Vietnam War: U.S. Military Casualties, 1956-1998

Name			Birth Date	Home State	Casualty Country			Service Branch		Death Date
Edward Ray Arnwine	16 Jun 1943	Texas		Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)	Department of the Army	24 Aug 1968
Roger Wayne Fellers	16 Aug 1946	Texas		Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)	Department of the Army	2 Jan 1970

World War II Casualties

Name 				Service Number	Rank	Status

Adrian, Samuel D.		38635376	PFC	Died Non-Battle
Barbee, J. C.			18242353	SGT	Killed in Action
Craven, W. I., Jr.		18217116	PFC	Killed in Action
Eggleston, Jon E.		38514757	S SC	Killed in Action
Godbold, William B., Jr.	18148411	AV C	Died Non-Battle
Griffith, Welborn B.		0-016194	COL	Killed in Action
Handy, William T.		38371830	SGT	Killed in Action
Henry, Jack			38147817	PFC	Killed in Action
Huntsman, Dennis D.		38607773	TECS	Died of Wounds
Kerley, Robert L.		38036282	TECS	Killed in Action
King, John L., Jr.		38132420	SGT	Died of Wounds
Lane, Hubert J.			38136121	PVT	Died Non-Battle
Lowe, Frank, Jr.		38304015	CPL	Killed in Action
McAdams, Claud B.		563341		SGT	Died Non-Battle
Moore, Delton L.		38515701	PFC	Killed in Action
Morris, Cecil M.		18065987	T SG	Died Non-Battle
Price, Floyd D.			38147819	PVT	Killed in Action
Scifres, Lawrence E.		38134212	PFC	Killed in Action
Tidwell, Norman D.		18217026	S SC	Finding of Death
Vaughn, Alfred			38228992	PFC	Killed in Action
Voss, Clifford V.		38043650	PFC	Killed in Action
Watt, Richard J.		38347281	T SC	Died Non-Battle

U.S. World War I Mothers’ Pilgrimage, 1930

Name: Mrs Mary Barnes
Given Name: Mrs Mary
Address: Route 1
City: Chillicothe
County: Hardeman
State: TX
Relationship: Mother
Surname Deceased: Barns
Given Name Deceased: Edward
Rank: Pvt 1 cl
Organization: 247th Co, M P
Cemetery: Suresnes
Desires Pilgrimage Later: X

Confederate Pension Applications

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Contributed by Veda Mendosa 

Copyright.  All rights reserved.

One hundred eighteen (118) applications were found for		Hardeman County.

The index to the confederate pension applications at list the claimant name,
application number, county, husband's name for widow pension applications,
and the husbands application number if for a widow pension.

Claimant Name                          App. No.    	County          Husband				App.No.
Alford, Thomas                         28367		Hardeman
Allen, James V.                        32760 		Hardeman
Allensworth, J. F.                     31750 		Hardeman
Altman, William H.                     46368		Hardeman
Barcroft, Sarah A.                     30586		Hardeman 	Barcroft, Lorenzo Overall
Beebe, John                            01767		Hardeman
Beebe, John                            20177		Hardeman
Bray, James                            30314		Hardeman
Braziel, Ann C.                        23275		Hardeman 	Braziel, Alonzo Derastus
Brown, Ruben Robinson                  30789		Hardeman
Burns, Martha Ellen                    36595		Hardeman 	Burns, Thomas Hue		01768
Burns, Thomas Hue                      01768		Hardeman
Caudle, Mary Francis                   47206		Hardeman 	Caudle, John Hiram
Chastian, Edward Harold                10386		Hardeman
Cofield, Maggie J.                     25871		Hardeman 	Cofield, George Thomas
Crown, N. T. (Mrs)                     35330		Hardeman 	Crown, Nimrod Hunter
Culpepper, Sophronia Jane              30182		Hardeman 	Culpepper, John Asberry
Daughtery, Cashan                      13338		Hardeman
Decker, Permila                        24944		Hardeman 	Decker, John Thomas
Devall, E. M.                          07236		Hardeman
Devenport, L. J. (Mrs)                 43010		Hardeman 	Devenport, William Jasper
Dulaney, Lucy A.                       25177		Hardeman 	Dulaney, William Henry
Dulaney, William Henry                 rej  		Hardeman
Elliott, M. E. (Mrs)                   rej  		Hardeman 	Elliott, Thomas Elliott
Farrar, John                           38636		Hardeman
Faulkner, Emma Adilade                 20349		Hardeman 	Faulkner, Joseph Benjamin *	17484
Flowers, J. C.                         29636		Hardeman
Garner, Thomas Franklin                45666		Hardeman
Gibson, H. C.                          23951		Hardeman
Goodner, Bluming Cruse                 29110		Hardeman
Goodner, Bluming Cruse (Mrs)           38812		Hardeman 	Goodner, Bluming Cruse		29110
Grogan, W. P.                          32253		Hardeman
Gully, Robert Leon                     39682		Hardeman
Hackney, M. E. (Mrs)                   35316		Hardeman 	Hackney, Benjamin Franklin
Hall, Laura F.                         26596		Hardeman 	Hall, Richard William
Hampton, Dorthulia M.                  45093		Hardeman 	Hampton, Charles
Hanna, Lucie R.                        22328		Hardeman 	Hanna, Andrew Earle
Hartman, Sara M.                       46436		Hardeman 	Hartman, Charles A.
Hawkins, S. B. (Mrs)                   45935		Hardeman 	Hawkins, Thomas K.
Henderson, John Y.                     04609		Hardeman
Hindman, J. K. P.                      22191		Hardeman
Horton, Mary C.                        24268		Hardeman 	Horton, John Henry
Howard, M.                             rej  		Hardeman
Hubbard, Mary                          51370		Hardeman 	Hubbard, James Sanford
Huston, Elizabeth Catherine            51110		Hardeman 	Huston, George Robert
James, Lizzie Ann                      41375		Hardeman 	James, Robert Newton		10963
James, Robert Newton                   10963		Hardeman
Jinkins, Matilda                       rej  		Hardeman 	Jinkins, Jasper
Johnson, Rebecca                       34774		Hardeman 	Johnson, Edmund Jackson
Jones, A. J.                           34960		Hardeman
Jones, William Walter                  01769		Hardeman
Jones, William Walter (Mrs)            40643		Hardeman 	Jones, William Walter		01769
Kennedy, Wade Holland                  10385		Hardeman
Lane, John J.                          28818		Hardeman
Lane, Maggie                           32741		Hardeman 	Lane, John J.
Lesley, Ella Jane                      49270		Hardeman 	Lesley, Elijah J.
Lewis, John Crawford                   30636		Hardeman
Lewis, Lucy M.                         33886		Hardeman 	Lewis, John Crawford		30636
Lewis, William                         rej  		Hardeman
Magee, Elbert                          25232		Hardeman
Mahoney, Daniel Amiral                 01770		Hardeman
Mahoney, Eliza C.                      34561		Hardeman 	Mahoney, Daniel Amiral		01770
Mann, W. B.                            rej  		Hardeman
Marrs, J. A. (Mrs)                     26877		Hardeman 	Marrs, Wyley Barton
Marrs, W. B.                           rej  		Hardeman
Marshall, Mary Cornelius               46983		Hardeman 	Marshall, Calvin
Martin, Horace W.                      24695		Hardeman
Mayes, Emma Louise                     19591		Hardeman 	Mayes, Frank
Mayfield, Battle W.                    24342		Hardeman
Mays, William                          35647		Hardeman
McClain, Josie                         rej  		Hardeman 	McClain, William Browning
McClelland, P. A. (Mrs)                34319		Hardeman 	McClelland, Leonidas Wilson
McConnell, Lucy Catherine              44038		Hardeman 	McConnell, Samuel Milton
McDanniel, Walter                      01771		Hardeman
McMordie, F.                           rej  		Hardeman
McMordie, Mary Louise                  34173		Hardeman 	McMordie, Frank
McNutt, W. P.                          rej  		Hardeman
Mears, G. W.                           46713		Hardeman
Nash, Payton Smith                     13340		Hardeman
Nash, Payton Smith (Mrs)               38811		Hardeman 	Nash, Payton Smith		13340
Newberry, J. D.                        13167		Hardeman
Norman, Nannie A.                      44040		Hardeman 	Norman, John Morgan
Oswalt, M. L. (Mrs)                    31730		Hardeman 	Oswalt, Silas White
Pickett, J. D.                         rej  		Hardeman
Poole, Sarah I.                        26953		Hardeman 	Poole, Adam Mabry *		10034
Powell, Mary Elizabeth                 46103		Hardeman 	Powell, James Franklin
Prescott, Moses M.                     37847		Hardeman
Price, Emily                           rej  		Hardeman 	Price, Emory Black *		09495
Priddy, D. R.                          21944		Hardeman
Priddy, William Featherston            20461		Hardeman
Reynolds, Joseph E.                    rej  		Hardeman
Rice, G. S.                            32410		Hardeman
Riggins, Robert R.                     06098		Hardeman
Riley, Janie Elizabeth                 rej  		Hardeman 	Riley, William Bishop
Robeson, A. M.                         43543		Hardeman
Robinson, Elizabeth                    rej  		Hardeman 	Robinson, Francis Marion
Robinson, Samuel H. Alexander          24745		Hardeman
Rodgers, C. A. (Mrs)                   25247		Hardeman 	Rodgers, Josiah
Rogers, D. L.                          13339		Hardeman
Simpson, W. H.                         rej  		Hardeman
Smith, Emma J.                         15346		Hardeman 	Smith, John Gardner
Stephenson, Sarah Jane                 31266		Hardeman 	Stephenson, John Henry
Taber, Carrie P.                       45338		Hardeman 	Taber, Theron M.
Tapley, Thomas L.                      31201		Hardeman
Thomas, Mittie Francis                 rej  		Hardeman 	Thomas, Isham Randal
Thompson, Alfred William (Mrs)         46203		Hardeman 	Thompson, Alfred William *	42003
Throneberry, Nancy C.                  32625		Hardeman 	Throneberry, Benjamin Lewis *	06116
Washam, K. E. (Mrs)                    40502		Hardeman 	Washam, John Simpson
Wesson, Edward                         51428		Hardeman
Wheeler, James A.                      23357		Hardeman
Whittle, V. A. (Mrs)                   47148		Hardeman 	Whittle, William Elisha
Whitwell, Cenith Frances               20248		Hardeman 	Whitwell, Allen (luallen) *	03411
Williams, Celia P.                     24379		Hardeman 	Williams, Daniel Price
Wilson, Jane Olivia                    30372		Hardeman 	Wilson, James Robert
Wilson, Martha A.                      15345		Hardeman 	Wilson, William
Womack, Andrew Jackson                 24148		Hardeman
Womack, Eliza Jane                     51069		Hardeman 	Womack, Andrew Jackson		24148
Wood, Maria Ann Stice                  45359		Hardeman 	Stice, Thomas Benton 

* Transcriber/compiler Notes:

Faulkner, Joseph Benjamin     listed in Collin County, TX.
Poole, Adam Mabry             listed in Comanche County, TX.
Price, Emory Black            listed in Lipscomb County, TX.
Thompson, Alfred William      listed in Swisher County, TX.
Throneberry, Benjamin Lewis   listed in Wise County, TX.
Whitwell, Allen (luallen)     listed in Rains County, TX as Whitwell, Allen.

AJHS WWII Jewish Servicemen Cards, 1942-1947

Name			Next of Kin		Residence	Record Date	Relationship
Aaron Browning		Sarrah J. Browning	Quanah, Texas	2-Mar-45	Mother
Weldon P. Herman	Beulah D. Herman	Quanah, Texas	15-Jan-45	Wife