955
NW-22-D-03      DRIVER JAYNEE RUTH               DRIVER W J                  7/21/1922       4/30/1947
NW-22-D-01      DRIVER W J                       DRIVER W J                  5/3/1881        9/4/1969
NW-22-D-04      DRIVER, HOMER JACK               DRIVER W J                  4/29/1874       2/17/1998
NW-02-F-02      DUFFIE JACKSON                   DUFFIE J                    7/29/1869       7/3/1949
NW-02-F-03      DUFFIE SARAH S                   DUFFIE J                    2/22/1870       1/10/1944
NW-22-L-01      DUNCAN A A                       DUNCAN A A                  11/27/1870      8/18/1956
NW-18-K-06      DUNCAN BERNIS A                  EATON JOHNNIE               10/19/1908      8/3/1968
NW-18-K-01      DUNCAN ELYO EATON                EATON JOHNNIE               5/1/1911        12/20/1984
NW-22-L-03      DUNCAN GUY T                     DUNCAN A A                  7/31/1904
NW-01-B-01      DUNCAN JOHN M                    STONE V O                   6/15/1869       6/10/1936
NW-22-L-02      DUNCAN MARY CLIFTON              DUNCAN A A                  12/2/1869       6/25/1951
NW-21-O-05      DUNLAP CAROLYN VIOLET            LEE A J                     1/4/1939        2/4/1978
NW-02-F-04      DUNLAP G C                       DUNLAP G C                  10/28/1878      11/22/1945
NW-21-O-04      DUNLAP JOHNNY MACK               LEE A J                     4/19/1939       10/5/1963
NW-02-F-05      DUNLAP LYDIA                     DUNLAP G C                  2/19/1881       10/18/1953
NW-01-A-01      DUPUY MAUD TOLSON                DUPUY                       4/9/1872        6/3/1929
NW-20-N-05      DURHAM MARY ELLA                 JONES J A                   10/11/1872      9/20/1953
NW-06-O-03      DUTTON ALICE                     THOMAS M S                  1/1/1869        1/1/1945
NW-11-C-04      EARNESTINE                       LEONARD I T                 1/1/1918        1/1/1942
NW-11-G-05      EASLEY D"LEVA JEAN               EASLEY GUY                  2/25/1937       2/25/1937
NW-11-G-02      EASLEY FRANCES                   EASLEY GUY                  4/16/1994
NW-11-G-01      EASLEY GUY C                     EASLEY GUY                  4/16/1898       2/23/1937
NW-11-G-05A      EASLEY JACQUELYN ANN             EASLEY GUY                  5/2/1933        10/30/1936
NW-03-A-04      EASON DORTHEA M                  BIDWELL DELMAR E            10/16/1908      6/15/1979
NW-27-G-01      EATON CLAUDE EDGAR               EATON CLAUDE                6/17/1891       5/24/1965
NW-18-K-06A      EATON JOHN TATE                  EATON JOHNNIE               5/22/1865       11/11/1933
NW-27-G-02      EATON JOSIE HADEE                EATON CLAUDE                9/17/1893       7/26/1968
NW-19-K-05      EATON RUTH                       EATON JOHNNIE               1/1/1997
NW-18-K-01A      EATON SARAH ELLEN                EATON JOHNNIE               8/16/1870       3/11/1947
NW-19-K-04      EATON WILLIAM C                  EATON JOHNNIE               12/20/1894      11/6/1987
NW-21-E-04      EATON, EMMA                      BUTTS R D                   9/14/1911       5/6/1998
NW-15-C-01      EDDINS LON P                     EDDINS L P                  1/1/1869        1/1/1942
NW-15-C-02      EDDINS SARAH V                   EDDINS L P                  1/1/1872        1/1/1957
NW-23-B-01      EDDY ALFRED                      EDDY ALFRED                 11/28/1911      1/22/1976
NW-23-B-02      EDDY CLARA MAE                   EDDY ALFRED                 9/18/1924       12/4/1964
NW-24-P-05      EDMONDSON ANNA M                 EDMONDSON ANNA M            11/4/1906       10/22/1986
NW-24-P-03      EDMONDSON ANNIE L                EDMONDSON ANNA M            6/9/1876        3/13/1955
NW-04-D-03      EDWARDS AULTON LEE               EDWARDS MRS J F             1/1/1909        1/1/1942
NW-19-F-02      EDWARDS CALLIE DELL              EDWARDS GUY                 5/30/1879
NW-21-F-02      EDWARDS EULAH V                  EDWARDS GLAYDS              4/6/1900        3/14/1954
NW-19-F-01      EDWARDS HARLIN M                 EDWARDS GUY                 6/8/1877        9/7/1945
NW-21-F-03      EDWARDS JAMES L                  EDWARDS GLAYDS              1/30/1900       11/13/1975
NW-21-F-01      EDWARDS JAMES LEON JR            EDWARDS GLAYDS              12/11/1921      4/21/1947
NW-04-D-04      EDWARDS JESSE FLOYD              EDWARDS MRS J F             1/1/1882        1/1/1949
NW-21-G-04      EDWARDS LOIS E                   EDWARDS J L                 8/24/1918       9/26/1967
NW-04-D-05      EDWARDS ODESSA AUGUSTIN          EDWARDS, MRS J F            1/1/1885        1/1/1973
NW-17-L-04      ELLIS DORIS                      ELLIS H C                   4/2/1927        10/22/2004
NW-17-L-02      ELLIS HARVEY C                   ELLIS H C                   1/1/1896        1/1/1980
NW-17-L-01      ELLIS RUBY G                     ELLIS H C                   1/1/1901        1/1/1945
NW-17-L-03      ELLIS WILBUR LEE                 ELLIS H C                   2/10/1923       10/17/1990
NW-23-K-02      ELTON ANNIE BELL                 ELTON FRANK                 5/12/1901       11/21/1985
NW-23-K-01      ELTON FRANK EDWARD               ELTON FRANK                 10/12/1893      10/27/1979
NW-14-K-05A      EMBRY ANN T                      EMBRY MRS J M               6/24/1905       11/9/1990
NW-14-K-03      EMBRY EARL R                     EMBRY MRS J M               1/1/1893        1/1/1974
NW-14-K-02      EMBRY HATTIE                     EMBRY MRS J M               1/1/1873        1/1/1965
NW-14-K-04      EMBRY HESTER                     EMBRY MRS J M               1/1/1900        1/1/1969
NW-14-K-01      EMBRY JOE M                      EMBRY MRS J M               1/1/1865        1/1/1943
NW-14-K-05      EMBRY MARVIN                     EMBRY MRS J M               1/1/1901        1/1/1983
NW-24-O-04      EVANS ERNEST B                   EVANS E B                   1/1/1909        1/1/1955
NW-24-O-05      EVANS ETHEL N LONG               EVANS E B                   1/1/1887        1/1/1962
NW-02-F-01      EVANS WILLIAM L                  EVANS W L                   1/1/1879        1/1/1943
NW-09-L-02      FELLOWS CORA L                   FELLOWS E L                 5/2/1882        10/4/1939
NW-09-L-01      FELLOWS EDWARD L                 FELLOWS E L                 9/18/1876       9/2/1958
NW-09-L-03      FELLOWS MINIFIE                  FELLOWS E L                 9/7/1902        8/4/1969
NW-22-M-02      FERGUSON IDA BRANDON             BRANDON IDA                 1/1/1892        1/1/1966
NW-20-B-02      FINDLEY JESSIE A                 FINDLEY TORY (MRS           1/1/1897        1/1/1945
NW-26-G-03      FISHER AMY                       FISHER R E                  9/22/1976       9/22/1976
NW-26-G-02      FISHER EDNA MAY                  FISHER R E                  6/12/1900
NW-26-G-01      FISHER RUBEN EMETT               FISHER R E                  1/2/1896        1/29/1971
NW-24-D-03      FITZPATRICK ARLIE C              FITZPATRICK R D             7/19/1932       5/10/1934
NW-24-D-01      FITZPATRICK BEN F                FITZPATRICK R D             4/18/1882       1/20/1953
NW-24-D-02      FITZPATRICK LULA M               FITZPATRICK R D             10/5/1886       12/9/1984
NW-24-D-04      FITZPATRICK ROBERT D             FITZPATRICK R D             6/7/1907        5/8/1969
NW-24-D-05      FITZPATRICK STELLA P             FITZPATRICK R D             7/16/1906       6/22/1970
NW-14-H-02      FLINN BESSIE E                   FLINN MRS W H               6/27/1885       4/15/1964
NW-14-H-01      FLINN WILLIAM H                  FLINN MRS WILLIAM H         12/23/1882      1/1/1939
NW-12-C-01      FLOWERS JAMES C                  FLOWERS JAMES I             8/19/1841       8/19/1932
NW-12-C-04      FLOWERS JOHN ERWIN               FLOWERS JAMES I             9/7/1875        2/17/1970
NW-12-C-05      FLOWERS ZETHEL                   FLOWERS JAMES I             2/28/1888       6/6/1973
NW-05-G-01      FOLSOM GEORGE M                  FOLSOM NANNIE               7/27/1891       7/19/1977
NW-05-G-02      FOLSOM NANNIE V                  FOLSOM NANNIE               11/17/1895      9/8/1979
NW-05-G-03      FOLSOM ROY MARION                FOLSOM ROY                  12/5/1943       12/5/1943
NW-06-M-01      FOLTZ WALTER W                   FOLTZ W W                   9/12/1906       10/24/1943
NW-18-G-02      FORD EDITH                       FORD T J                    7/4/1880        1/16/1944
NW-22-E-02      FOSTER AVA                       FOSTER K H & D P            8/15/1896       4/11/1972
NW-22-E-03      FOSTER DONALD PAUL               FOSTER K H & D P            7/20/1919       1/2/1945
NW-22-E-01      FOSTER HERB                      FOSTER K H & D P            4/21/1894       8/3/1968
NW-07-P-04      FRAZIER, LARRY                   HATCHER MRS G L
NW-07-P-05      FRAZIER, PAT                     HATCHER MRS G L
NW-13-H-02      FULKERSON MAGGIE V ELLISON       FULKERSON W O               1/1/1899        1/1/1984
NW-13-H-01      FULKERSON W OSCAR                FULKERSON W O               1/1/1891        1/1/1939
NW-23-C-05      GALBRAITH EFFIE F                GALBRAITH N W               1/8/1886        1/4/1957
NW-23-C-04      GALBRAITH NORMAN W               GALBRAITH N W               11/21/1885      1/4/1966
NW-04-B-05      GANTENBEIN JOHN                  GANTENBEIN                  1/22/1935
NW-29-E-03      GARRARD, JACK YORK               GARRARD BROS                12/6/1918       1/5/2002
NW-29-E-02      GARRARD, LUCRETIA                GARRARD BROS                1/1/1880        1/1/1952
NW-29-E-01      GARRARD, WILLIAM D.              GARRARD BROS                1/1/1863        1/1/1951
NW-18-P-01      GARRETT BUD                      GARRETT B W                 1/1/1883        1/1/1963
NW-18-P-02      GARRETT LELA B                   GARRETT B W                 1/1/1890        1/1/1985
NW-15-M-01      GILLIAM ARTHUR BUTRCH            GILLIAM PAT                 5/11/1896       11/20/1951
NW-15-M-03      GILLIAM CHARLES A                GILLIAM PAT                 8/26/1928       9/24/1929
NW-14-M-02      GILLIAM CLARA O                  GILLIAM CLARA               10/24/1894      10/28/1981
NW-01-D-04      GILLIAM INFANT                   GILLIAM ODELL               9/24/1927       9/24/1927
NW-01-D-05      GILLIAM JACK W                   GILLIAM ODELL               3/28/1930       1/30/1932
NW-15-M-04      GILLIAM JAMES D                  GILLIAM PAT                 11/11/1930      10/11/2002
NW-15-M-02      GILLIAM OLA JANETTE              GILLIAM PAT                 2/7/1902        3/31/1963
NW-01-D-01      GILLIAM W ODELL                  GILLIAM ODELL               5/5/1901        5/15/1948
NW-14-M-01      GILLIAM, O O                     GILLIAM, CLARA              8/6/1898        9/10/1944
NW-26-D-02      GILMORE PHOEBIE E CROW           GILMORE PHOEBIE E           10/4/1898       9/17/1984
NW-10-N-02      GIST MARGARETT                   COX F R                     9/14/1914       7/14/1944
NW-10-N-01      GIST WALTER C                    COX F R                     5/29/1911       4/13/1974
NW-26-O-01      GLENN JOHNNIE                    GLENN J M                   6/29/1886       11/17/1968
NW-26-O-02      GLENN LILLIE                     GLENN J M                   7/4/1902
NW-13-K-02      GODBOLD MODESSIE                 GODBOLD W B                 4/7/1892        11/6/1970
NW-13-K-03      GODBOLD WILLIAM B JR             GODBOLD W B                 3/26/1921       7/5/1943
NW-13-K-01      GODBOLD WILLIAM SR               GODBOLD W B                 4/18/1891       9/8/1944
NW-26-M-05A      GODWIN BABY                      GODWIN DIXIE
NW-25-A-03      GOLDEN JOHNNIE RAY               GOLDEN O E                  9/21/1929       8/12/1948
NW-25-A-01      GOLDEN OLLIE E                   GOLDEN O E                  12/5/1900       6/9/1959
NW-25-A-02B      GOLDEN QUAVA                     GOLDEN O E                  12/14/1923      1/10/2005
NW-25-A-02      GOLDEN RUBY M                    GOLDEN O E                  5/14/1902       12/11/1971
NW-25-A-02A      GOLDEN, C L                      O E GOLDEN                  1/1/1998
NW-22-J-02      GOODMAN NETTIE V                 GOODMAN W T                 12/16/1890      9/30/1949
NW-22-J-01      GOODMAN WILLIAM T                GOODMAN W T                 1/7/1889        5/10/1981
NW-13-G-04      GOODNIGHT ELIZA BILLINGS         GOODNIGHT W O & ELIZA       3/25/1888       3/22/1963
NW-13-G-03      GOODNIGHT WILLIAM OREN           GOODNIGHT W O & ELIZA       12/1/1881       12/16/1973
NW-28-F-03      GOREE CAROLYN JUNE               MORRISON MRS J W            8/21/1938       6/1/1951
NW-06-N-02      GORLEY ALYCE                     BLACK M E                   4/2/1919        9/8/2002
NW-06-N-03      GORLEY RAYMOND C                 BLACK M E                   1/1/1913        1/1/1969
NW-05-A-01      GRACE JOHN W                     WILLIAMS, OSCAR             1/1/1850        1/1/1915
NW-05-A-02      GRACE MARTHA W                   WILLIAMS, OSCAR             1/1/1849        1/1/1928
NW-26-O-03      GRACY J T                        GRACY J T                   1/1/1891        1/1/1956
NW-23-C-01      GRAHAM C L                       GRAHAM C L & A C            2/21/1884       12/10/1950
NW-23-C-02      GRAHAM MINNIE E                  GRAHAM C L & A C            8/8/1888        4/11/1965
NW-06-F-01      GRAVE                            CALLAWAY J R
NW-25-C-04      GRAVE                            WALLACE MRS T A
NW-11-E-02      GREATHOUSE CORA G                GREATHOUSE E J              1/4/1879        5/30/1966
NW-11-E-01      GREATHOUSE EARLY F               GREATHOUSE E J              2/4/1878        1/21/1934
NW-09-P-05      GREEN ALICE WOMACK               WOMACK SAM                  2/2/1870        1/11/1967
NW-17-M-02      GREEN CLARCIE A                  GREEN F F                   7/12/1891       3/20/1991
NW-17-M-01      GREEN FRANK TAYLOR               GREEN F F                   1/1/1890        1/1/1946
NW-05-E-01      GREEN LETA MAE                   HATCHER J F & FRANK         9/6/1911        12/12/1942
NW-09-F-02      GREENE MARY T                    GREENE W T                  4/5/1859        1/14/1951
NW-25-E-02      GREENE MYRTLE E                  GREENE WILL T               3/7/1896        12/13/1972
NW-25-E-04      GREENE ROSS                      GREENE WILL T
NW-09-F-01      GREENE W T                       GREENE W T                  6/25/1856       10/19/1931
NW-25-E-03      GREENE WILLIAM RAYMOND           GREENE WILL T               6/3/1927        3/20/1932
NW-25-E-01      GREENE WILLIAM WILL T            GREENE WILL T               12/8/1891       7/3/1962
NW-10-E-05      GRESHAM DANNY DERWOOD            DEVOLL D D                  7/31/1953
NW-21-B-05      GRIMES LILY MAE                  BREMER H J                  4/15/1925
NW-24-B-01      GRISHAM JAMES LEMUEL             GRISHAM J L                 3/25/1876       7/25/1951
NW-28-F-05      GRISHAM JAMES MARVIN             MORRISON MRS J W            11/12/1902      8/5/1974
NW-24-B-02      GRISHAM MARY IANTHA              GRISHAM J L                 12/27/1883      8/24/1961
NW-28-F-04      GRISHAM RUBY IVY                 MORRISON MRS J W            1/29/1907       4/21/1996
NW-11-M-02      GULLEY CONNIE                    GULLEY G W                  3/29/1881       8/8/1944
NW-11-M-01      GULLEY VIRGIL                    GULLEY G W
NW-29-P-01      HACKNEY B FRANK                  HACKNEY J D                 5/12/1879       4/17/1956
NW-29-P-03      HACKNEY BERNARD S                HACKNEY J D                 7/14/1913       2/11/1983
NW-29-P-02      HACKNEY LULA K                   HACKNEY J D                 10/26/1874      6/19/1967
NW-24-C-04      HALE THOMAS H                    HALE T H                    1/1/1863        1/1/1950
NW-24-C-05      HALE TYNETTIE                    HALE T H                    1/1/1875        1/1/1970
NW-11-C-03      HALL CHLOE LEONARD               LEONARD I T                 1/1/1898        1/1/1968
NW-16-M-03      HAMILTON ALTA A                  HAMILTON O A                11/3/1936       9/30/1946
NW-16-M-01      HAMILTON OTHA A                  HAMILTON O A                1/1/1908        9/30/1946
NW-16-N-03      HAMILTON PATRICIA ANN            TAYLOR C F                  10/25/1943      6/28/1994
NW-05P-D-01      HAMMOND LESLIE F                 HAMMOND LESLIE F            1/6/1910        11/15/1983
NW-05P-D-02      HAMMOND VALLEE M                 HAMMOND LESLIE F            1/16/1912       1/31/1986
NW-22-B-01      HAMRICK CHARLES L                HAMRICK C L                 9/8/1863        6/23/1946
NW-22-B-02      HAMRICK LULA                     HAMRICK C L                 1/2/1870        11/10/1962
NW-05-O-05      HANDY B W                        HANDY BOZIL ?               1/1/1887        1/1/1935
NW-05-O-04      HANDY BERTIE                     HANDY BOZIL ?               1/1/1893        1/1/1956
NW-05-O-01      HANDY NEWTON A                   HANDY BOZIL ?               10/1/1915       3/20/1957
NW-05-O-02      HANDY WILLIAM T                  HANDY BOZIL ?               5/21/1913       11/29/1944
NW-13-P-03      HANES CHRISTOPHER GRANT          THOMAS A G                  5/10/1869       1/7/1952
NW-22-K-03      HANKS JANIE WOOD                 WOOD AVERY                  8/3/1912        12/8/1970
NW-14-J-01      HANNA DR JOHN J                  HANNA DR                    7/15/1875       5/3/1956
NW-14-J-03      HANNA DR MILDRED V               HANNA DR                    8/22/1900       10/17/1957
NW-15-J-03      HANNA JOHN J III                 HANNA JACK                  6/6/1935        7/22/1959
NW-15-J-01      HANNA JOHN J JR                  HANNA JACK                  10/22/1903      10/22/1986
NW-14-J-02      HANNA MRS JOHN J                 HANNA DR                    10/31/1877      6/29/1966
NW-15-J-02      HANNA, LOIS                      HANNA JACK                  7/4/1911        2/10/2000
NW-10-L-04      HARGESHEIMER IMOGENE M           HARGESHEIMER PRICE          9/23/1914       1/2/1997
NW-10-L-05      HARGESHEIMER MACKIE WEBB         HARGESHEIMER PRICE          4/24/1939
NW-10-L-03      HARGESHEIMER PRICE               HARGESHEIMER PRICE          7/13/1911       3/13/1984
NW-13-C-01      HARMAN JOHN T                    HARMAN J TOM                4/20/1933
NW-24-P-02      HARRIS ALZADA M                  HARRIS A M                  1/1/1868        1/1/1956
NW-08-P-05      HARRIS GUY                       HARRIS GUY                  4/4/1892        7/22/1957
NW-25-O-05      HARRIS INEZ                      HARRIS L L                  12/4/1908       7/27/1955
NW-08-P-04      HARRIS LILLIE M                  HARRIS GUY                  4/24/1898       1/2/1953
NW-26-K-03      HARRIS LUTHER LEE                BAILEY MYRTLE               12/4/1913       3/20/1996
NW-26-K-02      HARRIS MYRTLE E                  BAILEY MYRTLE               1/14/1907       11/27/1990
NW-10-D-04      HARRIS, AMANDA                   BLYTHE, GEORGE              1/1/1871        1/1/1953
NW-29-D-01      HARWELL MASON                    HARWELL MASON               1/1/1874        1/1/1955
NW-29-D-02      HARWELL VERA G                   HARWELL MASON               1/1/1884        1/1/1951
NW-05-E-03      HATCHER GEORGIA                  HATCHER J F & FRANK         7/21/1903       7/31/1973
NW-07-P-01      HATCHER GRADEN L                 HATCHER MRS G L             8/15/1912       12/15/1948
NW-05-E-04      HATCHER J FRANK                  HATCHER J F & FRANK         10/23/1871      6/24/1948
NW-29-N-02      HATCHER JESSIE W                 HATCHER W W                 11/7/1907
NW-05-E-05      HATCHER NINA LOU                 HATCHER J F & FRANK         12/29/1881      10/1/1967
NW-29-N-01      HATCHER WILLIE W                 HATCHER W W                 10/18/1909      12/25/1955
NW-15-K-03      HAVINS ERNESTINE                 HORTON MRS E E              1/1/1912        1/1/1981
NW-15-K-04      HAVINS LOYD                      HORTON MRS E E              8/29/1911       8/8/2004
NW-10-L-02      HAVINS, OMAGENE                  HARGESHEIMER PRICE          10/12/1992
NW-19-K-03      HAWKINS GEORGE                   EATON JOHNNIE               8/17/1989
NW-19-O-04      HAWKINS JEAN JONES               KING J L                    11/15/2004
NW-08-N-03      HAYES MAYNIE                     JONES J R                   1/1/1892        1/1/1950
NW-11-P-01      HAYNES RICHARD SHERMAN           HAYNES R S                  6/25/1864       10/9/1960
NW-11-P-02      HAYNES SALLIE MARIE              HAYNES R S                  4/2/1873        4/4/1950
NW-19-G-03      HEATH, DONALD E.                 HEATH H A
NW-23-M-02      HEDGCOTH FRANK                   HEDGCOTH FRANK              1/1/1898        1/1/1960
NW-23-M-01      HEDGECOTH BOBBIE DEE             HEDGCOTH FRANK              12/7/1932       1/4/1955
NW-27-M-03      HEFNER DORA ANN                  FITZPATRICK JESS            1/1/1894        1/1/1955
NW-29-J-04      HELMS BABY SON                   HELMS P L                   5/12/1935       5/12/1935
NW-19-C-02      HELMS DELIA                      HELMS J A                   3/11/1889       10/15/1945
NW-29-J-02      HELMS ILA D                      HELMS P L                   8/28/1912       3/30/2000
NW-19-C-01      HELMS JOHN A                     HELMS J A                   3/26/1879       2/15/1955
NW-29-J-03      HELMS PHYLLIS KAY                HELMS P L                   8/21/1942       3/29/1951
NW-29-J-01      HELMS PLESS H                    HELMS P L                   10/10/1906      1/30/1987
NW-20-L-02      HENDERSON CLARA                  HENDERSON J B               1/5/1889        2/23/1952
NW-20-L-01      HENDERSON JOE B                  HENDERSON J B               11/15/1882      9/21/1949
NW-12-J-03      HENDERSON LOIS L                 HENDERSON ROBERT            9/6/1909        1/25/1984
NW-18-L-02      HENDERSON MARY L                 HENDERSON W D               11/24/1887      11/27/1947
NW-12-J-02      HENDERSON ROBERT G               HENDERSON ROBERT            5/5/1904        12/15/1976
NW-18-L-01      HENDERSON WM D                   HENDERSON W D               12/24/1885      2/2/1964
NW-15-G-04      HENDRICKS ELSIE HINES            HINES JOHN E                1/1/1904        1/1/1956
NW-12-P-02      HENRY JEWELL DEAN                HENRY B F                   2/17/1926       11/29/1949
NW-21-L-02      HENRY NANCY ALICE                HENRY W W                   2/9/1886        5/28/1966
NW-21-L-03      HENRY WILLIAM W                  HENRY W W                   1/1/1911        1/1/1950
NW-21-L-01      HENRY WILLIAM WALTER             HENRY W W                   3/15/1887       9/9/1974
NW-12-O-02      HERRING ELLEN                    HERRING W B                 8/19/1882       3/28/1971
NW-12-O-01      HERRING WILLIAM B                HERRING W B                 8/27/1877       5/27/1946
NW-07-B-02      HICKS BAILEY MITCHELL            MCKAY F H (GA)              1/1/1904        1/1/1939
NW-25-A-04      HILL FLORA MAXINE                GOLDEN O E                  12/6/1922       5/16/1966
NW-17-O-01      HILTON EDGAR B                   GROOM HAZEL (HILTON)        12/10/1908      11/24/1948
NW-17-O-02      HILTON HERBERT C                 GROOM HAZEL (HILTON)        2/9/1904        3/1/1973
NW-17-O-04      HILTON JEANNE                    GROOM HAZEL (HILTON)        6/7/1942        8/30/1995
NW-17-O-03      HILTON MATTIE M                  GROOM HAZEL (HILTON)        7/10/1910
NW-15-G-03      HINES BOBBY E                    HINES JOHN E                1/1/1925        1/1/1983
NW-15-G-05      HINES JOHN E                     HINES JOHN E                1/1/1901        1/1/1938
NW-07-G-04      HINES SIVANCE                    MCCARTY J J                 1/1/1893        1/1/1983
NW-07-G-05      HINES VIVIAN                     MCCARTY J J                 1/1/1903        1/1/1981
NW-12-O-04      HOBBS HORACE G                   HOBBS H G                   7/31/1908       12/5/1946
NW-02-B-01      HODO FLOYD HENRY                 HODO MR & MRS FLOYD         1/1/1907        1/1/1982
NW-19-J-02      HODO GRACE V                     HODO W H                    2/4/1886        3/20/1975
NW-02-B-03      HODO KEITH                       HODO MR & MRS FLOYD         11/21/1936      1/1/2006
NW-02-B-02      HODO LORETA "TOT"                HODO MR & MRS FLOYD         10/24/1910      6/1/1993
NW-19-J-01      HODO WILLIAM H                   HODO W H                    9/22/1879       10/12/1956
NW-26-L-05      HOLLAND EDNA ALICE               HOLLAND T R                 4/16/1892       3/22/1957
NW-27-N-02      HOLLINGSWORTH EDNA E DAVIS       HOLLINGSWORTH I R           10/2/1890       6/28/1994
NW-27-N-03      HOLLINGSWORTH IRL                HOLLINGWORTH I R            7/12/1922       6/11/1996
NW-27-N-01      HOLLINGSWORTH IRL R              HOLLINGSWORTH I R           7/17/1890       3/13/1966
NW-27-N-04      HOLLINGSWORTH SALLY              HOLLINGWORTH I R            1/3/1922        1/14/2005
NW-25-M-01      HOLMES ELBAN GILBERT             COLE IRENE                  4/8/1916        4/19/1970
NW-25-M-02      HOLMES REBECCA FRANCES           COLE IRENE                  12/5/1918       8/21/1980
NW-17-C-02      HOOK ELSIE M                     HOOK MRS FRANK              5/31/1880       8/10/1967
NW-17-C-05      HOOK FRANK M                     HOOK MRS FRANK              9/25/1899       6/24/1965
NW-17-C-01      HOOK FRANK M SR                  HOOK MRS FRANK              10/28/1867      3/27/1938
NW-17-C-04      HOOK HELEN L                     HOOK MRS FRANK              1/10/1902       1/10/1965
NW-22-O-04      HOOKER MARTIN O                  HOOKER M O                  11/27/1877      7/4/1955
NW-25-J-05      HOPKINS FOLYD W                  WHITE C R                   9/6/1908        6/2/1990
NW-25-J-04      HOPKINS LEOLA V                  WHITE C R                   7/29/1908       7/14/2001
NW-24-H-02      HOPKINS TENALIA                  HOPKINS TENALIA             1/9/1878        1/26/1963
NW-24-H-01      HOPKINS TERRELL P                HOPKINS TENALIA             10/5/1874       6/20/1948
NW-07-C-05      HOROWITZ BERTHA BELLE            BRINKLEY H C                5/31/1903       8/22/1975
NW-15-K-02      HORTON EARNEST E                 HORTON MRS E E              1/12/1888       11/2/1943
NW-07-B-04      HORTON EDGAR L                   MCKAY F H (GA)              9/6/1876        9/30/1961
NW-16-M-04      HORTON GORDON OWEN               HAMILTON O A                1/12/1912       7/4/1992
NW-15-K-05      HORTON MARY C                    HORTON MRS E E              4/27/1844       2/22/1946
NW-07-B-05      HORTON NANNIE B                  MCKAY F H (G A)             7/4/1880        9/17/1940
NW-15-K-01      HORTON NELL F                    HORTON MRS E E              9/17/1889       11/27/1973
NW-19-P-03      HUDSON MILDRED K                 BATIS O M                   8/17/1908       2/25/1982
NW-27-D-01      HUGHES FRANCIS H                 NORTHAM MR & MRS J T        10/31/1892      11/24/1951
NW-08-J-01      HUGHES J TOBE                    HUGHES J TOBE               12/6/1885       7/5/1957
NW-08-J-02      HUGHES JESSIE I                  HUGHES J TOBE               4/30/1891       11/23/1979
NW-20-J-01      HUGHES JOE B                     HUGHES MRS JOE              1/1/1907        1/1/1948
NW-08-J-04      HUGHES LUCILLE V                 HUGHES J TOBE               1/28/1916       9/23/1979
NW-08-J-05      HUGHES ROBERT P                  HUGHES J TOBE               1/28/1916       3/18/1941
NW-27-D-02      HUGHES ROSA OPAL                 NORTHAM MR & MRS J T        1/10/1898       5/12/1977
NW-14-E-02      HURST ANNIE L                    HURST M A BROS.             9/7/1881        12/25/1934
NW-14-E-01      HURST MARSHALL A                 HURST M A BROS.             8/18/1882       2/13/1939
NW-25-A-05      INFANT                           GOLDEN O E                  1/1/1947
NW-11-N-02      IONE SMITH PLUNKETT MCLEAN       PLUNKETT LEWIN              2/14/1907       12/8/1999
NW-14-D-05      IRVIN EVELYN MANLY               IRVIN J N                   1/1/1915        3/28/2004
NW-14-D-04      IRVIN HOMER L                    IRVIN J N                   1/17/1909       4/3/1973
NW-14-D-01      IRVIN JESSIE N                   IRVIN J N                   1/6/1882        4/29/1971
NW-14-D-02      IRVIN RISSA                      IRVIN J N                   1/27/1885       11/21/1934
NW-09-E-02      ISSACKS MARY C                   ISSACKS W A                 9/1/1867        8/14/1931
NW-09-E-03      ISSACKS SHERMAN H                ISSACKS W A                 6/3/1901        12/25/1963
NW-09-E-01      ISSACKS WILLIAM A                ISSACKS W A                 4/11/1863       10/9/1950
NW-03-G-03      JACKSON EFFIE                    DAVIS & ADDISON             1/1/1893        1/1/1946
NW-12-F-01      JACKSON ESCUS                    JACKSON E                   3/25/1894       3/2/1983
NW-12-F-02      JACKSON HATTIE FRANCES           JACKSON E                   4/3/1894        11/29/1962
NW-13-L-04      JACKSON J MONROE                 JACKSON J B                 7/29/1856       12/26/1941
NW-12-F-04      JACKSON JOE B                    JACKSON E                   2/19/1926       7/27/1954
NW-13-L-01      JACKSON JOE B                    JACKSON J B                 2/28/1907       1/21/1938
NW-13-L-05      JACKSON MARTHA E                 JACKSON J B                 3/4/1863        11/23/1952
NW-12-F-03      JACKSON OPHELIA D                JACKSON E                   1/10/1915       7/2/2002
NW-12-L-01      JACKSON W ANDREW                 JACKSON MRS W A             4/20/1903       1/22/1938
NW-15-C-03      JAMES ROY DAN                    EDDINS L P                  1/1/1939        1/1/1997
NW-02-D-03      JARVIS NORA F                    BAILEY CECIL (EARL          1/1/1888        1/1/1959
NW-23-P-01      JEFFREY DOUGLAS CREELMAN         WATKINS C T                 11/7/1919
NW-23-P-02      JEFFREY ELOISE EVANS             WATKINS C T                 5/29/1923       1/30/1982
NW-28-L-02      JENKINS FAYE                     JENKINS FAYE                3/29/1895       1/17/1981
NW-26-A-04      JENKINS ISRAEL B                 JENKINS I B                 9/27/1882       10/30/1957
NW-26-K-05      JENKINS LEXIE M                  JENKINS V C                 1/1/1910        1/1/1979
NW-26-A-05      JENKINS ONIE E                   JENKINS I B                 3/29/1887       7/22/1977
NW-26-K-04      JENKINS VIRGIL C                 JENKINS V C                 1/1/1907
NW-28-L-01      JENKINS W HENRY                  JENKINS FAYE                4/28/1892       12/5/1954
NW-11-B-03      JOHNSON BILLY LEO                JOHNSON E J                 8/21/1924       3/19/1936
NW-11-B-05      JOHNSON CURTIS L (BABY)          JOHNSON E J                 10/20/1949
NW-11-B-04      JOHNSON EDMOND J                 JOHNSON E J                 12/5/1886       11/25/1954
NW-13-P-04      JOHNSON HANNAH ALICE HANES       THOMAS A G                  8/3/1876        4/25/1967
NW-02-D-02      JOHNSON HESTER                   BAILEY CECIL (EARL          6/22/1913       11/29/2001
NW-11-B-02      JOHNSON SARAH A                  JOHNSON E J                 9/19/1895       6/17/1936
NW-15-D-05      JOHNSTON BELVA LEONE             JOHNSTON O L                9/3/1927        4/27/1933
NW-21-C-02      JOHNSTON ETTA                    JOHNSTON J S                10/31/1883      1/21/1962
NW-21-C-04      JOHNSTON FLORA O                 JOHNSTON J S                5/9/1903        10/20/1976
NW-21-C-01      JOHNSTON J S                     JOHNSTON J S                5/15/1866       10/2/1946
NW-15-D-03      JOHNSTON O L                     JOHNSTON O L                7/5/1905        7/23/1988
NW-15-D-04      JOHNSTON OPAL F                  JOHNSTON O L                6/20/1910       6/13/1970
NW-15-D-01      JOHNSTON ROBERT G                JOHNSTON O L                6/13/1867       9/25/1950
NW-15-D-02      JOHNSTON SARAH L                 JOHNSTON O L                5/3/1869        2/26/1950
NW-21-C-03      JOHNSTON W L (BILL)              JOHNSTON J S                12/12/1907      10/1/1955
NW-10-C-01      JOINER ADANIRAM JUDSON           JOINER A J                  6/15/1852       6/4/1932
NW-10-C-03      JOINER MATTIE HUNT               JOINER A J                  4/14/1884       10/4/1968
NW-09-M-04      JONES CECIL                      JONES L F                   5/19/1918       7/24/2001
NW-09-M-02      JONES ETHEL M                    JONES L F                   6/1/1891        6/8/1986
NW-09-M-03      JONES EUGENE H                   JONES L F                   5/20/1913       11/18/1962
NW-19-O-05      JONES FRANK                      KING J L                    1/1/1915        1/1/1984
NW-05-H-01      JONES G W                        JONES G W                   2/11/1884       8/17/1966
NW-24-L-04      JONES GEORGE A                   JONES G A                   7/25/1873       4/26/1953
NW-08-N-01      JONES J RIDLEY                   JONES J R                   5/16/1870       10/28/1943
NW-20-N-01      JONES JAMES ALFRED               JONES J A                   5/1/1894        3/26/1965
NW-13-E-01      JONES JOHN HENRY                 JONES J H                   6/26/1879       11/24/1934
NW-05-H-02      JONES LEONA                      JONES G W                   1/1/1879        1/1/1944
NW-09-M-01      JONES LONNIE F                   JONES L F                   1/1/1885        1/1/1944
NW-13-E-02      JONES MINNIE J                   JONES J H                   9/11/1880       5/11/1975
NW-24-L-05      JONES MINNIE M                   JONES G A                   4/12/1880       5/5/1963
NW-08-N-02      JONES MOLISSA O                  JONES J R                   3/25/1922       1/5/1963
NW-13-E-03      JONES SALLIE B                   JONES J H                   11/6/1857       11/2/1938
NW-15-N-01      JONES W H                        JONES W H                   1/1/1868        1/1/1944
NW-20-N-02      JONES WILLIE J                   JONES J A                   7/30/1898       9/30/1984
NW-26-L-02      KEENE MARY EMMA                  KEENE J W                   1/1/1861        1/1/1958
NW-10-P-01      KEITH WARREN F                   KEITH W F                   4/22/1893       1/17/1967
NW-10-P-02      KEITH WINNIE HODGES              KEITH W F                   10/21/1900      1/25/1995
NW-18-P-03      KENNEDY LAMAR C                  GARRETT B W                 8/7/1912        8/24/1967
NW-10-G-01      KENNINGTON S M                   KENNINGTON MRS S M          9/17/1887       9/9/1936
NW-17-K-03      KERN, ZAMA DAVIS                 DAVIS, ELMER                1/1/1926        1/1/1969
NW-12-D-02      KIBBLER BETTIE                   KIBBLER D L                 1/1/1863        1/1/1933
NW-12-D-03      KIBBLER CECIL                    KIBBLER D L                 1/1/1885        1/1/1967
NW-12-D-01      KIBBLER DAN L                    KIBBLER D L                 1/1/1859        1/1/1938
NW-17-E-03      KING ALBERT                      KING L P & A P              9/21/1910       2/22/1984
NW-17-E-05      KING BABY                        KING L P & A P              9/13/1940
NW-19-O-03      KING CHARLES A                   KING J L                    5/12/1921       1/2/1953
NW-03-B-03      KING CLARA M                                                 1/1/1862        1/1/1942
NW-29-M-05      KING CLEO                        KING L P                    3/14/1888       5/10/1955
NW-20-C-04      KING CLYDE HAMMOND               DAWSON J A                  12/17/2003
NW-19-O-02      KING DAISY E                     KING J L                    6/25/1882       12/12/1955
NW-29-M-04      KING L P                         KING L P
NW-20-C-05      KING LOUISE MARTHA               DAWSON J A                  8/10/2007
NW-17-E-04      KING MARGARETTE                  KING L P & A P              9/15/1916       1/29/1998
NW-19-O-01      KING REV JOHN L                  KING J L                    1/27/1878       1/14/1972
NW-16-G-03      KOCH ALLEN (INFANT)              KOCH MRS MARGARET           1/1/1960        1/1/1960
NW-16-G-04      KOCH CARROLL                     KOCH MRS MARGARET           11/12/2005
NW-17-G-03      KOCH HARRY                       KOCH MRS MARGARET           1/1/1867        1/1/1942
NW-16-G-05      KOCH JOHN ANTON                  KOCH MRS MARGARET           1/1/1898        1/1/1956
NW-17-G-02      KOCH MARGARET MIXSON             KOCH MRS MARGARET           1/1/1941
NW-05P-E-04      KOELSCH AUGUST C                 KOELSCH MARIE               1/1/1901        1/1/1984
NW-05P-E-05      KOELSCH FLOSSIE MARIE            KOELSCH MARIE               11/22/1909      4/19/1992
NW-07-E-01      KUSER J SAMUEL                   KUSER                       5/21/1854       11/26/1936
NW-07-E-02      KUSER MARY D                     KUSER                       5/12/1853       4/4/1934
NW-23-J-01      LACY CLARENCE                    LACY MRS EMMA               1/1/1901        1/1/1950
NW-08-O-03      LAINE, MARJORY MEEK              MEEK W A                    1/1/1998
NW-20-L-04      LAMB ALBERT J                    LAMB A J                    6/22/1882       6/18/1955
NW-20-L-05      LAMB CORDELIA                    LAMB A J                    7/8/1884        1/18/1950
NW-20-M-01      LAMB LEONARD MITCHELL            LAMB S J OR L M             8/28/1906       10/10/1974
NW-20-M-04      LAMB LOUISE                      LAMB S J OR L M             2/1/1932        3/12/1995
NW-20-M-02      LAMB MARY ELLEN                  LAMB S J OR L M             8/25/1911       5/23/1981
NW-20-M-03      LAMB MARY NELL                   LAMB S J OR L M             4/20/1936       10/11/1949
NW-17-F-01      LAMBERTON EUGENE F "DOCK"        LAMBERTON FRANK             1/1/1917        1/1/1980
NW-17-F-02      LAMBERTON FRANK E                LAMBERTON FRANK             1/1/1881        1/1/1959
NW-16-F-03      LAMBERTON JAMES H                LAMBERTON FRANK             1/1/1908        1/1/1981
NW-17-F-03      LAMBERTON M MAE                  LAMBERTON FRANK             1/1/1887        1/1/1967
NW-16-F-04      LAMBERTON MARIE HILL             LAMBERTON FRANK             1/6/1909        11/26/1996
NW-23-L-03      LANDERS CLESTON                  LANDERS W C                 4/23/1918       6/5/1985
NW-23-L-04      LANDERS INEZ M                   LANDERS W C                 7/6/1917
NW-23-L-05      LANDERS INFANT                   LANDERS W C                 3/8/1952        3/8/1952
NW-23-B-05      LANE LENA POOL                   LANE L P                    8/7/1883        5/11/1948
NW-16-H-03      LANE MARHTA CASKEY               CASKEY E B (MRS J A         10/6/1910       9/20/1991
NW-25-B-04      LANGDON J D                      PRITCHARD P D               1/6/1918        8/25/1985
NW-21-K-03      LANGFORD TOMMY L                 MARSALIS E B (T M           7/14/1944       4/10/1950
NW-07-N-05      LANTZ ERA F                      LANTZ L                     1/1/1891        1/1/1937
NW-07-N-04      LANTZ JOHN                       LANTZ L                     1/1/1888        1/1/1950
NW-07-N-01      LANTZ LEON                       LANTZ L                     1/1/1858        1/1/1946
NW-07-N-02      LANTZ MINERVA JANE               LANTZ L                     1/1/1858        1/1/1947
NW-01-A-04      LEDBETTER J E                    LEDBETTER                   1/1/1863        1/1/1942
NW-01-A-05      LEDBETTER MARY E                 LEDBETTER                   1/1/1865        1/1/1939
NW-24-O-03A      LEE ALLEN (JACK)                 EVANS E B                   6/15/1920       1/26/1996
NW-18-K-05      LEE GLADINE E                    EATON JOHNNIE               2/27/1902       3/15/1979
NW-26-F-02      LEE MINNIE E                     LEE R E                     10/14/1887      4/17/1951
NW-18-K-04      LEE R K                          EATON JOHNNIE               3/5/1901        10/15/1985
NW-26-F-01      LEE RICHARD E                    LEE R E                     10/5/1878       2/6/1958
NW-24-O-02      LEE RUBY M                       LEE W H                     8/15/1895       11/18/1991
NW-24-O-01      LEE W HENRY                      LEE W H                     6/24/1892       2/26/1955
NW-11-C-01      LEONARD ISSAC T                  LEONARD I T                 1/1/1880        1/1/1963
NW-11-C-05      LEONARD JUNE                     LEONARD I T                 1/1/1934        1/1/1936
NW-09-H-02      LEONARD LILLIE MAE               LEONARD MRS LOUIS           7/15/1899       7/11/1940
NW-09-H-01      LEONARD LOUIS L                  LEONARD MRS LOUIS           8/3/1894        9/3/1937
NW-11-C-02      LEONARD PEARL                    LEONARD I T                 1/1/1881        1/1/1931
NW-12-J-04      LEWIS ETHEL A                    HENDERSON ROBERT            8/25/1890       4/28/1983
NW-19-L-05      LEWIS WANDA                      LEWIS RICHARD & WANDA       8/16/2007
NW-17-P-05      LITTLE BOBBY LYNN                LITTLE HARRELL L            11/11/1943      2/21/1944
NW-17-P-01      LITTLE HORREL L                  LITTLE HARRELL L            4/19/1921       11/4/1959
NW-12-E-02      LONG ETTELLIA VOLCO              LONG I M                    1/27/1883       3/2/1934
NW-12-E-01      LONG ISSAC M                     LONG I M                    11/22/1876      12/10/1958
NW-29-C-05      LONG KARLA JO                    WILLIAMS O J                1/1/1959        1/1/1960
NW-19-N-01      LOVELESS JAMES C                 LOVELESS J C                1/1/1889        1/1/1975
NW-19-N-02      LOVELESS JESSIE E                LOVELESS J C                1/1/1896        1/1/1973
NW-19-N-05      LOVELESS KENDA LEA               LOVELESS J C
NW-19-N-03      LOVELESS, J C (TORE)             LOVELESS J C                1/1/1998
NW-09-M-05      LUCIE JONES                      JONES, L F                  11/1/1932       9/23/1997
NW-26-M-05      LUNSFORD KATHRYN L               GODWIN DIXIE                1/30/1931       1/1/1970
NW-10-F-02      LYON HELEN VANTINE DICKINSON      DICKINSON D M               1/1/1997
NW-05-F-01      MABRY EDD LEWIN                  MABRY ED                    3/2/1899        2/16/1962
NW-05-F-02      MABRY REBECCA DAVIS              MABRY ED                    4/3/1901
NW-20-D-01      MAGEE LEWIS ROSS                 MAGEE L R "LEWIS &          9/10/1885       3/23/1974
NW-20-D-03      MAGEE MARTHA BERRY               MAGEE L R "LEWIS &          8/17/1891       2/18/1983
NW-20-D-02      MAGEE MARY BERRY                 MAGEE L R "LEWIS &          4/1/1889        9/15/1946
NW-20-D-05      MAGEE RACHAEL H                  MAGEE L R "LEWIS &          10/12/1913      11/3/1987
NW-20-D-04      MAGEE ROSS BERRY                 MAGEE L R "LEWIS &          6/21/1909       11/29/1968
NW-26-P-04      MAJORS HATTIE EVELYN             SCREWS CHARLES              2/2/1904        10/29/1993
NW-07-C-03      MANSEL CLARA B                   BRINKLEY H C                5/16/1904
NW-07-C-04      MANSEL SALLY A                   BRINKLEY H C                11/16/1876      4/19/1936
NW-07-C-02      MANSEL WALTER LEWIS              BRINKLEY H C                3/11/1898       7/18/1962
NW-22-G-04      MARLER GEORGE W                  MOORE ODESSA                2/16/1895       1/14/1975
NW-22-G-05      MARLER SUSIE J                   MOORE ODESSA                7/3/1896        1/12/1971
NW-15-L-05      MARQUART CALLIE E                MARQUART C M                2/15/1883       10/25/1967
NW-15-L-04      MARQUART COCHIE M                MARQUART C M                1/18/1882       5/6/1910
NW-12-N-03      MARROW RUBY                      MARROW SPENCER              10/6/1915       11/30/1978
NW-12-N-02      MARROW SPENCER                   MARROW SPENCER              7/18/1895       2/25/1973
NW-21-K-01      MARSALIS ELTON B                 MARSALIS E B (T M           7/10/1908       4/30/1982
NW-21-K-02      MARSALIS LARUE                   MARSALIS E B (T M           11/20/1911
NW-21-J-01      MARSALIS LEONARD E               MARSALIS L E                1/21/4188       3/5/1961
NW-21-J-02      MARSALIS MINNIE E                MARSALIS L E                11/6/1887       7/22/1948
NW-05-B-02      MARSHALL, JOYCE LUKER            MARSHALL, VIRGIL W.         5/11/1930
NW-05-B-01      MARSHALL, VIRGIL WAYNE           MARSHALL, VIRGIL W.         12/26/1918      4/20/1999
NW-13-C-02      MARTIN ERA ESTELLE HARMAN        HARMAN J TOM                12/7/1898       8/6/1993
NW-05P-A-05      MARTIN LEE ANNE                  BUTTRILL MRS ARLEEN         11/20/1954      10/3/1984
NW-16-J-05      MATTHEW HELEN COKER              MATTHEW S J                 1/1/1888        1/1/1961
NW-16-J-01      MATTHEW S JEFF                   MATTHEW S J                 1/1/1881        1/1/1948
NW-20-G-03      MATTHEWS DOROTHY                 ROCKHOLT L W                4/6/1928        8/2/1947
NW-25-C-01      MAY BE A GRAVE HERE              WALLACE MRS T A
NW-16-P-01      MAYO EARL                        MAYO EARL                   9/1/1899        5/19/1951
NW-11-K-03      MCADAMS EUDORA VIRGINIA          MCADAMS ZANA                1/1/1866        1/1/1943
NW-11-K-04      MCADAMS J J JR                   MCADAMS ZANA                1/1/1902        1/1/1935
NW-09-H-03      MCCARTER JESSIE DEAN             LEONARD MRS LOUIS           2/14/2004
NW-07-G-02      MCCARTY IDA MAY                  MCCARTY J J                 1/1/1873        1/1/1935
NW-07-G-01      MCCARTY JOHN J                   MCCARTY J J                 1/1/1868        1/1/1940
NW-03-D-04      MCCLUNG GARLAND A                MCCLUNG NOLA                12/31/1903      11/15/1970
NW-03-D-02      MCCLUNG MARY E                   MCCLUNG NOLA                1/13/1874       12/1/1943
NW-03-D-01      MCCLUNG NOAH F                   MCCLUNG NOLA                1/20/1857       5/29/1938
NW-03-D-03      MCCLUNG NOLA M                   MCCLUNG NOLA                7/20/1899       3/2/1988
NW-17-A-03      MCCULLOUGH JOHN THOMAS           HOUZE MRS F L               12/15/1851      4/3/1936
NW-17-A-04      MCCULLOUGH JULIA A               HOUZE MRS F L               2/14/1858       1/17/1938
NW-09-K-02      MCDANIEL FRANCIS                 MCDANIEL MRS S H            12/31/1892      7/2/1985
NW-09-K-01      MCDANIEL SAMUEL H                MCDANIEL MRS S H            9/7/1889        3/8/1943
NW-18-F-02      MCGAUGHY BESSIE E                MCGAUGHY L A                1/6/1889        9/21/1970
NW-18-F-04      MCGAUGHY GRADY B                 MCGAUGHY L A                1/21/1909       6/5/1981
NW-18-F-01      MCGAUGHY LUTHER A                MCGAUGHY L A                6/24/1887       5/29/1982
NW-18-F-05      MCGAUGHY MAUDE E                 MCGAUGHY L A                11/13/1906      6/11/1988
NW-09-J-04      MCGUIRE CHARLIE K                MCGUIRE W B                 1/14/1911       3/11/1990
NW-09-J-03      MCGUIRE DOYCE NOLAN              MCGUIRE W B                 8/21/1923       6/29/1941
NW-09-J-05      MCGUIRE MARY A                   MCGUIRE W B                 9/12/1913       5/16/1984
NW-09-J-02      MCGUIRE MYRTLE H                 MCGUIRE W B                 9/17/1894       11/27/1971
NW-09-J-01      MCGUIRE W BARNEY                 MCGUIRE W B                 4/22/1887       5/9/1953
NW-07-B-01      MCKAY GEORGE A                   MCKAY F H                   1/12/1893       11/30/1934
NW-17-D-02      MCKEE ESTELLE MAE                MCKEE F H                   1/22/1880       10/9/1963
NW-17-D-05      MCKEE F HAROLD                   MCKEE F H                   2/11/1902       10/26/1983
NW-17-D-01      MCKEE FRANK H                    MCKEE F H                   6/30/1877       9/14/1949
NW-14-P-02      MCLAIN ETHEL S                   MCLAIN R C                  7/18/1892       7/26/1970
NW-14-P-01      MCLAIN RUPERT C                  MCLAIN R C                  4/30/1887       10/18/1948
NW-27-K-01      MCLEAN HARVEY S                  MCLEAN HARVEY               12/22/1890      12/31/1970
NW-27-K-02      MCLEAN WILLIE K                  MCLEAN HARVEY               2/5/1896        7/2/1956
NW-05-P-02      MCNEESE CLARENCE F                                           8/11/1899       6/3/1933
NW-15-E-05A      MCSPADDEN BABY                   MCSPADDEN J M               7/4/1951        7/4/1951
NW-15-E-02      MCSPADDEN BELLE                  MCSPADDEN J M               4/9/1880        4/30/1935
NW-15-E-05      MCSPADDEN DANNY RAY              MCSPADDEN J M               8/21/1940       8/21/1940
NW-15-E-01      MCSPADDEN JAMES M                MCSPADDEN J M               9/13/1873       9/11/1958
NW-22-J-04      MCSPADDEN JEWELL                 GOODMAN W T                 9/18/1918       9/22/1997
NW-15-E-04      MCSPADDEN LAVERN                 MCSPADDEN J M               11/7/1912       9/11/1990
NW-15-E-03      MCSPADDEN MARSHALL               MCSPADDEN J M               3/8/1907        3/18/1979
NW-22-J-03      MCSPADDEN MERLIN (BUSTER)        GOODMAN W T                 4/9/2006
NW-08-O-02      MEEK, IRENE                      MEEK W A
NW-08-O-01      MEEK, W A                        MEEK W A
NW-18-K-05A      MESSER HUGH F                    EATON JOHNNIE               8/3/1902        3/12/1970
NW-18-K-04A      MESSER THELMA J                  EATON JOHNNIE               10/23/1906      12/22/1985
NW-06-O-04      MESSINK W J BILL                 THOMAS M S                  2/11/1940       3/9/1988
NW-15-O-05      MEYERS JESSIE ANITA WISEMAN      WISEMAN MAE                 8/3/1927        5/10/1996
NW-22-C-04      MILLER CHARLES J                 MILLER C J                  5/21/1884       5/3/1953
NW-17-N-05      MILLER DEYTON C                  MILLER W L                  1/1/1888        1/1/1973
NW-28-N-02      MILLER LENORA A                  MILLER W H                  1/31/1877       12/13/1958
NW-22-C-05      MILLER LILLIE B                  MILLER C J                  4/14/1888       8/4/1975
NW-25-J-03      MILLER MARY MAE                  WHITE C R
NW-28-N-01      MILLER WILLIAM H                 MILLER W H                  4/8/1872        3/3/1962
NW-17-N-04      MILLER WILLIAM L                 MILLER W L                  1/1/1878        1/1/1947
NW-28-N-03      MILLER WILLIAM THOMAS            MILLER W H                  6/14/1894       8/18/1951
NW-09-A-01      MILLIGAN F L                     MILLIGAN F L                6/6/1855        2/16/1936
NW-09-A-03      MILLIGAN GERTRUDE L              MILLIGAN F L                12/19/1908      3/8/1934
NW-09-A-02      MILLIGAN LAURA                   MILLIGAN F L                8/15/1861       5/7/1934
NW-09-G-03      MINSHEW CLIFF                    MINSHEW C                   1/1/1893        1/1/1935
NW-09-G-01      MINSHEW HENRY                    MINSHEW C                   1/1/1867        1/1/1949
NW-09-G-02      MINSHEW ROSA                     MINSHEW C                   1/1/1874        1/1/1937
NW-29-H-01      MITCHELL W A                     MITCHELL MRS LULA           1/17/1896       12/28/1949
NW-29-H-03      MITCHELL WILLIAM A JR            MITCHELL MRS LULA           8/10/1925       11/23/1985
NW-29-H-02      MITCHELL, LULA                   MITCHELL MRS LULA           5/8/2000
NW-26-M-02      MOBLEY ANNA MAE                  GODWIN DIXIE                5/29/1919       10/5/1993
NW-26-M-01      MOBLEY VIRGIL SR                 GODWIN DIXIE                11/9/1912       4/11/1993
NW-15-A-02      MODGLING NOLA B                  MODGLING MRS W F            1/1/1896        1/1/1971
NW-15-A-01      MODGLING WILL F                  MODGLING MRS W F            1/1/1890        1/1/1937
NW-15-A-03      MODGLING WILLIAM F               MODGLING MRS W F            10/21/1922      2/2/1953
NW-25-N-02      MOHON FLORA                      MOHON WALTER                3/4/1911        2/8/1961
NW-25-N-01      MOHON WALTER                     MOHON WALTER                8/29/1907       11/27/1953
NW-22-M-05      MONTGOMERY OLLIE M               SHELTON BEN                 1/1/1885        1/1/1984
NW-22-M-04      MONTGOMERY R E                   SHELTON BEN                 1/1/1882        1/1/1957
NW-06-E-04      MONTGOMERY VERA                  PAYNE D D                   3/1/1892        11/15/1977
NW-16-A-02      MOORE ANNABELL                   MOORE MRS J H               6/15/1857       4/5/1931
NW-05-C-05      MOORE ANNIE ERLENE               MOORE A E                   3/1/1911
NW-05-C-04      MOORE ARTHUR                     MOORE A E                   10/20/1907      9/18/1983
NW-08-F-04      MOORE CLYDE L                    MOORE J WILEY               4/9/1906        9/4/1931
NW-22-K-04      MOORE DAVID L                    WOOD AVERY                  4/6/1937        4/29/1974
NW-22-G-01      MOORE DELTON L                   MOORE ODESSA                4/16/1922       2/1/1945
NW-22-H-01      MOORE FRED H                     MOORE FRED                  11/18/1913      4/4/1985
NW-19-E-05      MOORE JAMES B                    CARLOS A B (VOLA JOE        1/1/1899        1/1/1983
NW-08-F-05      MOORE JAMES B                    MOORE J WILEY               4/7/1910        9/4/1931
NW-08-F-01      MOORE JAMES WILEY                MOORE J WILEY               11/9/1875       8/28/1959
NW-16-A-01      MOORE JOHN H                     MOORE MRS J H               6/26/1856       2/19/1930
NW-20-J-03A      MOORE KENNEDY                    HUGHES MRS JOE              1/4/1996        9/2/1997
NW-05-C-03      MOORE MARY ANN                   MOORE A E                   3/3/1938        7/20/1939
NW-08-F-02      MOORE MARY BLEDSOE               MOORE J WILEY               5/17/1881       3/23/1964
NW-22-H-03      MOORE PAULINE                    MOORE FRED                  8/5/1926
NW-20-J-03      MOORE SUMMER ROBERTS             HUGHES MRS JOE              6/7/1978        9/2/1997
NW-19-E-04      MOORE VALA JOE B                 CARLOS A B (VOLA JOE        3/3/1989
NW-22-H-02      MOORE VIRGINIA L                 MOORE FRED                  3/8/1918        12/11/1947
NW-21-N-01      MOORING J F                      MOORING KATE                1/1/1883        1/1/1953
NW-06-M-02      MORGAN, WINIFRED                 FOLTZ W W                   9/12/1911       2/27/1998
NW-21-M-02      MORRIS ETHEL                     MORRIS O D                  10/4/1888       10/21/1967
NW-21-M-01      MORRIS OSCAR DOCK                MORRIS O D                  6/17/1887       6/8/1953
NW-28-F-01      MORRISON JAMES WALTER            MORRISON MRS J W            9/28/1891       8/26/1965
NW-28-F-02      MORRISON ZELMA NASH              MORRISON MRS J W            9/22/1911       7/18/1992
NW-18-C-05      MORTON BEVERLY O                 MORTON R B                  1/1/1918        1/1/1944
NW-28-D-01      MORTON JOHN U                    MORTON J U                  12/5/1869       8/25/1951
NW-28-D-02      MORTON LELA                      MORTON J U                  8/4/1872        11/8/1960
NW-18-C-02      MORTON LUNIE M                   MORTON R B                  1/1/1895        1/1/1953
NW-18-C-01      MORTON ROBERT B                  MORTON R B                  1/1/1891        1/1/1970
NW-20-A-02      MOSELEY BESSIE JUDY              MOSELEY W A                 1/1/1886        1/1/1944
NW-20-A-04      MOSELEY JANE ABBOTT              MOSELEY W A                 3/28/1921       5/13/2004
NW-20-A-01      MOSELEY WILLIAM ALEXANDER        MOSELEY W A                 1/1/1871        1/1/1962
NW-20-A-03      MOSLEY, W A, JR.                 MOSELEY W A                 1/1/1999
NW-04-G-04      MURPHY ELMER                     MURPHY ELMER                5/17/1896       1/16/1978
NW-04-G-05      MURPHY NORA                      MURPHY ELMER                5/5/1901        4/19/1983
NW-15-H-03      NELSON BESSIE L                  NELSON J F                  3/20/1906       12/31/2003
NW-15-H-02      NELSON GERALD E                  NELSON J F                  1/29/1935       1/27/1939
NW-15-H-01      NELSON JESS F                    NELSON J F                  11/8/1903       2/21/1964
NW-18-K-03      NEWBY JOHNNY WARD                EATON JOHNNIE               9/2/1912        3/9/1965
NW-18-K-02      NEWBY JOHNNYE                    EATON JOHNNIE               7/18/1913       7/17/1960
NW-23-N-01      NEWMAN DENVER K                  SMITH ROBERT                1/1/1918        1/1/1987
NW-06-K-01      NEWTON E W                       NEWTON E W                  12/2/1886       7/20/1943
NW-06-K-03      NEWTON ERNEST W                  NEWTON E W                  11/27/1916      5/16/1974
NW-27-E-03      NEWTON FLORA NALLY               WALKER JOEL T               9/12/1872       5/15/1952
NW-06-K-02      NEWTON VIOLA C                   NEWTON E W                  10/1/1886       11/14/1954
NW-08-F-03      NIBECK DOROTHY                   MOORE J WILEY               2/17/1903       2/25/1992
NW-28-K-01      NICHOLS CLAUDE                   NICHOLS C M                 4/15/1916       8/5/2003
NW-26-J-05      NICHOLS JOYCE ELAINE DRAKE       DRAKE DON                   4/21/1926       10/13/1989
NW-11-D-01      NO NAME                          PAGE L B                    1/1/1910        1/1/1955
NW-10-N-05      NOONER CHARLES MARIAN            WALLACE FLOYD               10/20/1898      7/12/1958
NW-11-A-03      NORMAN CHARLES ELROY             NORMAN MRS W H              11/11/1907      12/9/1960
NW-05P-C-05      NORMAN ESTLLENE                  NORMAN ESTLLENE             4/26/1927       10/19/1991
NW-11-A-02      NORMAN FLORA IRENE               NORMAN MRS W H              10/10/1885      8/5/1953
NW-11-A-04      NORMAN GRACE MILLER              NORMAN MRS W H              1/30/1905       1/5/1985
NW-05P-C-04      NORMAN HAYWARD W                 NORMAN ESTLLENE             1/2/1920        1/6/1983
NW-11-A-01      NORMAN WILLIAM HARDIN            NORMAN MRS W H              9/16/1876       6/9/1957
NW-27-O-04      NORTHAM B E , SR                 NORTHAM MARY A              12/26/1891      1/4/1967
NW-27-O-01      NORTHAM BENJAMIN E               NORTHAM MARY A              9/15/1922       3/6/1956
NW-27-O-05      NORTHAM BESSIE O                 NORTHAM MARY A              1/11/1893       3/6/1959
NW-27-D-04      NORTHAM J T                      NORTHAM MR & MRS J T        8/31/1915       11/30/2001
NW-27-D-05      NORTHAM MILDRED L                NORTHAM MR & MRS J T        5/1/1919        9/25/1999
NW-06-D-02      NORTON AARON J                   NORTON MRS A J              1/1/1858        1/1/1931
NW-06-D-04      NORTON EDGAR F                   NORTON MRS A J              1/1/1887        1/1/1975
NW-06-D-03      NORTON MARILLA D                 NORTON MRS A J              1/1/1869        1/1/1947
NW-06-D-05      NORTON MAUD                      NORTON MRS A J              1/1/1888        1/1/1902
NW-13-D-01      NORVILL ERNEST R                 NORVILL ERNEST              2/24/1891       4/19/1934
NW-24-J-05      NOWELL ALENE CATHRINE            NOWELL W D                  11/23/1930      2/26/2004
NW-24-J-03      NOWELL LEONARD A                 NOWELL W D                  3/3/1899        7/1/1954
NW-24-J-02      NOWELL WILLIE G                  NOWELL W D                  9/30/1899       10/8/1949
NW-05-P-04      O'ROURKE ROBERT E                                            1/1/1871        1/1/1930
NW-04-D-01      OTTO MILTON R                    OTTO M R                    10/1/1887       6/19/1942
NW-04-D-02      OTTO NORA L                      OTTO M R                    12/25/1888      7/14/1954
NW-13-M-05      OUTLAW IRIS                                                  2/26/1909       12/2/1999
NW-13-M-04      OUTLAW, W H                      OUTLAW MR & MRS W H         3/1/1997
NW-16-P-04      OVERSTREET HENRY V               MAYO EARL                   5/16/1879       9/9/1966
NW-16-P-05      OVERSTREET LUESETTIE H           MAYO EARL                   12/22/1891      1/8/1966
NW-11-D-03      PAGE LEE B                       PAGE L B                    1/1/1884        1/1/1966
NW-11-D-05      PAGE MARHTA J                    PAGE L B                    1/1/1858        1/1/1933
NW-11-D-04      PAGE MILES D                     PAGE L B                    1/1/1857        1/1/1947
NW-11-D-02      PAGE WINNIE P                    PAGE L B                    1/1/1887        1/1/1932
NW-05P-G-04      PARKER H FRANK                   PARKER H F                  9/27/1927
NW-05P-G-05      PARKER HELEN O                   PARKER H F                  7/5/1927        12/29/1982
NW-05P-G-03      PARKER HUBERT P                  PARKER MR & MRS H R         10/15/1900      3/18/1992
NW-18-J-05      PARKS HELEN FAYE                 PARKS JAMES A               1/13/1929       12/1/1997
NW-17-M-04      PARSONS EDNA E                   GREEN F F                   10/1/1912       8/6/1992
NW-17-M-05      PARSONS GEORGE E                 GREEN F F                   3/15/1908       3/7/1957
NW-24-E-05      PATE ALICE                       PATE IRA                    7/1/1877        11/8/1949
NW-24-E-04      PATE IRA L                       PATE IRA                    7/29/1875       4/8/1962
NW-14-N-05      PATTERSON LOUELLA E              ROGERS MRS C A              1/13/1890       11/12/1955
NW-14-N-04      PATTERSON WILLIAM T              ROGERS MRS C A              2/27/1876       6/4/1953
NW-06-E-05      PAYNE JENNIE                     PAYNE D D                   1/23/1881       9/26/1936
NW-02-E-03      PENNINGTON ED N                  PENNINGTON                  4/18/1897       8/12/1940
NW-22-B-04      PENNINGTON WALTER                HAMRICK C L                 1/2/2001
NW-11-L-02      PERKINS MARY MAGDALENE           PERKINS T J                 12/18/1865      2/10/1961
NW-27-A-02      PERKINS MRS W T                  PERKINS W T
NW-11-L-01      PERKINS THOMAS JEFFERSON         PERKINS T J                 4/20/1903       1/22/1938
NW-27-A-01      PERKINS W T                      PERKINS W T
NW-02-A-01      PERRY ELLEN                                                  1/1/1858        1/1/1931
NW-15-C-04      PETTIT BONNIE                    EDDINS L P                  12/10/1910      1/19/2005
NW-15-C-05      PETTIT INFANT                    EDDINS L P
NW-23-H-02      PHILLIPS BESSIE C                PHILLIPS C W                3/20/1889       6/12/1976
NW-23-H-04      PHILLIPS C WELBURN               PHILLIPS C W                10/13/1911      10/12/1976
NW-23-H-01      PHILLIPS CHARLES W               PHILLIPS C W                1/1/1884        1/1/1953
NW-24-G-01      PHILLIPS EARL SIDNEY             PHILLIPS EARL               9/20/1908       2/16/1949
NW-23-H-03      PHILLIPS HAROLD C                PHILLIPS C W                7/11/1913       12/11/1966
NW-13-G-01      PHILLIPS JACK                    PHILLIPS MRS JACK           1/8/1876        10/17/1937
NW-13-G-02      PHILLIPS MARY C                  PHILLIPS MRS JACK           4/5/1885        2/6/1949
NW-23-H-05      PHILLIPS OPAL C                  PHILLIPS C W                6/23/1918
NW-10-C-05      PICTURE, WINFRED JOINER          JOINER A J                  7/25/1891       10/9/1931
NW-27-B-01      PIERCE A P                       PIERCE A P                  1/1/1873        1/1/1951
NW-27-B-02      PIERCE MINTA A                   PIERCE A P                  1/1/1880        1/1/1957
NW-04-C-03      PITT MERWIN K                    PITT R R                    9/30/1941
NW-13-P-02      PITT WALTER                      PITT W F                    1/1/1887        1/1/1952
NW-11-N-01      PLUNKETT LEWIN                   PLUNKETT LEWIN              2/19/1903       12/14/1944
NW-23-B-04      POOL W S                         LANE L P                    1/1/1879        1/1/1907
NW-23-M-05      POPE ELLA R                      POPE W J                    4/9/1882        9/7/1970
NW-23-M-04      POPE WALTER J                    POPE W J                    5/5/1882        2/14/1955
NW-14-N-03      PORTER DYCIE                     ROGERS MRS C A              2/6/1910        7/2/1961
NW-06-G-01      PORTERFIELD BENJAMIN D           PORTERFIELD B D OR          1/1/1872        1/1/1941
NW-06-G-02      PORTERFIELD LUELLA               PORTERFIELD B D OR          1/1/1876        1/1/1932
NW-06-G-03      PORTERFIELD VERNON               PORTERFIELD B D OR          1/1/1896        1/1/1934
NW-21-H-01      POWELL GEORGE W                  POWELL G W                  1/1/1886        1/1/1947
NW-21-H-04      POWELL JACK                      POWELL G W                  1/4/1915        2/20/1994
NW-19-D-04      POWELL LAURENCE HENRY            STEVENS JACK                12/7/1908       11/18/1977
NW-19-D-05      POWELL LOUISE STEVENS            STEVENS JACK                8/16/1911       1/13/1966
NW-21-H-02      POWELL PEARL FRISBY              POWELL G W                  1/1/1889        1/1/1955
NW-21-H-05      POWELL, MARY JACK                POWELL G W                  8/27/1998
NW-29-O-01      PRESTON CYRIL B                  PRESTON LILLIAN             1/1/1901        1/1/1955
NW-29-O-02      PRESTON LILLIAN O                PRESTON LILLIAN             1/1/1903        1/1/1984
NW-28-O-01      PRESTON WAYNE DOUGLAS            PRESTON LILLIAN             9/7/1920        6/22/1997
NW-22-A-03      PRICE CARL                       PRICE CARL                  4/26/1915       3/26/1979
NW-22-A-04      PRICE FANNIE MAE                 PRICE CARL                  2/17/1920
NW-22-A-01      PRICE HARRY                      PRICE CARL                  9/2/1882        12/12/1945
NW-22-A-02      PRICE RHONDA R                   PRICE CARL                  2/19/1876       6/14/1957
NW-01-C-02      PRINCE DORA F                    PRINCE MRS J C              2/14/1871       1/13/1955
NW-01-C-01      PRINCE JOHN J                    PRINCE MRS J C              12/18/1868      2/28/1937
NW-25-B-02      PRITCHARD FANNIE LOU             PRITCHARD P D               12/5/1890       3/7/1957
NW-25-B-01      PRITCHARD PETER D                PRITCHARD P D               4/5/1883        6/14/1963
NW-22-G-02      PYLANT ADDIE MOORE               MOORE ODESSA                10/5/1895       4/17/1979
NW-05-D-05      QUIGG, SARA E.                   QUIGG W F                   1/1/1870        9/15/1943
NW-19-F-04      RACKLEY JEFF                     RACKLEY D J                 10/14/1876      4/24/1956
NW-19-F-05      RACKLEY ROSALIE                  RACKLEY D J                 2/20/1882       1/7/1973
NW-02-D-04      RAGAN EARL                       RAGAN CECIL (EARL           1/1/1886        1/1/1978
NW-02-D-05      RAGAN LAURA                      BAILEY CECIL (EARL          1/1/1889        1/1/1951
NW-21-M-05      REDMON MATTIE M                  TOLAND R O                  11/30/1889      4/29/1982
NW-21-M-04      REDMON REUBERN EARL              TOLAND R O                  2/14/1887       2/12/1966
NW-09-C-04      REED FLORENCE AUDREY             REED BOB                    8/5/1904        9/24/1992
NW-09-C-05      REED INFANT                      REED BOB
NW-09-C-03      REED JIM                         REED BOB                    2/15/1903       3/7/1937
NW-09-C-01      REED R S (BOB)                   REED BOB                    1/17/1880       3/24/1943
NW-09-C-02      REED ROSA LEE                    REED BOB                    11/10/1883      12/16/1975
NW-11-F-02      REYNOLDS ANNIE G                 REYNOLDS JOE                11/23/1882      8/22/1958
NW-11-F-01      REYNOLDS CLAY J                  REYNOLDS JOE                7/20/1903       2/6/1933
NW-11-F-04      REYNOLDS JESSIE W                REYNOLDS JOE                4/27/1916       6/28/1982
NW-11-F-03      REYNOLDS JOSEPH G                REYNOLDS JOE                9/25/1878       5/9/1963
NW-11-F-05      REYNOLDS PAULINE                 REYNOLDS JOE                9/16/1922
NW-07-O-05      RIGSBY GLADYS M                  RIGSBY MRS T A              8/4/1914
NW-07-O-03      RIGSBY PRESTON D                 RIGSBY MRS T A              1/1/1906        1/1/1950
NW-07-O-01      RIGSBY THOMAS A                  RIGSBY MRS T A              1/1/1870        1/1/1944
NW-07-O-04      RIGSBY VERNON G                  RIGSBY MRS T A              7/29/1900       3/1/1976
NW-07-O-02      RIGSBY VIOLET E                  RIGSBY MRS T A              1/1/1872        1/1/1956
NW-28-P-02      RILEY ALMA J                     RILEY W D                   1/16/1909
NW-12-B-02      RILEY AMANDA E                   RILEY A E                   4/16/1864       4/27/1945
NW-12-A-02      RILEY BARNEY                     RILEY MR & MRS              10/15/1900      2/3/1936
NW-18-M-01      RILEY BEN ELMER                  RILEY B E                   3/20/1900       1/26/1949
NW-12-A-04      RILEY BERNICE                    RILEY MR & MRS              10/2/1903       11/15/1937
NW-18-M-02      RILEY DAPHNA OMA                 RILEY B E                   12/12/1892      12/10/1990
NW-12-B-01      RILEY DAVIS C                    RILEY A E                   10/20/1849      3/12/1938
NW-28-P-01      RILEY WILLIAM D                  RILEY W D                   9/14/1904       7/27/1956
NW-12-B-03      RILEY, FRANK E.                  RILEY, A E                  8/27/1936
NW-12-B-04      RILEY, J F                       RILEY A E                   8/27/1936
NW-28-A-02      RITCHEY MARDA E                  RITCHIE R C (BOB)           10/25/1891      5/24/1960
NW-28-A-01      RITCHEY ROBERT C                 RITHCIE R C (BOB)           2/20/1882       7/7/1949
NW-13-N-01      RITCHIE DAVID CROCKETT           MARTIN HOLLIS               1/11/1914       12/23/1985
NW-23-A-02      RITCHIE DITHULA                  PRICE CARL                  2/19/1900       2/3/1955
NW-23-E-05      RITCHIE DONNA ANN                SCROGGINS MRS H O           1/1/1918        1/1/1984
NW-23-E-04      RITCHIE ELONSO E                 SCROGGINS MRS H O           1/1/1909        1/1/1986
NW-23-A-01      RITCHIE ZEB                      PRICE CARL                  2/15/1896       6/20/1979
NW-23-O-04      ROARK EARL PALMER                ROARK E P                   6/5/1880        2/24/1961
NW-23-O-02      ROARK JACK                       ROARK E P
NW-23-O-05      ROARK MAUDE STONE                ROARK E P                   11/30/1885      10/5/1961
NW-23-O-03      ROARK NINA O                     ROARK E P                   6/24/1912       6/5/1955
NW-22-C-01      ROBERSON JOHN S                  ROBERSON JOHN STEVEN        1/1/1884        1/1/1964
NW-22-C-02      ROBERSON NORA E                  ROBERSON JOHN STEVEN        1/1/1889        1/1/1947
NW-27-L-02      ROBERTS LAURA ALICE              ROBERTS T E                 9/8/1881        9/8/1964
NW-27-L-03      ROBERTS OTTO SEWELL              ROBERTS T E                 7/4/1898        1/8/1974
NW-27-L-04      ROBERTS SARA MEWBORN             ROBERTS T E                 11/20/1906      6/22/1986
NW-27-L-01      ROBERTS THOMAS E                 ROBERTS T E                 2/23/1873       8/22/1960
NW-27-L-05      ROBERTSON BESSIE RUTH            ROBERTS T E                 9/23/1903       8/30/1976
NW-28-P-04      ROBERTSON HUBERT H               ROBERTSON H H               12/15/1886      2/14/1968
NW-08-G-01      ROBERTSON J BERRY                ROBERTSON J B               1/1/1867        1/1/1935
NW-28-P-05      ROBERTSON MARY E                 ROBERTSON H H               9/10/1885       9/23/1958
NW-14-A-02      ROBESON A M                      BRIDGES MR W J              1/1/1841        1/1/1929
NW-08-A-04      ROBIE JESSIE VICTOR              WILLIAMS JOHN               2/9/1880        2/6/1956
NW-20-H-02      ROBINSON ALICE SPECHT            ROBINSON JIMMY              4/21/1904       5/9/1990
NW-20-H-01      ROBINSON JAMES MADISON           ROBINSON JIMMY              1/21/1905       3/3/1978
NW-20-H-03      ROBINSON JAMES MADISON JR        ROBINSON JIMMY              9/11/1928       1/15/1956
NW-06-A-05      ROBINSON OVIDA WEST              DAVIS J J                   9/17/1900       5/7/1984
NW-06-A-04      ROBINSON STERLING PRICE          DAVIS J J                   9/21/1903       12/4/1963
NW-28-E-03      ROCKHOLT A E                     ROCKHOLT FRANK              1/1/1870        1/1/1952
NW-28-E-01      ROCKHOLT FRANK                   ROCKHOLT FRANK              1/1/1901        1/1/1963
NW-28-E-05      ROCKHOLT GLADYS                  ROCKHOLT FRANK              7/28/1904       6/16/1994
NW-20-G-01      ROCKHOLT LUTHER W                ROCKHOLT L W                1/1/1904        1/1/1980
NW-28-E-02      ROCKHOLT MICHAEL J               ROCKHOLT FRANK              1/1/1945        1/1/1987
NW-28-E-04      ROCKHOLT PETE                    ROCKHOLT FRANK              9/10/1893       1/30/1975
NW-20-G-02      ROCKHOLT THELMA B                ROCKHOLT L W                1/1/1908        1/1/1983
NW-11-E-04      RODRIQUEZ BRIGIDO                RODRIQUEZ EUGENIA           10/8/1948       9/9/1992
NW-11-E-05      RODRIQUEZ RAMON                  RODRIQUEZ EUGENIA           4/1/1979        3/27/1996
NW-14-N-01      ROGERS C A                       ROGERS MRS C A              1/1/1892        1/1/1944
NW-14-N-02      ROGERS GAYLEN                    ROGERS MRS C A              1/19/1939       6/25/1953
NW-28-D-03      ROHATSCH OMA LEE                 MORTON J U                  11/24/1901      1/24/1988
NW-20-E-03      ROLLINS ELIZABETH BUTTS          ROLLINS ELMER               6/7/1919        5/28/1970
NW-20-E-02      ROLLINS ELMER                    ROLLINS ELMER               7/8/1915        3/25/1993
NW-20-E-05      ROLLINS M L                      ROLLINS ELMER               1/1/1945        1/1/1946
NW-20-E-01      ROLLINS MATTIE LEE               ROLLINS ELMER               9/17/1888       2/11/1972
NW-20-E-04      ROLLINS ROSS DAVID               ROLLINS ELMER               12/17/1947      10/13/1977
NW-07-A-02      RUDD JUANITA                     RUDD JUANITA (JIM           8/23/1924       4/23/1980
NW-08-K-05      SANDERS BARBARA JEAN             SANDERS E A                 2/2/1936        6/4/1943
NW-08-K-03      SANDERS ELDON A                  SANDERS E A                 7/31/1902       12/1/1976
NW-08-K-04      SANDERS EULA KAY                 SANDERS E A                 8/26/1903
NW-26-E-02      SCARLETT DELLA                   SCARLETT MRS FRANK          11/6/1880       7/5/1975
NW-26-E-01      SCARLETT FRANK                   SCARLETT MRS FRANK          9/12/1877       12/3/1951
NW-26-N-03      SCHARNAGEL EMIL                  DAULTON E C                 3/30/1901       8/1/1982
NW-26-N-04      SCHARNAGEL IRMA                  DAULTON E C                 10/12/1912      1/17/1993
NW-20-O-03      SCHUK MARY A                     BUMPASS JESSIE              10/16/1944      5/20/1953
NW-10-H-04      SCILLIAN FRANCIS MARION          SCILLIAN F M                12/24/1880      4/7/1954
NW-10-H-05      SCILLIAN SARAH E                 SCILLIAN F M                11/8/1886       6/11/1979
NW-26-P-01      SCREWS C B                       SCREWS CHARLES              10/25/1883      11/24/1955
NW-26-P-03      SCREWS CHARLES MALCOM            SCREWS CHARLIE              12/12/1922      5/16/1991
NW-26-P-02      SCREWS MARY E                    SCREWS CHARLES              2/9/1888        1/25/1967
NW-23-E-01      SCROGGINS HENRY O                SCROGGINS MRS H O           1/1/1902        1/1/1948
NW-23-E-02      SCROGGINS MARY ETTIE             SCROGGINS MRS H O           12/13/1991
NW-13-E-05      SEARS JULIA JONES                JONES J H                   8/19/1912       4/7/1950
NW-03-F-01      SEATON BARNEY                    SEATON MRS BARNEY           8/31/1900       3/14/1942
NW-03-F-02      SEATON LELIA A                   SEATON MRS BARNEY           1/1/1902        1/1/1986
NW-20-G-04      SELLERS JAMES A                  ROCKHOLT L W                1/19/1878       9/25/1952
NW-20-G-05      SELLERS JOSIE O                  ROCKHOLT L W                1/1/1887        1/1/1967
NW-26-F-05      SHACKELFORD MARTHA ANN           SHACKELFORD W C             1/28/1870       11/7/1955
NW-26-F-04      SHACKLEFORD WILLIAM C            SHACKLEFORD W C             3/4/1866        7/6/1954
NW-27-G-03      SHARPE MAXINE                    EATON CLAUDE                12/6/1911       3/16/1958
NW-14-A-03      SHAW ALTHA S                     BRIDGES MR W J              1/1/1833        1/1/1929
NW-15-L-03      SHEEHAN ALICE                    SHEEHAN M W                 1/1/1905        1/1/1959
NW-04-H-02      SHEEHAN ALMA                     SHEEHAN TRACY               9/29/1903       7/29/1946
NW-08-P-01      SHEEHAN CLYDE                    SHEEHAN C                   3/30/1896       12/7/1952
NW-15-L-01      SHEEHAN MIKE                     SHEEHAN M W                 1/1/1864        1/1/1948
NW-15-L-02      SHEEHAN SARAH                    SHEEHAN M W                 1/1/1870
NW-04-H-01      SHEEHAN TRACY                    SHEEHAN TRACY               3/23/1897       6/28/1984
NW-08-P-02      SHEEHAN VIRGIE                   SHEEHAN C                   11/14/1896      7/31/1964
NW-05P-D-04      SHELTON ANDREW JACKSON           SHELTON MR & MRS A J        12/24/1897      7/20/1991
NW-25-D-02      SHELTON EDDIE KATE               SHELTON W A                 2/15/1883       2/23/1954
NW-05P-D-05      SHELTON NELLIE                   SHELTON MR & MRS A J        1/13/1910       3/30/2004
NW-25-D-01      SHELTON W A                      SHELTON W A                 9/14/1868       1/13/1951
NW-09-K-03      SHERMAN DANNY CHARLES            SHERMAN NESA                8/25/1955       6/6/1992
NW-13-F-01      SIMPSON C B                      SIMPSON C B                 1/1/1879        1/1/1935
NW-13-F-02      SIMPSON M B M                    SIMPSON C B                 1/1/1883        1/1/1943
NW-23-K-05      SIMPSON TERRY DAVID              ELTON FRANK                 9/24/1950       9/26/1950
NW-25-L-04      SIMS FRANK                       WILLIAMS J H                5/30/2000
NW-25-L-03      SIMS ROBBIE WILLIAMS             WILLIAMS J H                1/1/1926        1/1/1980
NW-21-P-01      SING ALFRED A                    SING A A                    1/1/1878        1/1/1955
NW-21-P-05      SING EDNA                        SING A A
NW-21-P-04      SING EDWIN DAVIS                 SING A A                    10/16/1909      2/6/2005
NW-21-P-02      SING ZELLA T                     SING A A                    1/1/1884        1/1/1970
NW-16-N-04      SLADE EDDIE LEE                  TAYLOR C F                  5/28/1924       6/11/1996
NW-08-C-05      SMITH AUSTELLE REED              SMITH H F                   1/4/1909        10/30/1993
NW-06-E-01      SMITH B H                        SMITH B H                   9/3/1877        1/4/1945
NW-24-N-03      SMITH BEULAH JEAN                SMITH KIRBY                 5/21/1938       3/4/1954
NW-25-B-05      SMITH D J                        PRITCHARD P D               6/12/1950       6/13/1952
NW-24-N-02      SMITH F KEARBY                   SMITH KIRBY                 9/15/1898       12/14/1956
NW-03-B-04      SMITH FOSTER                     SMITH FOSTER                11/5/1866       3/15/1942
NW-16-K-01      SMITH HORACE A                   SMITH MRS H A               9/25/1906       8/5/1944
NW-08-C-04      SMITH HUBERT                     SMITH H F                   7/27/1903       8/10/1989
NW-11-N-05      SMITH JAMES ADAMS                PLUNKETT LEWIN              5/1/1946        5/4/1946
NW-06-C-01      SMITH LEO H                      SMITH GEORGE                1/1/1897        1/1/1930
NW-03-B-05      SMITH MARY CATHERINE             SMITH FOSTER                12/10/1871      12/20/1965
NW-06-E-02      SMITH MOLLIE M                   SMITH B H                   2/24/1879       10/11/1954
NW-22-N-02      SMITH MYRTLE E                   SMITH ROBERT                9/11/1898       7/12/1996
NW-24-N-01      SMITH OLGA VIOLA                 SMITH FREDRICK KERBY        11/12/1910      12/29/1999
NW-22-N-01      SMITH ROBERT L                   SMITH ROBERT                1/1/1895        1/1/1954
NW-10-D-01      SMITH ZADIE MIZE                 WORLEY D E "GEORGE          1/1/1878        1/1/1931
NW-29-O-05      SOMERS DOROTHY PRESTON           PRESTON LILLIAN             1/1/1922        1/1/1987
NW-29-O-04      SOMERS JAMES FRANKLIN JR         PRESTON LILLIAN             1/1/1923        1/1/1987
NW-19-H-01      SOMMER ANTHONY F                 SOMMER A F                  1/1/1887        1/1/1945
NW-19-H-02      SOMMER LUCY SPECHT               SOMMER A F                  1/1/1894        1/1/1986
NW-18-A-01      SOUTHERN JOHN                    SOUTHERN JOHN               1/1/1898        1/1/1929
NW-02-E-01      SPEARS EMMA                      SPEARS CHARLES
NW-21-H-03      SPILLER, RUTH POWELL             POWELL G W                  6/17/1910       10/1/2002
NW-16-P-03A      SPRADLIN E J                     MAYO EARL                   12/15/1919      6/27/1996
NW-16-P-03      SPRADLIN EARLENE                 MAYO EARL                   12/29/2004
NW-06-C-03      STADLER S C                      SMITH GEORGE                4/6/1900        12/7/1977
NW-06-C-02      STADLER THURMA M                 SMITH GEORGE                7/1/1900        2/10/1977
NW-19-D-03      STAMPS LEONA                     STEVENS JACK
NW-19-D-03A      STAMPS, DR. JOHN                 STEVENS, JACK               10/7/1937       8/3/1999
NW-20-O-02      STEARNS, JESSIE                  BUMPASS JESSIE              8/18/1998
NW-19-D-02      STEVENS LEONA V WILLIAMS         STEVENS JACK                5/28/1890       8/14/1960
NW-19-D-01      STEVENS T E "JACK"               STEVENS JACK                5/18/1887       6/28/1946
NW-25-F-01      STEWART AUSTIN L                 STEWART AUSTIN              7/13/1918       6/23/1975
NW-24-F-01      STEWART CHARLIE D                STEWART C R                 8/3/1893        4/14/1965
NW-24-F-03      STEWART CHARLIE R                STEWART C R                 9/6/1926        9/22/1948
NW-25-F-02      STEWART HELEN O                  STEWART AUSTIN              1/14/1924       10/7/2004
NW-24-F-02      STEWART NANCIE D                 STEWART C R                 8/6/1898        9/10/1962
NW-10-H-02      STICE LOUISA J                   STICE LOUISE                1/4/1871        1/17/1969
NW-14-B-03      STOKES ALONZO J                  STOKES A J                  1/21/1887       1/31/1967
NW-15-N-05      STOKES AUDINE                    STOKES J C                  8/30/2000
NW-14-B-02      STOKES DONA                      STOKES A J                  8/15/1884       9/2/1936
NW-15-N-04      STOKES J C "JAKE"                STOKES J C                  9/4/1909        3/29/1992
NW-14-B-04      STOKES WILLIE B                  STOKES A J                  5/20/1894       4/11/1962
NW-01-B-03      STONE MRS W H                    STONE V O                   1/1/1873        1/1/1939
NW-01-B-05      STONE V O JR                     STONE V O                   1/1/1923        1/1/1939
NW-06-H-02      STOUT MARY L                     STOUT WILEY                 1/6/1859        2/23/1946
NW-06-H-05      STOUT OSCAR T                    STOUT WILEY                 4/18/1882       12/9/1940
NW-06-H-01      STOUT WILEY S                    STOUT WILEY                 12/3/1853       6/3/1932
NW-13-B-02      STREET CORA LEE                  STREET F W                  3/12/1885       7/5/1977
NW-13-B-01      STREET FRED W                    STREET F W                  12/18/1881      2/14/1950
NW-13-B-04      STREET HUGH B                    STREET F W                  7/1/1905        7/6/1961
NW-13-B-03      STREET WILLIAM F                 STREET F W                  5/17/1902       12/13/1960
NW-07-H-03      SUMMERS FLORENCE                 SUMMERS J J                 1/1/1878        1/1/1964
NW-07-H-02      SUMMERS J J                      SUMMERS J J                 1/1/1868        1/1/1936
NW-07-J-01      SWINDELL C E                     SWINDELL C E                6/21/1871       7/23/1941
NW-07-J-03      SWINDELL LOIS                    SWINDELL C E                11/12/1897      5/21/1898
NW-16-O-04      SWINDELL LUCILLE                 BERRY D H                   3/7/1905        12/24/1997
NW-07-J-02      SWINDELL M E                     SWINDELL C E                2/10/1873       12/20/1962
NW-16-O-05      SWINDELL WAYMAN R                BERRY D H                   1/16/1923
NW-19-A-02      TADLOCK IMA B                    TADLOCK M D                 1/18/1897       7/9/1979
NW-19-A-01      TADLOCK M D                      TADLOCK M D                 4/26/1891       9/30/1945
NW-06-K-05      TAPLEY AGATHA NEWTON             NEWTON E W                  8/24/1910       3/9/1967
NW-06-K-04      TAPLEY CLYDE                     NEWTON E W                  6/6/1908        3/14/1953
NW-05P-F-01      TATE JAMES F                     TATE MR & MRS JAMES         9/11/1932       5/10/1985
NW-16-N-01      TAYLOR CLARENCE F                TAYLOR C F                  12/22/1888      6/7/1957
NW-16-N-02      TAYLOR DORA MAE JACKSON          TAYLOR C F                  3/13/1895       5/20/1988
NW-06-P-02      TAYLOR GOLDIE J                  TAYLOR J V                  8/15/1911       3/13/1971
NW-06-P-01      TAYLOR JAMES V                   TAYLOR J V                  7/9/1900
NW-06-P-03      TAYLOR JAMES VERNON JR           TAYLOR J V                  9/20/1933       11/20/1954
NW-08-B-04      TAYLOR JOE JR                    TAYLOR JOE                  5/16/1918       5/15/1934
NW-09-B-02      TAYLOR JOHN T                    TAYLOR JACK                 9/13/1881       3/26/1951
NW-08-B-02      TAYLOR JOSEPH R                  TAYLOR JOE                  4/21/1883       5/28/1962
NW-09-B-03      TAYLOR MOLLIE V                  TAYLOR JACK                 12/4/1887       8/23/1969
NW-08-B-03      TAYLOR NEVADA B                  TAYLOR JOE                  9/23/1889       8/31/1947
NW-11-L-05      TAYLOR WINNIE A                  PERKINS T J                 6/1/1857        1/7/1939
NW-12-P-05      TEAMS J A                        TEAMS J A                   1/1/1888        1/1/1950
NW-06-O-05      THOMAS LOY AMON DICK             THOMAS M S                  1/20/1917       5/25/1983
NW-06-O-01      THOMAS M STANLEY                 THOMAS M S                  11/19/1891      10/6/1970
NW-06-O-02      THOMAS MAGGIE E                  THOMAS M S                  5/25/1891       4/16/1971
NW-24-L-01      THURMAN ERR W                    THURMAN E W                 1/1/1878        1/1/1952
NW-24-L-02      THURMAN MARY ANGELINE            THURMAN E W                 1/1/1882        1/1/1962
NW-08-C-01      TIDWELL B H                      TIDWELL B H                 1/1/1860        1/1/1946
NW-13-M-02      TIDWELL DOYLE                    TIDWELL JOE C               10/3/1903       1/20/1991
NW-12-M-02      TIDWELL ELLA LENORA              TIDWELL M A (MARY           6/4/1888        6/5/1972
NW-13-M-01      TIDWELL JOE C                    TIDWELL JOE C               12/1/1901       6/6/1971
NW-12-M-01      TIDWELL M A ANDY                 TIDWELL M A (MARY           1/24/1889       5/5/1950
NW-08-C-02      TIDWELL MRS B H                  TIDWELL B H                 1/1/1860        1/1/1931
NW-13-M-03      TIDWELL NORMAN D                 TIDWELL JOE C               6/2/1923        11/27/1944
NW-25-H-02      TOLAND DORA ANN                  TOLAND IDREAS               9/5/1874        6/22/1955
NW-25-H-03      TOLAND IDREAS                    TOLAND IDREAS               6/4/1906        1/7/1986
NW-27-F-03      TOLAND JESSIE L                  TOLAND W B                  2/9/1908        3/4/1984
NW-27-F-02      TOLAND WILLIAM B                 TOLAND W B                  7/26/1904       1/6/1979
NW-25-H-01      TOLAND WILLIAM H                 TOLAND IDREAS               1/12/1868       10/3/1948
NW-26-B-03      TOLE, EVA KAY                    CARSON J C                  10/31/1998
NW-21-N-04      TOMLIN P L                       MOORING KATE                1/1/1918        1/1/1956
NW-05-B-03      TRAMMELL DAKOTA WAYNE            MARSHALL, VIRGIL W.         11/30/2001
NW-26-O-04      TRAMMELL, IVA                    TRAMMELL CLARK              1/1/1907        1/1/1998
NW-10-A-01      TROUBLEFIELD JAMES EDWARD        TROUBLEFIELD S P            12/17/1889      12/30/1979
NW-10-A-02      TROUBLEFIELD MYRTLE B HURT       TROUBLEFIELD S P            10/10/1897      2/2/1987
NW-10-A-05      TROUBLEFIELD SHIRLEY PHILLIP      TROUBLEFIELD S P            8/1/1956        4/2/1957
NW-05-N-05      VACANT                           W O W
NW-05-N-04      VACANT                           W O W
NW-05-N-03      VACANT                           W O W
NW-05-N-01      VACANT                           W O W
NW-24-C-01      VANHOY BEN H                     VANHOY MRS SARA             1/1/1896        1/1/1949
NW-24-C-02      VANHOY SARAH E                   VANHOY MRS SARA             1/1/1862        1/1/1953
NW-08-L-03      VANTINE DAISY BOB                VANTINE J L
NW-08-L-02      VANTINE DORA WILLIS              VANTINE J L                 3/8/1877        1/16/1940
NW-08-L-01      VANTINE JOHN LOGAN               VANTINE J L                 6/19/1875       10/24/1960
NW-08-L-04      VANTINE MARK                     VANTINE J L
NW-09-O-03      VAUGH CHARLES F                  VAUGH MRS ROBERT            1/1/1929        1/1/1945
NW-10-J-02      VESTAL ADA                       VESTAL MRS G A              1/1/1877        1/1/1965
NW-10-J-03      VESTAL CARL                      VESTAL MRS G A              1/1/1900        1/1/1977
NW-10-J-05      VESTAL CARL A                    VESTAL MRS G A              1/1/1923        1/1/1924
NW-11-J-03      VESTAL CHARLES CHASE             VESTAL MRS G A              1/1/1925        1/1/1979
NW-11-J-01      VESTAL DR E A                    VESTAL MRS G A              1/19/1906       1/14/1955
NW-10-J-01      VESTAL G A                       VESTAL MRS G A              1/1/1875        1/1/1941
NW-11-J-04      VESTAL JOAN                      VESTAL MRS G A              12/15/2000
NW-10-J-04      VESTAL LOUIS                     VESTAL MRS G A              1/1/1899        1/1/1987
NW-28-N-05      VINYARD JULIE                    MILLER W H                  2/2/1933        9/20/2001
NW-20-O-04      WALDEN, FRANK                    WALDEN, FRANK
NW-20-O-05      WALDEN, SHIRLEY                  WALDEN, FRANK
NW-10-C-02      WALDROP KATE                     JOINER A J                  10/26/1859      2/13/1938
NW-27-E-01      WALKER JOEL THOMAS               WALKER JOEL T               1/1/1899        1/1/1980
NW-27-E-02      WALKER LAURA BELL                WALKER JOEL T               1/1/1905        1/1/1987
NW-07-F-04      WALL LAND DAUGHERTY              WALL MRS LAND               2/12/2004
NW-07-F-02      WALL LAND J                      WALL MRS LAND               1/1/1897        1/1/1934
NW-20-K-02      WALLACE BELLE                    WALLACE C A                 2/15/1890       2/20/1978
NW-20-K-01      WALLACE CHARLIE A                WALLACE C A                 1/24/1886       8/4/1955
NW-18-H-04      WALLACE CHARLIE B                WHITEHURST O S              10/30/1913      8/31/1980
NW-10-N-03      WALLACE FLOYD B                  WALLACE FLOYD               10/29/1881      2/13/1955
NW-26-B-05      WALLACE INFANT TUK               CARSON J C                  11/28/1960      11/28/1960
NW-10-N-04      WALLACE MARTHA J                 WALLACE FLOYD               4/22/1895
NW-18-H-05      WALLACE PAULINE W                WHITEHURST O S              9/11/1913
NW-25-C-05      WALLACE RUPERT NOEL              WALLACE MRS T A             1/1/1935        1/1/1960
NW-25-C-03      WALLACE THEADORE A JR            WALLACE MRS T A             3/28/1926       4/12/1950
NW-26-B-04      WALLACE, MARIE                   CARSON J C                  6/18/1920       6/29/2005
NW-29-C-01A      WALSER BENJAMIN F                WALSER B F                  11/22/1906      11/1/1988
NW-29-C-01      WALSER HELEN R                   WALSER B F                  5/1/1915        11/8/1973
NW-15-F-03      WALTON RAE BRANHAM               BRANHAM PERCY B             1/1/1886        1/1/1953
NW-15-C-4A      WARD JAMES                       EDDINS L P                  1/1/1935        1/1/1991
NW-08-E-01      WARDLAW DAVID LEWIS              WARDLAW D L                 1/1/1858        1/1/1931
NW-08-E-02      WARDLAW JOSIE A                  WARDLAW D L                 1/1/1862        1/1/1944
NW-08-E-04      WARDLAW LEWIS D                  WARDLAW D L                 11/30/1894      7/17/1971
NW-08-E-03      WARDLAW SALLY FLOYD              WARDLAW D L                 1/1/1889        1/1/1955
NW-04-E-01      WARGO BESSIE                     WARGO JOHN                  7/21/1902       5/24/1944
NW-25-K-01      WARREN ALBERT B                  WARREN A B                  4/29/1894       6/9/1967
NW-25-K-02      WARREN JENNIE M                  WARREN A B                  2/14/1894       1/21/1976
NW-25-K-03      WARREN RAYMOND                   WARREN A B                  5/2/1921        8/6/2006
NW-22-P-01      WATKINS CHARLES TEMPLE           WATKINS C T                 9/2/1868        2/5/1955
NW-22-P-02      WATKINS ELLA MEANS               WATKINS C T                 8/14/1871       6/10/1963
NW-22-P-03      WATKINS ELVEN WRIGHT             WATKINS C T                 7/31/1895       10/13/1961
NW-22-P-04      WATKINS VIVIAN THOMAS            WATKINS C T                 5/25/1900
NW-29-F-01      WATSON CORIN                     WATSON HOMER                12/30/1902      11/10/1962
NW-29-F-02      WATSON HOMER                     WATSON HOMER                8/23/1896       5/26/1952
NW-28-G-04      WATSON HOWEL E                   WATSON MYRTLE               6/19/1899       3/31/1951
NW-13-A-01      WATSON JIM HENRY                 WATSON MRS J H              6/6/1856        5/6/1936
NW-29-G-05      WATSON M E JR                    WATSON M E JR               7/10/2003
NW-29-G-01      WATSON M E JR                    WATSON M E JR               3/13/1925       7/10/2003
NW-13-A-03      WATSON MARSHELL E                WATSON MRS J H              12/1/1891       8/13/1970
NW-28-G-05      WATSON MYRTLE V                  WATSON MYRTLE               9/1/1900
NW-26-A-02      WATSON ONIE FRANCES              JENKINS I B                 11/19/1911      4/28/1995
NW-13-A-02      WATSON SALLIE SAFIE              WATSON MRS J H              4/28/1854       10/1/1946
NW-26-A-01      WATSON TOMMIE J                  JENKINS I B                 1/24/1910       12/25/1944
NW-06-J-01      WATT DR R L                      WATT MRS R                  1/1/1885        1/1/1940
NW-06-J-02      WATT MARY JOE                    WATT MRS R                  1/1/1888        1/1/1983
NW-06-J-03      WATT RICHARD J                   WATT MRS R                  1/1/1925        1/1/1945
NW-21-J-04      WEBB CLIFFORD E                  WEBB C E                    12/28/1882      11/8/1948
NW-21-J-05      WEBB MINNEIE I                   WEBB C E                    8/8/1890        1/1/1977
NW-29-C-02      WEIDEL VILA ZONELL               WALSER B F                  1/23/1908       4/5/1988
NW-25-P-01      WELCH JOHN J                     WELCH OLETA                 1/1/1911        1/1/1955
NW-18-B-02      WELLS CLEMENTINE C               WELLS S B                   1/1/1878        1/1/1972
NW-19-B-01      WELLS FARRIS W                   WELLS FARRIS                3/7/1903        4/30/1947
NW-20-B-04      WELLS GUY R                      FINDLEY TORY (MRS           8/27/1903       2/27/1973
NW-20-B-05      WELLS LAURA A                    FINDLEY TORY (MRS           1/23/1907       1/1/1991
NW-18-B-01      WELLS S B BEN                    WELLS S B                   1/1/1867        1/1/1941
NW-19-B-04      WELLS STERMON M                  WELLS FARRIS                5/29/1929       8/20/1967
NW-19-B-05      WELLS WINNIE DENISE              WELLS FARRIS                7/12/1944
NW-06-B-02      WESSON AMY                       BORDOFSKE L                 11/6/1852       10/11/1929
NW-06-B-01      WESSON EDWARD J                  BORDOFSKE L                 3/4/1848        6/11/1935
NW-24-M-04      WEST BETTY JO                    WEST C R                    1/19/1938       1/28/1981
NW-24-M-03      WEST CLIFFORD RAY                WEST C R                    12/28/1931      11/20/2000
NW-24-M-05      WEST DEBORAH RAYLENE             WEST C R                    1/1/1955        1/1/1955
NW-27-P-01      WEST ISSAC HUGH                  ANDERSON H B                1/1/1894        1/1/1964
NW-27-P-02      WEST RUBY ALTA                   ANDERSON H B                1/1/1897        1/1/1955
NW-08-H-01      WEY ARTHUR B                     WEY A B                     1/1/1879        1/1/1937
NW-08-H-03      WEY ARTHUR B JR                  WEY A B                     1/1/1910        1/1/1979
NW-05P-H-01      WEY HAROLD G                     WEY MR & MRS HAROLD C       1/1/1919        1/1/1986
NW-08-H-05      WEY HELEN                        WEY A B                     6/4/1913        4/1/1995
NW-08-H-02      WEY HELEN G                      WEY A B                     1/1/1883        1/1/1973
NW-08-H-05A      WEY JEANETTE HELEN               WEY A B                     3/30/1904       9/21/1996
NW-08-H-04      WEY MARY A                       WEY A B                     1/1/1905        1/1/1983
NW-05P-H-02      WEY, JUNE ARLINE BLUMENAUER      WEY MR & MRS HAROLD C       6/6/1920        11/29/1989
NW-23-F-01      WHEELER CHARLES LEONARD          WHEELER C L                 6/21/1904       5/14/1953
NW-23-F-03      WHEELER JAMES EDWARD             WHEELER C L                 9/14/1931       8/11/1948
NW-25-J-01      WHITE CHARLES R                  WHITE C R                   1/1/1873        1/1/1950
NW-25-J-02      WHITE MARY JANE                  WHITE C R                   1/1/1876        1/1/1964
NW-22-J-05      WHITE STEPHEN DAVID              GOODMAN W T                 11/29/1968      11/30/1968
NW-16-B-02      WHITED ARMILDA BULL              WHITED MRS MARVIN JR        9/5/1920        8/17/1937
NW-16-B-05      WHITED EDITH I                   WHITED MARVIN               1/2/1897        6/23/1986
NW-16-B-04      WHITED MARVIN E                  WHITED MARVIN               5/24/1895       11/23/1958
NW-18-H-02      WHITEHURST MARGARET C            WHITEHURST O S              8/24/1887       12/29/1971
NW-18-H-01      WHITEHURST OATHER S              WHITEHURST O S              4/5/1886        2/16/1956
NW-04-E-03      WHITEMAN S B                     WHITEMAN BOB                1/1/1885        1/1/1944
NW-05P-B-05      WHITMIRE ADDIE PAULINE           WHITMIRE MR & MRS W         10/15/1931      6/30/1990
NW-05P-C-02      WHITMIRE MINNIE MAE              NORMAN ESTLLENE             2/17/1904       1/1/1985
NW-05P-C-01      WHITMIRE WILLIAM E SR.           NORMAN ESTLLENE             7/16/1900       12/6/1982
NW-05P-B-04      WHITMIRE WILLIAM ELMER           WHITMIRE MR & MRS W E       4/8/1921        5/17/1997
NW-10-O-03      WILBANKS AARON S                 BATES MRS LINNIE            1/15/1909       3/10/1988
NW-10-O-04      WILBANKS MARGIE LEE              BATES MRS LINNIE            2/15/1915       8/27/1984
NW-10-O-05      WILBANKS ROBERT AARON            BATES MRS LINNIE            6/28/1941       3/8/1945
NW-24-A-05      WILKINS EGBERT                   BRAZIEL D C & WILKINS E      4/23/1891       11/19/1960
NW-24-A-04      WILKINS ESTELL                   BRAZIEL D C & WILKINS E      4/29/1895       11/16/1960
NW-14-F-01      WILLIAMS CECIL H                 WILLIAMS T C                10/11/1899      3/8/1935
NW-07-E-04      WILLIAMS E BARTON                WILLIAMS                    10/18/1856      8/24/1936
NW-28-M-01      WILLIAMS ELMER DINK              WILLIAMS WINFRED OR E       9/21/1892       9/16/1965
NW-14-G-01      WILLIAMS HOWARD R                WILLIAMS H R                1/18/1907       8/27/1936
NW-25-L-01      WILLIAMS J H                     WILLIAMS J H                1/1/1904        1/1/1953
NW-29-C-04      WILLIAMS JESSIE C                WILLIAMS O J                10/6/1884       6/6/1964
NW-05-A-05      WILLIAMS LILLIE                  WILLIAMS OSCAR              1/1/1884        1/1/1968
NW-04-B-03      WILLIAMS MALISSA A               WILLIAMS C A                3/30/1849       6/9/1936
NW-28-M-02      WILLIAMS MARY DELELAN            WILLIAMS WINFRED OR E       5/17/1892       5/9/1984
NW-05-A-04      WILLIAMS OSCAR                   WILLIAMS OSCAR              1/1/1880        1/1/1945
NW-29-C-03      WILLIAMS OSCAR J                 WILLIAMS O J                2/23/1884       2/1/1953
NW-07-E-05      WILLIAMS PEARL KUSER             WILLIAMS                    8/1/1874        7/15/1971
NW-08-A-02      WILLIAMS SALLIE GENEVA           WILLIAMS JOHN               8/12/1905       2/9/1932
NW-21-N-03      WILLIAMS SYBIL                   MOORING KATE                6/16/1910       12/14/1982
NW-28-M-03      WILLIAMS WINFRED DEAN            WILLIAMS WINFRED OR E       11/24/1922      9/24/1991
NW-04-H-05      WILLIAMSON FRANCIS E.            WILLIAMSON, FLOYD           4/16/2000
NW-04-H-04      WILLIAMSON, FLOYD                WILLIAMSON, FLOYD           11/9/2000
NW-23-G-02      WILLINGHAM ROBERT C              WILLINGHAM R C              1/1/1896        1/1/1952
NW-23-G-03      WILLINGHAM RUTH E                WILLINGHAM R C              1/1/1896        1/1/1982
NW-12-H-05      WISEMAN ANNIE LOU                WISEMAN J T                 1/1/1908        1/1/1959
NW-12-H-03      WISEMAN EVELYN JERRIE            WISEMAN J T                 3/13/1935       3/16/2004
NW-15-O-04      WISEMAN HARVEY RUSSELL           WISEMAN MAE                 12/26/1913      2/7/1972
NW-12-H-01      WISEMAN HARVEY RUSSELL           WISEMAN J T                 11/29/1877      2/17/1943
NW-12-G-01      WISEMAN JESSIE FRANKLIN          WISEMAN JESSIE              8/7/1905        12/3/1983
NW-12-G-04      WISEMAN JESSIE FRANKLIN JR       WISEMAN JESSIE              3/3/1933        2/4/1972
NW-12-H-04      WISEMAN JOHNNY T                 WISEMAN J T                 1/1/1910        1/1/1940
NW-15-O-02      WISEMAN MAEHALA ELIZABETH        WISEMAN MAE                 12/12/1880      4/16/1967
NW-12-G-02      WISEMAN MARY ETHEL               WISEMAN JESSIE              12/12/1906      6/16/1999
NW-12-G-03      WISEMAN PEGGY MARIE              WISEMAN JESSIE              3/14/1928       1/25/1938
NW-15-O-03      WISEMAN VALENTINE C              WISEMAN MAE                 10/11/1918      2/22/1945
NW-14-F-02      WOFFORD MATTIE BELLE             WILLIAMS T C                10/12/1900      4/16/1994
NW-20-J-05      WOLFINGTON PEARL LOIS DOTY       HUGHES MRS JOE              7/31/1914       1/14/1991
NW-14-P-05      WOMACK ALICE TALBORT             WOMACK FRANK                7/10/1872       9/29/1952
NW-09-P-04      WOMACK ANALEE                    WOMACK SAM                  5/24/1906       1/1/1990
NW-09-P-03      WOMACK BRYAN WHITESIDE           WOMACK SAM                  7/7/1902
NW-14-P-04      WOMACK JOHN FRANK                WOMACK FRANK                4/27/1868       10/18/1952
NW-09-P-02      WOMACK MARTHA WHITESIDE          WOMACK SAM                  11/27/1884      10/21/1963
NW-09-P-01      WOMACK SAMUEL WILEY              WOMACK SAM                  12/22/1871      1/7/1962
NW-22-K-01      WOOD AVERY                       WOOD AVERY                  2/16/1883       9/25/1950
NW-21-D-01      WOOD C CURLEY                    WOOD WESLEY                 11/17/1876      11/29/1959
NW-22-K-02      WOOD EVA PEARL                   WOOD AVERY                  10/20/1888      4/1/1980
NW-21-D-04      WOOD GEORGE                      WOOD WESLEY                 8/3/1923        10/17/2005
NW-21-D-05      WOOD JIMMIE W                    WOOD WESLEY                 1/1/1946        1/1/1946
NW-21-D-02      WOOD M ADDIE                     WOOD WESLEY                 7/31/1880       2/3/1979
NW-21-D-03      WOOD MELINDA                     WOOD WESLEY                 1/1/1927        1/1/1995
NW-10-H-01      WOOD MRS M A                     WOOD M A                    8/22/1850       11/11/1939
NW-22-K-05      WOOD, ELMER (BUD)                WOOD AVERY                  6/27/1999
NW-20-P-02      WOOLBRIGHT ANNIE                 WOOLBRIGHT J E              12/30/1899      8/4/1991
NW-20-P-01      WOOLBRIGHT J E                   WOOLBRIGHT J E              12/29/1893      12/8/1953
NW-14-A-01      WORD PHYGENIA                    BRIDGES MR W J              10/14/1877      1/11/1955
NW-18-J-01      WORLEY VELMA MYRA                WORLEY H H                  1/1/1910        1/1/1946
NW-21-G-01      WRIGHT JESSIE T                  EDWARDS J L                 1/1/1881        1/1/1965
NW-21-G-02      WRIGHT NEOMA                     EDWARDS J L                 1/1/1879        1/1/1958
NW-21-G-03      WRIGHT, W Z (ZED)                EDWARDS, J L                1/1/1916        1/21/1988
NW-16-D-03      WYMAN, CHARLES W.                HINES ROY "CHARLES          1/1/1920        1/1/1985
NW-16-D-04      WYMAN, JEANETTE                  HINES ROY "CHARLES          4/4/1919        7/16/1998
NW-16-D-02      WYMAN, JUANITA                   HINES ROY "CHARLES          1/1/1917        1/1/1938
NW-26-H-02      YANDELL CLARA B                  YANDELL I R                 10/17/1900      1/3/1978
NW-26-H-01      YANDELL IRVIN R                  YANDELL I R                 6/6/1898        6/20/1949
NW-26-H-05      YANDELL IRVIN RAY                YANDELL I R                 1/6/1935        10/26/1937
NW-27-H-03      YARBOROUGH ELLEN M               YARBORUGH ELLEN             4/4/1900        3/14/1990
NW-27-H-05      YARBOROUGH IRENE                 YARBOROUGH ELLEN            7/29/1908       3/16/1986
NW-27-H-01      YARBOROUGH LILLIAN E             YARBOROUGH ELLEN            1/1/1874        1/1/1950
NW-27-H-04      YARBOROUGH PAUL H                YARBOROUGH ELLEN            3/10/1898       4/23/1991
NW-27-H-02      YARBOROUGH WILLE LEE             YARBOROUGH ELLEN            1/1/1904        1/1/1958
NW-05-P-05      YOUNG BOBBY NEIL                                             10/7/1934       10/25/1934
NW-04-A-02      YOUNG E H                        YOUNG E H                   1/1/1864        1/1/1938
NW-24-B-05      YOUNG ELIZA L                    YOUNG J P                   11/12/1870      9/29/1951
NW-04-A-03      YOUNG ELIZABETH KAULITZ          YOUNG E H                   1/1/1868        1/1/1951
NW-24-B-04      YOUNG JAMES P                    YOUNG J P                   4/6/1872        12/16/1954
NW-04-A-01      YOUNG WM M                       YOUNG E H                   1/1/1832        1/1/1928
NW-14-O-05      ZELMS DARRYL JON                 ZELMS H J                   11/9/1942       12/20/1946
NW-14-O-04      ZELMS HAROLD JOHN                ZELMS H J                   1/27/1903       8/6/1986
NW-14-O-03      ZELMS MABEL MARIE                ZELMS H J                   4/9/1906        4/16/1995